Brit/pol/ #2523 - Brexit Stockpile Edition

stock up lads

Bisto owner plans Brexit stockpile
Premier Foods has said it intends to stockpile raw materials in the run-up to Brexit as fears grow over gridlock at UK ports.

As Brexit Deadlines Loom and Cabinet Rebels Gather, PM May Claims Deal Won’t Come at ‘Any Cost’
Hopes of escaping the Brexit in name only (‘Brino’) arrangements created by the European Union which would see the UK either in whole or in part bound indefinitely by EU laws were raised after the Prime Minister said a deal would not come at “any cost”.'

France Finance Minister: Europe Must Become an ‘Empire’ to Compete with U.S., Vows to Defy Trump’s Iran Sanctions
France’s Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire has called for Europe to become an “empire” to compete with the United States after the country’s President Emmanuel Macron called for an EU army to defend against the NATO ally.
Bring back the french empire tbh 😤

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i love them lads

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Since real men are Autists. Will this be a pro autistic board from now?

This was one of my points too, I don't think France would have that major a role in it tbh. I think we can work together while not going for full integration though.

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Reckon that we will eventually have a political revolution in the UK that will lead to a new form of government being established on more traditional and natural principles, and that we will reunite with our brother nations in the Anglosphere and extended Anglo-Saxon civilisational sphere tbh.

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At least I hope smh. We have to save Canada from the Chicoms there are Vancouver Universities that are 90% Chinese now smdh.

Don't like the text at the bottom of this that goes on about freedom tbh sort of wish more of the British settler colonies were integrated in an Imperial Federation, since thanks to modern infrastructure we now have near instantaneous communication and travel between the UK and the rest of the world.

Individual countries don't and won't run anything, as big Jamesy M said, they're simply front offices for the organizations of the international conspiracy.

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They barely have more people than Italy, let alone Germany, heck the slavs could band together and bully the French as well (doubly so when Ukraine joins the EU), the Frogs will just be a cashcow for the rest (kinda like how they are now).

They have nuclear weapons to dab on putin epic style though at least I guess.

Nobody is gonna dab on him with nukes

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unless they pull a "we've always been at war with the British Isles" since we would be the other European nuclear power outside their union

*France, French is already irrelevant

are lad zhirinovsky should take the reins after putin tbh.

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he once threatened to nuke the north sea and cause a tidal wave that would flood britain but i forgive him it was just bantz tbh

Just like 100 years ago!

Lad Tyndall was an unhinged dafty who thought he was the 9th avatar of vishnu and satans messiah on earth

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He converted to Christianity don't bully him smh.

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i don't mind his eccentricity if he gets the job done
*praises vishnu*

Sounds good to me.

Sounds gay to me.

chad really

His main problem was hubris. He led the NF with an iron fist and called a leadership election thinking he'd win but instead lost to Griffin who then promptly kicked him out.

Indian restaurant closes after 25 years.

Anyone mind giving me a quick rundown?

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Shut up westie

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He claims to be, likely for votes.

Kinda weird how all these people decided to take the local pill at the same time despite their past being full of satanist/siege style stuff, wonder what Joe was up to with his Combat 18 buddies since they were well into the satanist shit.

Do you think 22st could make some OC of Picard telling Westie to shut up?

I once wanted to join NA but I wasn't into all the extremist shite, I'm just an ordinary person who wanted to limit immigration and was frustrated with democracy, and a naive student. Glad I didn't in hindsight really, would've ruined my life most likely.


is this the end of the 'beginning'?

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"When your back's against the wall, it's time to turn around and fight"
t.John Major

How pissed is he in this footage kek?


Wouldn't you be fighting the wall?

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Joe was a dafty until fairly recently. Some years ago he wanted to start a white nationalist youth movement called "PURE RAGE," kek. It's why I think he's worth listening, some people have been going the dafty route for 30-40 years and achieved nowt.

But Baghdad WAS the US's tomb, or at least in part it was, they are still wasting billions there fighting an unwinnable war,.

If I recall a bunch of them were into the O9A shit tbh

Tyndall was training a paramilitary and ended up doing shit all apart from getting cucked while in prison.

I mean, I'm all for repatriation yeah. I meant I'm not the evil terrorist the media are portraying them as. Maybe I'm an exception idk lol I think most people are fairly rational. Muslims are far more extremist than NA ever was.

