Brit/pol/ #2530:Buying Edition

School with 17 children changing gender: Whistleblower teacher makes shocking claim that 'most are autistic'

'Prince Harry: HIV test is nothing to be ashamed of'

''Three men rushed to hospital after shooting in Enfield


Steam engine hits car at Sheringham level crossing

A homeless man who used his shopping trolley to try to ram a knife-wielding attacker in Melbourne has been charged with offences including burglary and theft

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Good lad

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Did Westie get the job a maccie d's?

Who’s westie? Is he from /newbrit/

Rest in peace Horatio Cary.

Brew must be stopped now.

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Imagine turning up on your first day of counter-propaganda for HnH. You walk up to your desk full of ambition to take down Nazis and bigots. You are given the rundown by the manager, an extreme-speech right wing forum will be your case for the next 6 months.

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At least he doesn't look like a toothpick faggot like Brew.
Seeing his dox was fucking gold.

still got it?

where has all this happened? on bongobongo land?

Pulling a Dresden on Albion radio smdh

There are a few fake doxes about but apparently Brews real life initials are MB and he's a fat bastard according to people who have met him in the Albion community

Brew looked pretty chubby in the pic I saw

Who’s that? I’m lost

Last thread.

tbh that pic is what I imagine him to be, so idgaf if it's legit or not.

Why the fuck anyone would trust a tosser whose entire brand is "le irony" is beyond me

people are saying that that's Horatio from Albion Radio and that he's been doxxed by Master HeBrew, but as yet there has been no proof of this posted here

There's been really bad blood between Horat and Brew since the Albion Radio split and their respective Bongo Bongo Lands have been gathering doxes on each other for some time.

It's basically one autistic shitshow but I do feel bad for Horat having been doxed with the least flattering picture imaginable.

Tldr Brew is a fucking cunt and his time has come

That's Horatio the host of Albion radio

it was a smart move to not do it tbh

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tbh horatio is a lad who could lift and be respectable

You should open a restaurant lad

Call it the fancy little pot

All friends are the internet turn into massive backstabbers at a moment's notice. Horat was a fool to trust brew

*doxxes (You)*

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With Brews you lose

this tbh
keep it local

deserved it for falling for it tbh

So that's the picture that has been going around but it's very possible to be a fake dox he planted himself. There are a few people who've met him irl (including Radical Ryzen and Horatio) who know what he truly looks like.

They would be fools not to have taken pictures in case of this eventuality.

he looks like his favourite Modern Warfare map is Shipment and he only plays with shotties

tbh I want proof of that tbh

People who have met him say that brews irl name begins with M but an image search of that guy in pic comes back with someone called Edward.

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Meat feast pizza for dinner

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tempted to whop out an iceland pizza tbh

Do it lad, Brexit is over you might aswell

No it isn't

it's not over 'til I go down to Downing Street with a sawn-off ;)

Brexit is back?

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Good lad

Eat your pizza first you'll need the energy

DUP putting their foot down, it's either replace May as PM or they withdraw support and a GE is triggered

I don't hear a fat lady.

Wew that's actually amazing, I hate being a wagie you miss everything mildly interesting

That's because your mum is at my house rn

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So this masterbrew bloke you lot are always going on about is that fat guy in the vans top?

Too bad I already bucked ya ma.

I bucked your dad

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Brussels tells Theresa May - delaying Brexit will cost UK £10bn

They're expected to make the official demand this week. Also there's allegedly been enough letters of no confidence now, the announcement will probably coincide.

I will snatch every motherbucker birthday

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Reminds me when my wife asked me to give her five bucks!

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Trans inmate who abused women in jail sent to prison dubbed 'Monster Mansion'
EXCLUSIVE: Karen White has been moved to HMP Wakefield following a series of rape and sexual assault convictions - both in and out jail

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I want him back

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Can you just smell the porn or something lad?

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What show? Gamesmaster?

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It's my 6th sense

Is that Bill Oddie's son?


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why didn't he run as a conservative instead of a faggy ukip boomer?

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Don't you wish you'd developed a more useful sixth sense?

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Why did Nogel Forgores run as a third party in the presidential race in 2016?

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He's not
enough lad

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Who are the other two? I remember this program.

Nah fuck that. Superhero senses are for weebs. If I had a super her sense it would be to detect a woman who hasn't ridden the cock carousel.

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So you could ruin them?

ikr smh

this tbh

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Be patient he is Welsh.

Good lad

What channel? What year/s?

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4, 1999

(you) embargo tbh

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snark at me all you wish, Farage's decision to not run as either a labout or con canditate and change the party from within was his downfall.

Never yeard of i', butt.

pics related. also it was on late at night on 4later not a kids show. It was actually a bit edgy and lewd. Got confused because there were a rash of vidya shows around that time fronted by feisty Grrrrll gamers

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If you really believe this you're a retard lad.

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Pretty much

Accurate tbh

I remember her. Fucking would as well.

wakefield has a beautiful cathedral tbh
Was the site of an important battle in the wotr

Matches Steiner's description tbh

fuck it lads, it's an iced latte now. im goin in

any man watching mandingo pit fights?

if its not Tyson i dont care

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Fucking amazing: City hit by two shootings in just six hours

At least they're killing their own, I don't mind tbh