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May and Macron told to strengthen NATO alliance to counter ‘unpredictability’ of Trump
Labour MP and her drug dealer son are living in social housing despite earning up to £130,000 a year
Remembrance Day: Procession of 10,000 to pay their respects
Brexit: Jeremy Corbyn rejects calls for Final Say referendum, despite backlash from his own MPs

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xth for the CLB 75

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What did Gibraltar mean by this?

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yer ma


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(((Daily Politics))) is on!

with Ella

Weirdos and screwballs.

Brexiteers BTFO

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Wew, perhaps a teensy bit racist?

nah they're just lashing out at the Welsh for voting leave

Imagine going to prison for owning a honeypot memi book.

Imagine unironically getting convicted for owning the most famous babby's-first-naughty-book tbh

Also being a full blown dafty and having a kid seems like a bad idea since it's pretty much guaranteed that the state will use the baby against you and likely give it to some wog family to btfo nazi's or someshit.

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Have we reached peak daftyism yet?

They are being charged alongside a pole so yes, yes we have.

that's the end of Ellaposting

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She has a black kid.

Reminder that the only officially endorsed Zig Forums waifu's are hit or miss girl and /areholly/

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literally who?

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Didn't we used to be mummy board, not another e-thot worship board.

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Enough slags

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No, the mummy board stuff in Steiner autism, stop lusting after barren women.

lads before slags

ban plz

yes tbh flagfags have shit waifus

I would disagree but then I remembered Hertz and Dorset exist.


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Those tattoos never fail to make me crack up.

'allo 'allo mummy Yvette

smoked mackerel on toast with sambal for lunch lads

maybe thats why she's being pushed so hard, because she's a brexiteer that can't logically be called racist

She doesn't look 38.

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She looks Jewish tbh

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She looks like one of those serial killer groupies.

>they bring up some cunt from July who made a pipe bomb

utter fucking retards

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Trembling with pride tbh.

Why do they always have to dress up and larp like fagorts?

How fucking stupid do you have to be to think terrorism is a good idea? I wonder how many gchq agents were attached to this bugger, egging him on.

Because it's just a buzz for them, not seriously politics. Half of these NA members will be doing talks in schools about the evils of racism and "hate" in a few years time when the thrill wears off and they can't handle doing a bit of bird.

As I said lad, utter fucking retards.

Exactly lad, which is why we've been calling it out when we had shills in the threads. you'd get some of the spergier lads seeing them and thinking that this might work, and then being warped into doing this shit.

t. convict

This is your mind on dumb daftyism.

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I get the feeling these people want to be caught to relish some sort of 'fame'/infamy.

Imagine being a nervous retard about to commit a terrorist attack and sending out 'warnings' as a last cry for someone to talk you out of it but just getting arrested instead

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who'd've fucking guessed
now just wait for the arrogant wogs to continue to try that shit regardless

Yes, it was said of David Copeland that he craved fame.

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The only thing they've made a difference to is prison demographics.

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oh boy round two of this trainwreck

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I'd like to see them try

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Top kek haven't they had enough?

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2016 was such a good year tbh

filthy tranny with a kid

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probably just the kids other foot tbh

smh, rip

It really was tbh

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honestly no year since has felt quite that unreal

some of them feel like a lifetime ago

Salutatons to those brave lads out there making a difference by turning rightwing activism into a fucking laughing stock

For some reason this quote has really stuck with me tbh

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tbh it's a good point that ties in well with what lots of others have said about modernity

watching that really made me want to make a sockpuppet twitter tbh

fuck I forgot this one

Should've done it back during the referendum and election tbh lad, that was the best time.
still worth it for shits and giggles now tbh

That is the kids foot

They lost 5,930 men from 10400ish men total.

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Picture from Hardknot Pass, yesterday afternoon.

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fucking wew

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example A :


I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels this way.

This happens all the time, otherwise people will relate to them.
You see it more often in newer films and the like, where in order to try and make the bad guy REALLY bad so that no-one could possibly like them, they add some ridiculous trait to them like they eat people or they talk to themselves or something, in order to show them as insane and by proxy their ideas.
It's really shoddy writing when you see it unfold.

tbh, it happens in Imperium, the yank dafty film

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or, they also do the bait-and-switch where they give the bad guy some initially sympathetic features and a relatable viewpoint, and then they're shown to be really bad so the audience automatically rejects all of their points, even the ones they may have previously supported

It's cy+3 you can't expect anything good from computer games.

Right I think I'll go play some TW:M2

It's rather funny when they hamfist their political views onto their media, only for it to just come across as complete wank.
They seem so desperate to shill against "evil racist bigot nazi bigots" that they'll fuck up their product for it.

It's not just vidya lad, it seems to be across all forms of media.

pretty jokes. I make that face as well when I see dumb people doing weird shit

Video games hold you back from unlocking your ultimate potential. Do some squatz

get a load of this clown

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ya got me

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h'oh boyo

Nazi visited military enforced ethnostate.

why was Hitler such a faggot, lads?

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So many fat people on tinder, even in the 3rd world.