Brit/pol/ #2354: Rabid Goblin Dogs Edition

Met Office weather forecast: deep freeze to reach Britain

UK weather forecast: Britain colder than Greenland as Russian chill brings snow

EU Wants MORE Concessions: France Demands Fishing Rights and Spain Calls for Gibraltar Veto

Brexit: DUP tells Theresa May to 'keep her side of the bargain

British fishermen FURY as EU single them out for Brexit 'punishment

Poll: 60% of Scots would back ‘remain’ in new Scottish independence vote

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Fuck Liverpool

Good lad

for being


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Good sexy lad

Good lad*

Good lad good image

xth for fuck the tories and fuck labour

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Good lad


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What's Isle of Man like?

I luv Islands me but I want a place with a larg countryside.

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For the lad who was asking about who do you direct it to? Try using #FBPE and maybe send it Momentum's way.

I've got just the place

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Fuck Libdems, fuck the SNP, fuck Plaid cumrag, fuck Sinn Fein, fuck Respect and fuck niggers

I said a large countryside.

based human refuse

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nah the #FBPE lot are insane and wouldn't see it as offensive, and momentum are anti-semetic anyway

needs a jewish group or something

don't bully her lads

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Honestly fuck UKIP as well tbh

she's bullying the 6 gorillion jews that died in the holohoax lad. she needs to be stopped

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And fuck Peter Hitchens and Nick Griffin

10 Real Life Jokers Who Actually Exist

She could bully me lad ____:^)____

Fuck 947225 and his utter garbage posting tbh

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we have to lad for all the old boys

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'ate blair
'ate brown
luv me some tony benn ayay

Agreed tbh

baste unbiased reporters

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it's the current year



gamer time lads

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Thanks lads

Thanks lad smh

Thanks lad made my own tbh

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fresh dank

good lad

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has anyone done one of these for woes?

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Good lad

saved lad

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The story in most triple a games is god awful.


But do so responsibly, me old mucker.

how disrespectful



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Do you play Stainless Steel lad?

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No xmas special this year either, it got cucked and thrown to new years.

Apparently there's a MTW2 remaster or something coming out

This ain't it chief

I love this video so much, it belongs in a museum

two POCs and a vile straight white male that gets everything wrong and makes mistakes

close lad

Decent lad.

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this happens because hitler lost

Do short lasses appreciate smaller dicks?

I have owned at least 3 copies of med 2 but i'm not getting a free copy, fuck em.

and a vile *OLD straight white male
This is an important point that you will see in cuckmas ads, any white people shown will be >30 unless female or children.

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women only appreciate money and will call a micro penis big if it gets them bennies for more outfits

hopefully they sort out the gamebreaking bugs, that game is amazing and deserves a 2nd one tbh

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However, some lass fell in love with a trailer park juggalo.

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I lost all my mods when steam cuck play gobbled up my game. I used to play last kingdom and play as essex or connacht but idk how to run mods on steam

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The Amerindians would have shamed anyone letting a perfectly good carcass go to waste. They would make tools with the bones, bowls with the skulls, necklaces with the teeth, and of course what parts couldn't be eaten would be turned into food for the dogs.

oh, and make it so that you can edit the map properly so the autists make a massive ETW map with loads of factions and towns

Oh apparently you just get all the DLC and Expansions for free

Sodom and Gomorrah?

Until they make and release new ones for them.

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Is JF's gf really jewish?

No other changes actually, it's purely free DLC, that's a shame.

I doubt they will be making MTW2 DLC anytime soon.

You decide…

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lad, jordan's a fag.

Don't buy games on steam, pirate any AAA game without regard.
Use to find the real pirateproxy
Don't ever give money for games that are older than 5-8 years old, the devs will never see a penny and it goes to the semetic overlords.

Oops JF not JP.

Nah she looked like a Frog.

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why the fuck was France a single county in ETW, who the fuck thought that was a good idea?

why are you posting about Joseph Peterstein?

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smh, such potential wasted, it could have been such an epic game
still enjoy playing it though

I noticed my error here

Lad you never know, I bet you would have said the same about AoE2 before they released the enhanced edition.


This is why people here pick on you

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3pts Guinness and a red pepper for supper tbh lads


I guess my point is made.

I'm really looking forward to this mod tbh
It;s ambitious and they are currently working on the late game only at the moment, but they are doing a complete overhaul with early, mid and late units that you unlock with technology, completely new techtrees and completely reworked BAI and CAI


how did you lose the sea battles lad? all you need is 5 or 6 5th rates and you can take out a fleet of 1st rates

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I lack the briddish pirate skills tbh. I just used to sail perpendicular to the wind and "cross the T" with chain shot and try to demast their big ships so I could get that thicc spanish booty