Brit/pol/ #2355: Titanic Maritime Beasts Edition

Theresa May in Brussels for crunch Brexit talks on future UK-EU relationship

UK must forge 'closest possible' relationship with EU, says OECD

Labour's McDonnell says UK in disarray but parliament will block no-deal Brexit

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Good lad

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Tank yee lad

taigs out

good lad
good edition

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Imagine the shites


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Maddie is far more memiable than some tart with saggy tits

kino time tbh

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Thanks lads


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Was released 2 days ago.

Is it anything like Cornwell's books or does it deviate like mad?

Reminder that the whigs invited a good goy dutch soldier to take over our country and he sold our national debt to the yids, and we've been beholden to jewish moneylenders ever since

It's alright. I only remember the books vaguely but it doesn't seem to deviate too much.


Booze posting tbh

What you lads going to get wasted on for Christmas?

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Guaranteed shit without even looking.

Might buy some naval rum to bee honest

Hope its isn't Lamb's?

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Nah, not sure atm, any recommendations?

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Sailor Jerry's

red wine because i dont drink and anything else will make me paralytic

Fucking hell lads I've got an awful fever and I can't miss anymore days

don't miss days lad that's really bad for you

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unfortunate that the choice was between catholics and crypto-judaic whigs


Pusser's Gunpowder Admiralty strength.

There is a hidden depth to good quality rum.

Havana Club 3 Anos is high quality sipping rum if you like Barcardi.

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This one ain't bad, but I'm seeing an aeful lot of BUY BUY BUY ads.
It's the centenary and I'm hoping Sainsburys outdo their previous one.

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unlucky name

I'm afraid it's a bad one.

A good Cuban white rum is going to be better than Barcardi tbh.

What about Vodka?

a-at least I'll prove myself in no nut '19

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Russian Standard or Zubrowska

linked to wrong reply.

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aaaaahhh today was my longest streak for a while as well (8 days)
I will stand strong on nofap19

Worst Christmas advert is the one that's just a fluff piece for Elton John.

2D girls are trying to become 2D girls


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That was complete bollocks, even normies disliked it.

John Lewis don't even sell piano's tbh


failed nnn about 7 times at least

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when did people go from calling it no fap to no nut tbh

He may be in it mostly for economic reasons but props to Tim for keeping the pressure up.

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No Nut November, it's a normie thing.
the best bit about it is how the media and porn sites started kvetching


>they renamed no fap November to no nut November

It should stop the watching of porn, not sex entirely.

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Clearer version

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Yank-negro zeitgeist

was worried we had another timeline shift for a minute

t. William

oh mr spoons

It's in the bloody pic mate

hwhite americans are being separated into three groups, based on the other ethnicities asserting their interests
it's only a matter of time before you get white people larping as mexicans

May & Rudd Threaten Brexit: Parliament Will Block No Deal Brexit

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yeah, i saw it now, in the clearer version you posted


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Oops, wrong flag

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which poster are you then, lad?

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Moonman, but I wanted to join in on the wopposting tbh



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who's that?

I don't see the issue tbh. God is beyond physicality.

who else here looking forward to the black Friday race riots in yank land?

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can of custard for supper

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Me :), here's hoping for a chug edition this year.

Yes but he's the manifestation of pure fartherlyness, aka the heavenly father. if you don't call them out on their shit next they'll be saying God is trans

Sicilians are truly;

Classic Niggas

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Good lass tbh.
She used to be a commie tbh, I've seen her pissed in a hotel bar at 2am kek. I snuck into a Battle of Ideas Speakers party a couple years ago

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good lad

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Lager, pizza and Blade Runner 2049 for supper. Vapes and lager for dessert soon tbh

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I found her by going through comments on Luke Ford's video about Richard Spencer. I have no idea who this guy is - only that he dislikes Dickie.

BD leave whilst you still can

Woes is such a gay nonce

whats happening lad?



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