Brit/pol/ #2531: Great Fans of Computer Gaming Edition

Theresa May: Brexit won't be easier if I'm ousted

'Get us OUT!' Furious Brexiteers urge Theresa May to ditch 'RUBBISH' deal and Brexit now

Brexit backlash: How many MPs have sent letters of no confidence so far?

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Good lad
You'll get Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkadlad started

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Fuck you tranny faggot freaks


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Good bwoi

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reminder to do heavy training and soak your hauns in petrol

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Thanks lad
I don't mind him tbh, his impassioned rants sort of remind me of schizo

Thanks lads


'Teeth' Is the Feminist Horror Classic That Men Tried to Sabotage

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What the actual fuck?



Police called to 'large scale disorder' as 2,000 turned away from gig featuring So Solid Crew

Wogs wogging on stage attracting other fellow wogs to go wogging on other wogs in a wog town.

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forgive the brief brap post
*reminder to memi responsibly

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GI saving evropa one bridge at a time

Kent lad needs to kick his arse into gear tbh

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Dafty anthem tbh

What's with /newbrit/ there's like 5 brit/pol/s now.


What's with /newbrit/? I mean it's like 2 years old at this point. When are we gonna start calling it /yeahI'veknownhimforawhilebrit/? In 30 years time will it be /oldbrit/? Who's watchin' the clock here? We should be told.

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so many newfags in here

/newbrit/ is where all the trannies who were permabanned from here hang out

newfags are welcome to fuck off there tbh

plz Zig Forums tell me about the thread

first time Seinfeld's been funny since the 90s tbh

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smh such a bigoted article

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You realise because we're so active we trend on here and so get newfags peering in all the time? It's the price of our freedom from Zig Forums mod tyranny.

Looks awfully womanly for a lad called Bob

We all know ((why)).

I don't think trannys have the mental capacity to live for 20 odd years after transition. Usually they kill themselves at some point.

How would (they) wish to explain the real push for tranny shit? I am being honest, how would they sell it in a way that the average normie buys it?

FRESH SsethTzeentach

Four men stabbed in north London fight

This. He comes as close as he's able to. It's mentallers doubling down on ideology to ruin others lives as they ruined theirs, and even more malicious actors, in the name of compassion. Similar to abortion.

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Anyone here had/got one of these beauties? Considering something nice for the window sill tbh

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they are a bastard to feed, i've had 2 die on me

smdh they should get whiff of grape

they don't do well in northern climes without a greenhouse or lamp.

How come? Couldn't you just nab a fly from the garden or some live food from the pet store or something to feed them?

Get some Triffids you lightweight.

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I know they thrive in bogs and swamps ect so I thought the uk climate should be ok for them. Also sundews are native here and are carnivores too.

cool. Do Homebase sell them?

I used to get greenflies from the garden, but you gotta feed them constantly so as soon as winter came round they started starving. I'd be fine with one now though, there are loads of ladybirds hibernating in the top corner of my room

i didnt realise you could buy live feed small enough tbh

Wog did you expect?

Wog's the world coming to?

poor frogger

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Wog are you doing?

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Yeah a mate of mine buys live crickets for his lizards.

Wog's it gotta do with you?

Coon down lad

Holly's legs on Celebjunglefing. Phhwooarrr.

Fresh Geoff

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Sir Michael Parkinson, 83, admits he is losing his memory but insists he 'will die on stage' and has no intention of slowing down

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this is fucking wholesome


And people say technology isn't racist.

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food like this is why brit men have so much oestrogen

I'm starting to think Hitler might have been right lads

baste and #FF0000pilled lad

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I used to watch this really geekish old looking bloke from the uk who had an immense knowledge on how to grow magic mushrooms indoors. Not sure if his videos are still on YT.

it was the other way round till the #FBPE crowd flooded it

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*sips PBR*

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Polls are complete bollocks

based anprim

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yeh, but MSM cite them constantly trying to push their agenda, even when the sample is small/biased

Men are better a making food tbh.

And are always called out in the comments.


wew lads, anybody posted this yet?

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yeah ik lad, im on about the coverage in media - they dont read the comments on the news

how far philly has fallen, 40 years ago a bunch of steel workers would have beat them all half to death with claw hammers

He's been saying this for ages can he just hurry up and do it already.

nige to the rescue

He won't because he knows that it's hopeless


it's a bit like Shinji refusing to get back in the robot in EoE now, 3rd impact Brexit would be breddy kino tbh tfw 1000 mile tall Holly Willoughby will never rise out into space in the nip

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well, seen as they have been non-existant on the political stage (not been given coverage) yet they are going up in the ((polls)) I dont see why this time isn't the perfect time
the salt will be sublime

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keke, i miss mowing lawns. Might take a weekend job cutting lawns next summer.

this better not mean what I think it means


Not a fan tbh. He's a sycophantic and insipid zionormie.

wtf is this femishit witch thing? Is it fat old goths getting into wedge issue politics?

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I'll oppress them with the cock of Jupiter tbh.

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There's only one way to find out.