And most people have been doing the suit and tie routine for longer and achieved less than nowt.

Smdh never heard of that before just looked it up wtf tbh.

Yeah but you would be if the media featured you in anything.

Yeah wonder how much of it is psyops and agent provocateurs smh.

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Imagine the maid outfit being on the 6 o'clock news.

Do you think they have ever taken a lad just like one of us and planted incriminating evidence on him, and he has been forgotten in a jail somewhere, maybe even tortured, and society will never remember him?

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Would you buy it? I have mixed feelings tbh

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Probably not a lot tbh, the psyops are usually big things like "Tommy Mair" (aka some MI6nibber) "killing" Jo Cox, or the 7/7 bombings and stuff.

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would die laughing tbh

Is rain wet?

framed and**

Perhaps we even made fun of them on our threads, not realising they were framed and one of us.

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Yes, was a brainlet moment of John Major.

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You mean so-called muslims, right?

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If only we could do this same shite, disregard anyone as soon as they do something that reflects upon us poorly and have the state apparatus bully anybody who tries to make a connection.

A good case study in the French mindset and how delusional they are about their importance is Charles de Gaulle's words and actions during the war and after it.

You really want to see how far this rabbit hole goes lad and lasses? I'm telling this shit will blow you mind out to the fucking stratosphere! Fine, you think it's okay that Tyndal was a dafty, but what isn't fine his fine is noctrillain satanist buddies and the web of lies and deceit that has causes British nationalism to go down the shitter. Before red pilling you redpilling you maid dressing poofs it's first necessary to understand their fucking Modus Operendi. They all get drawn into dafty shit when they are younger, many of them delving and devoting a lot of significant time into studies of the esoteric and satanic daftyism. Then in their older years they do the 'teheh I'm dafty anymore, take the le local pill and don't petrol bomb a paki tehehe'.
Now into the real shit, it all starts with Tyndal and a consortium of world daftys who met up in the essex hinterlands. Daftys including, George Lincoln Rockwell, Satrivi Devi, Colin Jordan, Francoise Dior, and most possibly even James Mason. Now, they all hatch their plot and create an uber dafty group called the 'World union of national socialist'. The people of interest here are Dior, Jordan and Tyndal primarily. Now, Dior was a close friend of the esoteric hiterlist Devi, and Devi was also a good friend of Tyndall. Tyndal and Dior after this event get engaged, but then Colin Jordan Cucks tyndal and takes Dior for himself. I'm brushing over alot of detail but the build up to this is the man himself, the satanic dafty who is responsible for ISIS, combat 18, Order of Nine Angles, the downfall of pretty much every british nationalist oraganisation, also his lackeys are the one who set up the yank Daftys Atomwaffen division. A quite Welshman

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One thing I found bizzare is that during WW2 the Vichy French forces in Syria, albeit after being purged of pro-French elements, refused to surrender to the Free French forces and fought tenaciously against them. They preferred to surrender to the British. I wonder if it psychologically broke De Gaulle having Frenchmen reject him in such a way.

Really fascinating to read about the Vichy French government and how it was recognised as the legitimate government of France by the United States.

One of the biggest red pills is the understanding that Vichy was as legitimate a state and leader of France as de Gaulle was, probably even more legitimate, and the French killed more Frenchmen in the events just after the liberation than the Germans killed over the entire occupation.

You never really know what to believe about the v& tbh lad. Half of the time the press just totally fabricates nonsense, the other half of the time lads get framed with some nonsense. They seem to like framing people as pedos. Probably a bit of projection, we all know that rozzers and the elites love a good noncing.

This aint it, chief.

Also Myatt had nothing to do with ISIS and AWD was just the IRL meet up group of autists from Iron March

Another uncomfortable fact is that strategic bombing of French infrastructure by the USAAF to cut German supply lines probably killed thousands of French civilians.

btw lad Merkel just went full sperg mode and is demanding a EU army.

The 60's dafty meet up was actually in the Cotswolds lad

Yeah I've seen this mentioned before, the French claimed for the longest time that the British and yank forces were just supporting the French troops and resistance as they retook their homeland, it's why every Frenchman claims his family was part of the resistance when in reality they likely helped the krauts.

