Brit/pol/ #2527 Emergency Questoin Time Edition Anonymous

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First for tory mummy gf choking

i suppose this is the least shit OP

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this thread or the other one?

This one, it was first

use this one, its not shit

Good lad

picture of milo


kek, corbyn btfo'd


Did all the other lads off themselves tonight?

leftists are children

Keke pooflad

they probably all made their own threads and are waiting for Zig Forums to stop saying "posting"

Every single anti-brexit, anti-tory point that's made is responded to by fucking whooping and deano tier 'WWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYY's. Fuck off.

This labour mp can't stop repeating himself the fucking twat

it's been noted before that when there is a UK-based happening, posting on here goes dead. Make of that what you will tbh


Oh God, I hope there has been a happening

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Jesus christ this episode is one of the worst ever

People's vote is happening and when it does we lose. Case closed.


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Ha, the audience went fucking mental

kek, based retarded shitshow

I meant the brexit politics lad, and I was asserting that the only active posters on here are from the alphabet soup.

*deletes the other thread and doesn't bother updating the OP of this one*
My work here is done

"Okay, let's move on"

How many fucking labour party members and unionists are in the audience?

I finally realised why Barry Gardiner looked so familiar

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its wales isn't it? its like the blind voters in the norf

don't know what kind of implications you are implying lad…

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He talks like the demon headmaster's gay brother.

all the males on the panel sound like homos. Dimbleby seems to be the highest T of them all

There really aren't that many though, lad. These twats organise. I swear it. The whooping and everything is just really odd and obviously partisan.

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Qt mystery meat Welsh lass

typical welsh lass

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Norf QT episodes usually have disproportionate amount of good lads in the audience tbh.


I read that there used to be "black celts" in wales, in Roman times

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delete the other one too lad

Wahey, sunshine

of course they do, its propaganda 101 - make everyone think their views are prevalent. BBC is complicit completely

the silent majority watches at home and seethes with rage

We just didn't know what we were voting for lads, why hasn't someone said this earlier?

Benjamin Zephanire on next week


have some screenshots of tacitus where he talks about how the welsh are swarthy

I missed that, really?

and then they go hame and vote labour regardless

Is there fuck? There's a bit of what one might call 'chaos' within the political parties. The country is not in a state of bloody chaos though. Jesus wept, normies make me sick tbh. Reality means nothing. All that matters is the oft repeated messages of public figures.

we just didnt know


I hope This Week is on next

Cannock, it's one of the whitest places in the Midlands, roughly about 99% English


tbh they are using language as if the country has just been in a bitter civil war

Does Ben Z ever have anything intersting to say, except "White People Bad"?

Tbh the most beautiful woman I've ever known was a dark Welsh lass. The darker among us taffs just look like original, non-moorified iberians tbh.

Or UKIP when it's viable. In greater numbers than sartharn cunts.

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Ahhhhhhh if only

I'd like to investigate Stacey Dooley myself if you know what I mean?

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*unzips dick*

another typical libersal upper class pro EU twat

I'm here. Just sleepy and didnt have much to contribute during QT.

>Stacey Dooley Investigates my willy
A man can dream

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sorry i forgot that foodbank use as gone through the roof because cheeky dolescum single mums realised that middleclass people will give them free food

Seems they've left out the Norn one, hmm

What one are you talking about?

Wasn't there an episode in which she was investigating "alt-right" and chans?

(and has been literally since I was born)

She got scared off by the thirstiness.

Lads, I'm scared

Helmer got it as I posted smh

yeah, she investigated here

The existence of these brainlets in the public eye should be ample evidence that the traditional class system isn't as broken down as effete cosmopolitan twats want us to think.

Aye lad, same thing's been happening for years tbh. They're well funded and organised but they're obnoxious and annoying as fuck, so I'm always in two minds about copying their tactics on our side. Though in general we do need to organise more.



Which episode is it?

Tbf if we still had the traditional class system, this twat would be shot as a traitor.

got some stories about the fucking nhs posted some on here before and SA thought i was lying about them



yaass king slaay
kill this fucking cunt

who is this guy anyway?

This Muslim lass looks like the wicked witch smh

that was a ruse that far too many people who should know better took at face value

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Hugh Grant zogbot and all around good goy

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id jizz on her big nose

I thought so, but in the end I wasn't entirely sure.


Shake my damn head lad, shake my damn head, and that's coming from me
t. Puglad that enjoys choking consenting lasses

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