Brit/pol/ #2353: Nip In The Air Edition

Met Office weather forecast: deep freeze to reach Britain

UK weather forecast: Britain colder than Greenland as Russian chill brings snow

EU Wants MORE Concessions: France Demands Fishing Rights and Spain Calls for Gibraltar Veto

Brexit: DUP tells Theresa May to 'keep her side of the bargain'

British fishermen FURY as EU single them out for Brexit 'punishment'

Poll: 60% of Scots would back ‘remain’ in new Scottish independence vote

BBC launches public consultation on TV licences for over-75s

Man knifed at Lidl supermarket in Romford as air ambulance scrambled

"WE ARE ABOVE THE LAW" - declares Royal Society for the Protection of Workshy Freeloaders (aka. Police)

Uni staff told capital letters could frighten anxious students

Facebook and Instagram down

US migrant caravan: Trump's asylum ban halted by judge

"They're prepping for a race war. And they see Trump as their 'ray of hope'"

New Monopoly for Millenials board game has offended the target audience

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First for purging all foreigners

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That's nothing, we used to have 300 post threads.


Pay for my black kids

Tbh I don't know who I dislike more the underclass or the rent seekers that exploit them.

Good lad.

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What's the snake oil salesman peddling today lad?


Those 150 last posts are always the most worth reading too, threads always get better at the end smh

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Why are people so dumb and needy?

At least they have the excuse of being literal plebs.


*Has and alcohol and tobacco addiction*
Where has all of my money gone?

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Some people just have to be lead lad.

Infowars™ ManShield™ The only anti-fungal radioisotope-neutralising penis cream on the market made with 100% pure elemental Scandium

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alegs loves the beowulf soundtrack tbh

Kek I noticed that, he has good taste tbh

tbh my only luxury expense is going to the pub


I was proven right there will come a time where the white communities start policing themselves de legitimising the state and forming autonomous white communities. THEN we'll have a race war.

Organise with your neighbors and church. Be a community leader.

The CGI film with Ray Winston?

is it just me or does this site keep getting harder to use
cant see the live stream or the little play button i used to be able to

oh yeah i gotta use vlc now


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I don't bother, you basically need all the scripts on his page active to get any functionality out of it, which strikes me as really dodgy.

actually I said it first lad.

yeah it got DDOS'd the other day tbh



Zig Forumsfit posting tbh

naah mate it was me tbh fight me

I get 100~ posts a thread so yeah I would say something

I need some of that tbh

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How do you even find these videos lad.

I don't believe you said

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It's him tbh

those are better than SA claims he didn't say something episodes tbf

How can SA said?


guess it's true, all those french genes are making the southerners weak, we should probably kick them out when the new machine comes

The guy in the vid doesn't sound welsh.

I've been saying it since back when we had NA shills tbqh

lel, that's not a cumrag accent

I never say nothing

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t.doing nothing.

The synthesis approaches.

Yeah I remember when you talked about buying a van and nabbing saracens off the street and murdering them

If you dont go to church or aren't engaged in your community you might aswell be a Souf fc poof.

Joe will rule over Kensington council with a razor mailed fist.

The pieces fall into place.

The more the pressure builds, the more this'll happen

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uh im actually in a super secret anglo resistance group and i was the first to ever come up with that idea lad

He will heat pensioner homes with the burning corpses of the gypsies and sun papers.

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But it'll only happen if there's a dedicated ideologue there organising his community. Our people won't save themselves until we show them how.

>attending court is not optional
this looks legit


how many people are in your local resistance group lad?

It's fake iirc.

That's what it says on the letter.

I honestly have no idea how real it is.

was this the guy who posted an audio recording of the police interviewing him?

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Good movie. Saw it at the cinema when it came out. Might rewatch it.


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Involve yourself in local clubs, sports, church, and whatnot, get friendly and get chatty, and all you have to do is slowly slip ideas into the social consensus and watch the magic happen
The fuzz can't nick you for saying "grrr these immigrants seem to cause more trouble than they are worth"

nice try GCHQ

What were you being done for?

Angelina Jolie will have sex with me

Golden dids an pooce

cattle rustling

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I don't have a Welsh accent. I was educated in Hampshire.

Surely the EU doesn't think this is good PR?

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William Welshish

Theres a discrete CasaPound group in London formed by Italian expats. They're called Vortex Londinium.

Good lad.

Angelina Jolie is now 43 years old. I can still remember Girl, Interrupted coming out. Damn that makes me feel old. She must feel really old.

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Facebook groups are doing fuck all lad. Reposting news articles doesnt help anybody.

you're the real life 22st

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They are rolling out the EU army and acting oblivious whenever someone asks "ey 'oop 'ang aboot thought yuu wern going t'be 'avin one of thoose"

Hey it's the turtle fascists

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No they're active on the street. They seem to just be a social group mostly. But British nationalists could learn a lot from CasaPound when forming autonomous communities and local self defence groups. We're ripe for a movement like CasaPound.


Hopefully one that doesn't sound like a cash and carry tbh.

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tbf a lot of people though I was weird because colloquial vocab is mostly Glaswegian, and and the Glaswegians in my family think I'm weird because I'm half-Welsh.

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Just eat lots of red meat your willy will get bigger

You're an exile too eh?

Do you have a mic

Jesus Christ even cyclops is less of a mess than you are

You're implying future member states won't be joining of their own accord?

No, I'm going back from where I came from, thank god.

Ti wedi dysgu bychan o'r iaith, o leiaf?

the gutter :^)

Alex bedded more women by age 20 than you have five times over lad
but oestrogen and cancer in our water supply are not something to laugh about