Brit/pol/ #2356: Ecclesiastes 1v3 Edition

Theresa May in Brussels for crunch Brexit talks on future UK-EU relationship

UK must forge 'closest possible' relationship with EU, says OECD

Labour's McDonnell says UK in disarray but parliament will block no-deal Brexit

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I know I say this a lot but Jesus Christ the fucking state of law and order in this country

good lad

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You're a good lad
*Steps on you*

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*dabs on Steiner's ancestors*

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me with the niacin flush in that pic tbh


don't forget lads
older women are better and easier

Off to the shops for baccy, lads. Back for QT.

Good lid
9th for 90's rave reaction images

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They're also fucking barren

its a good memory

Spud glad.

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They are also barren.


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and for a one nighter that's an advantage

Just got back from t' bargain booze with my benson hedges before it shut.

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Some absolute madlads in this video

Ahh the Irish where would we be without them?

Topjej I'll use that some day

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Scotland would still be Pictish, scousers would not exist at all, and we could have turned that island into something useful.

she had a clit piercing too


was she married?

no but ive had sex with a girl who was engaged

Thanks lads

Can't believe Noel just coup'd the government and declared himself emperor tbh.

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Immoral lad. Makes you feel like an absolute king though doesn't it

It would probably be TV Brap if it returned. /tv/'s reach is far tbh


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How old was she?

Some civic tongue action on I'm a celeb smh

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what the fuck is actually wrong with normies

this shite is infinitely weirder than any of the tripe spergs pump out online

That image is racist against our benevolent and fabulous overlord Seamus Aherne


pretty sure she wasn't getting any she came round on multiple occasions last time i was with he she was riding my cock and the in out timing with her contractions was perfect it felt amazing tbh going in when shes full contracted

28 i was 23 or just 24


Some good OC from the I'm A Celeb thread on 4/tv/, kek

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I'm lucky to get a bird that young nowadays.
Had a roll in the hay with a 47yr old once. 20years older than me at the time.

I would be OK with this tbh.

wtf, I love trash tv now.

this is actually really sad and blackpilling. i hate the tv.

oh wait sorry the ice gem one was 39

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Aren't they both a bit high profile for i'm a celeb?

Sphinctal Arithmetic is not my lord. KAT

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Since when this is the age of the cultural gutter?

Fair play




sticky toffee pudding, double cream and cornish clotted cream for QT

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Well that was grim.


Stopped watching TV many years ago apart from the occasional rare point of interest. It's generally just complete wall to wall gutter shite and I really don't know how people put up with it, well I kind of do because it's in the insidious poisonous nature of it to suck people into that zombie state but I'm still amazed and disgusted how many enjoy this bread and circus day to day.



god bless

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disgusting tbh

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Good lad

Buckle up lids. We're in Cannock

I wonder how many wogs they will find in one of the whitest areas of England.

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They'll be bussed in for the quotas. Expect a token half caste or poo in the audience.


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Did you apply?

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he looks so anaemic, aids?

feeling a bit sick tbh and im only halfway through

Nah cba tbh.

Just the one? Give over

he from plaid?


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It's an understatement. Mind you from here I haven't spotted any so far.

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Have mercy upon me, a sinner

Why did I expect better?

This is why women shouldn't be allowed to vote

you could always break the top of the bottle and gouge your eyes out after you run out

the high standards set by our boy gylffi


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our only friend in Europe is Norway, everyone else hates us

i think a lot of boomers just don't know what to do other than watch tv. i see this in my Dad. The TV would still have been new and cool in the 60s but it just isn't anymore.

They're cans lad BTFO

I don't know if I heard that or it was in my mind but still kek'd

Top lad.

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Where did you get your cans lad? Paki shop?

Yeah its sad. My nan is housebound, too old to see books and has nothing but TV to occupy her time.

Best switch to whisky lad.

the dutch are our natural allies lad

The only TV I watch is QT, and it's only because of Zig Forums

You're both right but I was usin hyperbole and the fact that Norway aren't in the EU

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I hate the fact that Seamus O'spud and fronds are the ones holding us back just because of an EU border.

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Better back that up nog


such a great MP

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he's actually coming across alright tbh
he may well ruin it though