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good lad

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She had such a bitchy face

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don't make me post clubber Yurovsky

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thanks for posting this lad


when I realised he resembles pic related I laughed for a solid minute tbh

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keeek yeah I thought you drew it

dead memi but I still saved it

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silver got down to 13.96 US today.

yeah oil is going down too. I think its artificially being kept low so that goldfags keep going for gold

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you are now aware that Swedish regional coats of arms are npc memmies

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Will the UK be accepting Honduran refugees?

Happy birthday, Prince Charles!=

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Not my prince. I'm American.

he will be one day you yankee d*g

Overslept lads

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Implausible. I just reupped my NRA membership, user.


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Proof of British involvement.

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L e l
o v a
v e u
i r g
n e h
g y

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When will the 96 million get justice?

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Israel has a growing free love culture

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daily reminder Corbyn was always more likely to fulfill brexit than the BASED TORIES ever were tbh

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man of the people

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how can it even be disputed? Corbyn wants to nationalise everything, and the EU is a neoliberal institution that simply wouldn't allow that.

Tories have so much money in the markets and overseas that they were always going to construct a deal to protect their interests.

brexit was a memi anyways. no matter how the people vote, the political class will always make sure to fuck this country up with their cowardice and impotence

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true tbh

I said he was more likely to fulfill brexit, not that he was le god emperor.

That's not even worth arguing over. You can't prove it one way or the other.

>A Bennite who has been against the institution for 40 years vs a nonced daughter of a priest curated by the security services and the overtly established party of the (((City of London)))

yeah but dont forget the power of the back benchers of the labour party, and how unpopular brexit is with his voters. He cant have a direct election for each and every vote. With May its the other way round, she does actually have a party and voter base which wants to properly leave the EU. She is just a sinister and incompetent puppet as you said.

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Except for when it became politically useful to be for the EU of course.

for each and every term of the withdrawal bill I meant to say

L-lads, they're merging.

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There can only be one.

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w-we cant win against such an intellect

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*burns into your room*
"The bus."

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bursts* fug


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brit BTFO

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Actually looks quite snug with all those layers
wew poor lads tbh

He has the name of one tbf.
The Cakemaker
A German pastry maker travels to Jerusalem in search of the wife and son of his dead lover.
Wow poignant

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did schizolad make this?

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>it's all "haha muh footie"
Let it all burn.

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can't say we didn't warn them

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good lad

gonna start shouting that at people on the street

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Crusader Kings II just got another dlc.

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more like URIP, amrite?

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god I love this video, imagine alegs on qt

I never knew I wanted something so much

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literally just perverse jewish schlock

It's the final DLC and it's finally expanding on the thing from the title and it's £15.49 fuck that

I want this more than anything.

oh fuck that Russian site that had all the DLC is gone as well

Anyone used grammarly? how does it deal with confusable words?

This article shows how little awareness they have.

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are you foreign?

>> i was fascinated with the great european empires and wanted to be a great leader who would take my country to greatness. then as i got older…my parents divorced and i struggled to make friendships with people and ended up a CROSSDRESSING WILLY SUCKING loser

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pathetic, my sides!


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Yea, I'm Norwegian.

wew i missed this, all of the terror attack tbh

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MSM trying to keep it low-key.

why are there so many norweegees on Zig Forums?

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Pulled a sickie lads

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Same reason there's so many Welsh .


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looks like 22st OC tbh

They are our bitches.

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heh good lad
I wish I could pull a sickie this sunday but I already did it the other sunday

I always say "vomiting and diarrhea", they never ask questions

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that brunanbur one the english had the danes on their side - it was viking & english vs viking and celts

"vomiting and diarrhea",
Keke I said I had d&v tbh, perfect

Fresh best PM