Brit/pol/ #2352: Dafty Uprising Edition

Police officers could stop making arrests if they are not helped by members of the public, the chairman of the Metropolitan Police federation has warned

Shocking moment thug almost knocks a woman police officer under a BUS with a flying kick - as members of the public walk past without helping

UCA student from South Korea assaulted in 'racist' attack in Oxford Street, London

Four men stabbed in north London fight

Brexit plan will stop EU migrants 'jumping the queue'

Urgent background checks are ordered on 3,000 foreign doctors after woman, 56, is found to have used her fake degree to work for the NHS as a psychiatrist for 22 YEARS

Danny Dyer attacks Boris Johnson's 'stupid haircut', brands Nigel Farage 'another prick in a suit' and calls David Cameron a 'posh twat' in another expletive-ridden rant over Brexit

Boris Johnson's unused water cannon sold for scrap at £300k loss

Sir Michael Parkinson, 83, admits he is losing his memory but insists he 'will die on stage' and has no intention of slowing down

Pension age may go up AGAIN, forcing Britons to work into their 70s, warn IMF economists

Broke father-of-five who launched a crowdfunding page to pay for Christmas for his family reaches his £2,000 target in just a few hours

First known British executioner to appear in propaganda video in Syrian war was 'bricklayer from west London'

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for posterity

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Ella Whelan?

hulloooooo yeessss

oh Dr Bateman.

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Their tits are always so sad.


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Those Franco lads look cool tbh, maybe they shouldn't do the roman salute to scare off the lame normies tho

My first thought they look like they got vidya physics

having ginseng and lemon tea myself

It's always tits/fanny or both that these women use as tools when they protest. No-one wants to see their corned beef baggy snatch in public or their droopy milkers. Pathetic and narsty.

those police look really cool in comparison, clean and fit and uniformed. really makes me thonk

thanks lad

sounds a bit weird, ngl

its yummy tbh

They have to be when dealing with loonies all the time. Our coppers are way behind the curve but they will learn eventually.

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you can see in her face that she's in it for the thrill

ngl lads I'm partial to a cup of black chai with no milk nor sugar

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Mostly likely a scissor sister

all the original femen were escorts so these are probably escorts too

here is your cup m'lord
*wafts you with a palm leaf*

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they're children, desperate for attention at all times

Looks as Khazar as they come tbh

that number again..

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Any lad have her twitter?

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she's a fucking minger lad

Who is this lovely lady? (she looks slavic)

Her face is like an aardman studios creation, but her body's nice in a curvy lass next door sort of way.

Dr Victoria Bateman.

posting this monstrosity should be a bannable offence

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Theresa May govt to ‘engineer financial crash’ to frighten MPs into voting for Brexit deal


If you've seen any other pics you'd say otherwise, her body is as disappointing as Theresa's Brexit deal

pretty grim i would fuck anything and this does nothing for me not even a twinge


Spain will be going full dafty soon tbh.

If she had a nicer face I'd fuck seven shades of shit out of her tbh.

It's hard to forget that video of those communist ganging up on a lone dafty, and he just stabs them all.

yeah face is the weakest point. looks like a 60 year old book keeper

You don't look at the mantelpiece when you're poking the fire.


She doesn't have a single redeemable thing.

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she's horrible, don't be fooled by that one pic

spoilered for good reason

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can't poke the fire if you don't have wood

Forgot to spoiler my bad lads

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how old is she meant to be?

Poor qt

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I had a dream that my MP submitted the letter of no confidence.
It was so real that I had to check his Twitter. He didn’t.


she looks the best there i probably would

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Good lass

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47, saying that I bet her skills are top notch tbh

kino time tbh don't really see why this one is so revered compared to other zombie flicks of the era like Zombie Flesh Eaters or The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue tbh, it's just as silly a story and the production value is actually somewhat less impressive in terms of photography and special effects

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you lads have atrocious taste

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kek there were going about 5 miles an hour round that corner. then she bursts out of nowhere. how do you fuck up that bad? lmao

The sense of entitlement of middle class women is sickening


Not surprised tbh


You can find a better tart in literally any pub.

why is everyone lusting over this old hag? is everyone on brit so far into nofap that they've completely lost their minds and would fuck anything?


What is it with women writing things on their bodies in some kind of ugly shock value attention seeking thot-dom end of times statement of degenerate jew controlled culture?

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she's got nice tits lad, you can't deny that.



Lateral spinal trauma will do that.

She won't be making qt hip jiggles any more,

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the only good part of that movie is the beginning where romero lets you know that zombies were code for race riots by starting the movie in the projects in a scene similar to IRL newark and detroit in 1967

SA sounding really gay from these posts tbh

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28b669 sounding really desperate from these posts tbh

Same reason they have to take selfies instead of just photographing the thing they're looking at. It's all about themselves.

modern women have lost all sense of femininity, decorum and dignity, so of course they are becoming unattractive

there's nothing wrong with them, stop transposing 18 year old womens body onto her.

I hate to defend SA, I know he's a gay glow in the dark GCHQ nigger but how can you lads like her? ffs she's nearly 50 and looks it. what is there to like?

is she 50 or is she just a 30 yearold who looks 50

Why would you thirst after hags

I think she's younger than 50, but she's been infected with the mind virus that makes women be obnoxiously ugly because "fuck your beauty standards" so she just seems utterly hideous - which she is


Holy shit why does Zig Forums constantly have such shit taste.

racing is dangerous and people know that when they their spoiled rich arse signs up to be a professional go karter and i have not one ounce of sympathy tbqh lads

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i'm not thirsting, I am pointing out that she has good tits as compared to the rest of her.

Put a nice face on her and I would tbh.

you need to look at better milfs lad, that hag is disgusting.

This is bigger than Brexit

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The lads on here are desperate who for the most part can't get a woman even if they tried, they cover this up saying that they aren't any women that they won't.

btw this is her twitter for the lads that wanted it

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this nobody but rednecks cared when dale earnhart turned into ground beef on live camera but its so sad when a roastie daddies girl drives like a retard

it's fucking atrocious tbh smh

A shit with sprinkles is still shit.

Even with a nice face her body is below-below-average.

A thousand times this. She's got a great bush, which pushes her over the edge for me.

I wish that was a real book cover

This will lead to the next schism, Zig Forums and /vikbrit.