Brit/pol/ #2529: Truth Is Brexit Was Rigged From The Start Edition

Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage enjoy cosy chat at restaurant amid Brexit chaos

The top 40 horrors lurking in the small print of Theresa May’s Brexit deal

Vigilante mob becomes overnight ARMY as more than 1,000 new recruits join ranks to crack down on crime and street violence after hit the headlines

British thug repeatedly stabs US tourist eight times in takeaway in shock CCTV

Theatre-goers stormed out as an am-dram group recreated a Father Ted episode featuring a swastika in the run-up to the centenary of Armistice Day

Decorated Navy SEAL is charged with war crimes for 'stabbing a wounded ISIS fighter to death, posing for photos next to his body and performing a ceremony next to his corpse'

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*saves britain*

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What is the lowdown on bregsit rn?

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brexit means bremain

rumours that the vote of no confidence in May will be public tomorrow

We're not gonna leave without blood on our hands it seems

Thousands of dollars of sushi

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What has Nige said about it? I haven't been around to listen to his show

Tbh we knew she would be a treacherous cunt

squarking from the sidelines and endorsing the BASED Tories such as BASED BORIS

All the while his entire political raison d'etre slips further and further away

too close to the mark

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east anglians are the most powerful of the british races


It's the webbed fingers I suppose, much better swimmers.

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Sexuality is their main bargaining chip in life so women are compelled to coalesce around the idea that sex is - contrary to their activities and oft-repeated attitudes - completely and unquestionably sacred (when expedient). Presently they are having their cake and eating it too: sex being viewed through both a nihilistic devaluing lens, as well as a reverential and quasi-religious one; depending on the form of manipulation a woman deems appropriate for her mood/whim/circumstances.

seething untermensch that can't face the bitter reality they exist to serve their east anglian betters


*bombs you*

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Bomber Harris is an Honorary Anglian

hwicce master race

Can't wait tbh. Bronze Negro getting sparked out

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then Joshua will pussy out again

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This tbh. Have to respect Wilder for actually wanting to fight. This is the problem with Boxing that shitty boomer promoters are scared of bloke losing. If you do the Maths Fury kills AJ in the ring, just look at both klitschko fights. /ourpikey/ completely shut down his entire game while AJ just managed to get a lucky punch..

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Clearly a William since you dont know we're on the international break.

methinks she's getting ousted

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East Anglia

Official Heptarchy power rankings

ruh oh, i guess we better cancel brexit now, we all know how effective messages on busses are

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This is creepy. Where is it from

i fucking hate yanks tbh

Yeah it is so weird

some greasy gook's youtube show


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the treehuggers are kicking off

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Is this satire?

*desire to kill ((young people)) intensifies*


funny how they always slink into the shadows when caught, isn't it

they should read linkola

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they all look like massive faggots

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Rope for every hippy.

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kek wtf?

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Australia 'trolley hero' faces police charges
A homeless man who used his shopping trolley to try to ram a knife-wielding attacker in Melbourne has been charged with offences including burglary and theft.

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for fuck sake

but the entire problem is that she won't go for no deal

She's a Matalan Merkel tbh. I've never wanted to see the back of a politician so passionately.

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Wew this timeline.

Wtf. This is beyond parody. I guess this is what accelerationism looks like.

Never trust a slav

Not exactly surprising tbh.


This one's even better.
Do the baste tits who go on twitter posting pepes memi stuff like this? If not, then what the fuck is the point in them?

==Rugby: Wales vs Tonga=

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No….words….I thought that brexit cancellation bitch was peak autism. I was so wrong (or wong).

Pure Chicom

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Kek. I love the countryside.

are you homos ever going to go east and come back with some heavy firepower to end your super faggot government or what?

There is nothing like an Island Nigger war dance.

*shots them*


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Just thought it was odd Saudi princes pay him.

Welsh Law is a cunt tbh.

>no more false gods, let them be their own saviours
then right after
>give a man a fish and you can feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you can feed him for life

1536 worst year of my life

Welsh Law was established in 2006.

Don't know why, I just don't like her.

You mean a local building got to rubber stamp other people's legislation since 2006.

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So you can blame the blood god for it then?

I'll have you know that the Welsh government have had a good go of fucking up our education system.


She's actually been given credence by the new york times.

strange times to live in

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*soul vomits*

Did you hear that Welsh Parliament is being renamed officially to it's Welsh name now, Y Senedd,

Yes, for the Bood God is a Jock Taig.

keep watching lad

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THIs iS JuSST THE TORREEeeeez TrYIN to conTrOL LabOur liKE THeY do aLL ThE mEDia.

*reopens tab*

Da iawn