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*leroy jenkinsing

Cos they just surrendered straight away init

Myatt, now is connected to Tyndall, Dior and Jordan. Jordan was close associate who shared his revolutionary satanic ideas, moreover Myatt was rumored to be cucking both Jordan and Tyndal by having an affair with Dior this whole time. Myatt and Jordan were both leading members of the dafty 1960's group the 'British movement'
Now onto the national front, Myatt had links with both the National front, and his obvious link with the BNP through Tyndall. His link with the National front comes from his own group the National Democratic Freedom Movement, which had the one only G.K chesterton as a member, the founder of the National Front.

Throughout all this Myatt is still practising and refining his esoteric Satanic cult the Order of nine angles. Myatt was a complete violent twat, who would go convince young lads to do dafty shit in the groups in which was incharge of. With David Copeland and the london Nail bombings as the primary example, Myatt is alo rumored to be a founding memiber of Combat which none other than joe Owens was in.

In short, the entire past 70 years of british Nationalism has been infested with Satantic dafttyism.

Huh, you really want to go further lass? Myatt, who went the name of Abdul al- Aziz upon his conversion to Islam was promient writer for both Hamas and Al queda, many of his writing are directly linked to the theology of islamic statehood and suicide bombings. With the clear evidence of how this man had infiltrated most right wing groups in the UK it is to no suprise that he was also a founding remember of ISIS. Furthermore, he converted to Buddhism two days before the proclamation of the Islamic suggesting foreknowledge.

Now onto AWD, the leading members girlfreind was apart of the Tempel OV blood, a dafty satanist group which states it's intentions of infiltrating right wings for satanic aims in it's literature. This group is heavily influenced by Myatt satanic teachings.

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umm but there was never going to be an EU army that was just a lie by the bigoted Brexit bigots

I know right, everyone knows it's just a trading bloc.

Thanks Nick.

Vichy France is interesting and misunderstood. The Revolution nationale, while similar in some respects (both anti-liberal and anti-democratic), was very different to German National Socialism. It wasn't monolithic either, its intellectual heritage drew from many currents in French nationalism which predate NS. A good book on the subject is John Hellman's "Knight-monks of Vichy France: Uriage, 1940-45".

a global force for good

The original plan was to attack at alexandretta but the french vetoed it because they wanted Syria to be a part of their sphere of influence post war and didn't want British troops there lad.

I do get your point about Churchill's criticism of democracy though.

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Yeah people also see them as Nazi collaborators when you could see them as a form of passive resistance attempting to preserve some control of the French armed forces and Navy in spite of a German victory.

It's literally nothing, restaurants go in and out of fashion all the time.

We saw it yesterday lad

frog scum tbh they should have just ignored the frogs and done it

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ISIS was formed in the 90s and Myatt converted from Islam in 2010s.
AWD was the IRL group for Iron March autists, a couple of members are part of ToB and a couple follow O9A, this happened recently, the group wasn't founded by O9A, James Mason or any other satanist group.
You're posting nonsense lad.

*gets sent to take the strategically vital uninhabited island of kiska and suffers 300 casualties despite the japanese having left the island weeks ago*
thanks generals

fredericksburg is worse tbh

The Eternal Yank

How am I lad? Myatt converted to Islam in 1998, his Islamic dafty literature has been circulating extreme Islamic community for years under the assumed name of Abdul Al-Aziz. AWD has been dafty since the start, same as Mason. The profilatiate spamming of SIEGE has been a coordinated satanist psy-op to make lads commit bloodshed in order to appease their dark gods. Even if you look at Masons early writing, he openly criticizes La vey satanism, moreover you can quite clearly tell their satantic influence amongst both Mason and AWD due their constant use of noctrillian buzzwords and the 'irongates' memi.

Thanks lad, fuck sake, Guess effort posts get no (you)s.

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It's 2deep lad.

Damn, that's brutal. Amazing the Union could keep it up. Did the South ever have a chance at winning lad?

yeah that one was even more fucked

ambrose burnside even became governor of his state after both those fuck ups

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only if they could pressure intervention by the UK or france. that would make them turbo traitors though. they could have seriously won the war at shiloh if albert syndey johnson hadn't been killed by his own men accidentally.

what if there is another board out there, much like this one but twisted and corrupted? What if this 'westie' managed to find a way to travel between the two boards? Just think about it.

What a champ. What are they talking about?

Yeah it's called /newbrit/

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