Brit/pol/ #2528: Mosley Edition

Brexit deal leaves the UK with less power over its laws

A betrayal of the Brexit vote by the establishment could leave the country ungovernable

Theresa May’s Brexit deal does not deliver what people voted for at the referendum

Steve Barclay named new Brexit Secretary

Donald Tusk hints UK could cancel Brexit if MPs reject May's deal

Theresa May's Brexit deal is best we can do, Brussels warns

Theresa May’s deal is worse for Britain than staying in the EU

'Soft' Brexit agreement not a done deal, warn EU leaders

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More like the Anglo defends the last pub in South London.


whats norf fc lad doing there then? he should be up norf defending his local from the paki hoard

Oh well at least you can listen to it now, special thanks to SA for all the (you)'s he'll steal with it.

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Unfortunately they migrate for the better pay.

still haven't quite forgive you for sitting on it for so long, then posting a screamer

You're just angry you've lost so much jocking power in one go.

In four years time I'll upload the Scruton one :^)
still spooky how you finally got around to it on his birthday

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the endless satanic spic nigger jew zog matrix known as the beast

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I never doubted you lad, I just called you a Scottish jew and threatened to wipe out the entire population of Scotland if you didn't upload it.

That was Kent.

it was kino don't deny it

And I didn't even plan it genuinely

I take back everything, lad. Would unironically buy you a pint for that.

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Why do grapes smell like fish sometimes?

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one day this will be in a museum tbh

I am backing Theresa May’s deal – the alternative would damage Britain

more lies and more lies and more lies

your ma's been at them

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you're surprised?

Alongside the original?


No, I made it and he posted it in the thread after I encouraged him to do so get it right smh.

who knows tbh
cultural artefacts will be a target in the war and all the big museums will probably be destroyed

The gay Bongo Bongo Land cabal strikes again.

Yes, they will talk about the contrasts between Sir Charles Gordon's situation (being driven mad waiting for rescue to come) and the situation the reimagining displays (Norf FC lads waiting for a saviour)

West Midlands Police accused of 'discriminating against white male officers'
The force has ‘paused’ the application process after itself being accused of discrimination

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actually ignore this post it's a load of garbage

Different cabal tbh

Nofap confirmed

They have to be the second most cucked force after the Met.

How many fuck cabals are you in you masonic twat?

Was Charles Gordon a goodlad or was he a brainlet for going on a personal adventure in the Sudan and destabilising the government to add a chunk of unstable territory to an already overstretched Empire?
Or were the mercantile elite of the empire bourgioise swine who did not understand the anglo-saxon settler conquest mentality and only cared about muh stable trade and markets.

literally straight out of the turner diaries

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a mixture of both lad

Bit of both

This has very disturbing connotations when you factor in certain perks in Fallout NV.

fair point

One, the not gay or at least less gay one.

Is /britpol/ a lot different from regular Zig Forums I’m sorta new

They're all gay lad.

you will soon see the difference lad

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Not as gay as you lad.

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welcome lad

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you'll get used to it

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Conman who helped fleece widow with cancer out of £30,000 by pretending to be police fraud investigator is ordered to pay back £1

Top comeback Bongo Bongo Land bum boy.

More and more Welsh teenagers are ending up in hospital after taking part in online challenges that encourage them to set themselves on fire.

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Well thanks guys but I’m a lass. I know we’re not supposed to say but I feel weird pretending or like I’m keeping some bad secret lol(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


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you have 5 minutes to post a timestamped photo of your tiddies before SA permabans you tbh


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I know, I know and I understand that but I almost feel guilty not saying. This is how bad I feel being a girl on the internet

smh lad why do you have to get our hopes up


Please don’t, I do have titty pics but not time stamped. I can’t just take a pic rn

cravats are gay when worn like that

send them in before you make another post you little whore

nonce detected, hand over the dog it's a weapon

yeah nah you've blown it

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Please for the love of god let this be a /newbrit/ raid.

Don't give jocko anymore yous or pseudo yous. Even this post is too much

Is it westie?

Wasn't talking about the fashion lad

I think he has HIV as well.

"First in, first out" is a Kentish moto, it means we never get sloppy seconds or get left with the bill.

what then?

No westie doesn't pretend to be gay.

Alan Clark

o shit yeh smh

Happy Birthday

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Nah jocko doesn't do anything without announcing himself either here or in the newbrit thread. If it were him there'd be foot-fetish anime spam as soon as kent banned him.

It's better than moonlads autism.

Can we stop banning brapposters please?


theres nothing wrong with it

Morning cunts

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That's david bowie lad, he wasn't an australian

hmm your post history isn't very long, you wouldn't be ban evading would you lad?

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It's only half as funny if Kent doesn't go full banhammer anti-fun.

Brapboys took it too far. The real injustice is that islamic dragonball is proscribed.

I have NOT been banned today

yeah but it ruins my VPNs
At least dont perma ban

How come Brits are trying to portray Australian soldiers as gay then?

not morning though is it

Only norn should have access to such spicy memmies.

That's not how ban evasion works lad.

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One time I didnt even brap post I just posted about sniffing feet and used an image widely associated with brap posting

cuz you lot are gay
you lot let women vote in the 1890s wtf

Because you are, it's only the hot whether that makes people think otherwise.

rack off you spiggin huffter

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I think I'd prefer not having every VPN ip banned somehow.


happy now?

I think I'd prefer not having the threads flooded with shit

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