Brit/pol/ #2521 - Remembrance Day Edtition

May and Macron told to strengthen NATO alliance to counter ‘unpredictability’ of Trump
Labour MP and her drug dealer son are living in social housing despite earning up to £130,000 a year
Remembrance Day: Procession of 10,000 to pay their respects
Brexit: Jeremy Corbyn rejects calls for Final Say referendum, despite backlash from his own MPs

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A-am I still banned?

Guess not.
RIP 1914 - 1918

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War was a mistake.

Are we going to have a one minute silence on the thread?

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Looks at disgusting food museum, exhibits from the world.
Closest they get is vegemite from Aus

oh haggis made it but really…

Mixed feelings about remembrance. I am very respectful of the troops, but it boils my blood to see all these normies and politicians paying their "respects" to a breed of men they would actively despise and ridicule if they were still standing here today.

Not long now lads.

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Why does she get so many?

useless old cow

+1 for every child sacrifice she has made

phwoooaaar id give her a quivering salute if you know what i mean lads

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Her drill isn't the only thing that's rigid.

coat with a fucking hood jesus what a mess

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Never forget why we are here lads.

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trying not to laugh

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smh, don't you read fabulous

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based AND redpilled


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cor what a rebel

lest we forget the dogs of war.

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There was Lieutenant from the Royal Artillery at my service, after the silence he went and rearranged the wreaths that had been laid.

The Germans are branching out?

I don't mind larping but why can't they at least keep it consistent?

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Very rare for an automatic firearm being fired in public (Bisley, Essex)

'It's like she’s been savaged by a DOG!': Toddler is scarred for life with 15 bites on her face and neck after CHILDREN attack her at soft play centre

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Look at those jack-ups on Dimblebot

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Norf and Souf unite

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Tbh I've not seen anywhere selling poppies

We know David Davies' racial makeup, lad. The dickhead (kent) who posted the story yesterday lied to us and said they were somalis. Definitely possible.

They're borderline impossible to find in Birmingham. This place is a fucking mess.

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It's in her FB post you mong.

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Why are you so butthurt, lad?

I like it.

I posted it already lad, it's in the pic here

Sorry I didn't look at your post as per standard procedure smh


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I misread it as Samaritan smh

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Maybe in Samarlia

Would've decked the woman tbh

Baste Flump tbh

That absolute alpha pose that Trump was doing.

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Couldn't blame you though

It's not a crime if you don't get caught ;^)

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u wot

The absolute state of the BBC, taking any chance they can get.

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Bad feel

Shitting on the graves of the soldiers

the guy with a mop on his head just said it

They'll reap what they sow.

I thought we were all supposed to be patriots though, now that it amounts to nothing more than supporting your government.

It is a crime, however, if a person of a protected status accuses you of it.

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We had completely ran out of money tbh

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Poor little white church


What do you expect? The commentary from the BBC on Remembrance is always such drivel. I really can't stomach to watch their coverage at all.

The worst thing is she doesnt have a good signing voice. I had to turn it off after 30 seconds because of that awful screeching.

errr bugger off tbh poof

nationalism is bad and causes wars okay

Is it true, lads? Might change my views

who also happen to run the BBC


have you seen Weekend At Bernies?

Everyone is talking about it because this very old supreme court judge Ginsberg is at death's door, but I've not seen the film so don't get the reference

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its a movie about these two jews pretending their friend or uncle or whatever is still alive so they can get the inheritance or something

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this makes me kek everytime, I cannot believe this subculture is real? why the hell do people do this?

heard of people who put superglue in their ears to become deaf its all the

their brains are infected by devils

believe this tbh

Get lost you cretinous fool. STJ is an Anglo-Saxon historian.

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do all those tassles/frills have a function or is it just stylin?

Dr. Pavel, I'm mountain man

Nah lad I haven't

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probably not but I guess they could help break up the shape innawoods

Were injuns reall like this?

Win fucking win

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You know what to do lad

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jews lying so they can get money? that's too far fetched!

lol there was a sequel wew


were those supposed to be apache or something? looks fake tbh

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