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Theresa May in Brussels for crunch Brexit talks on future UK-EU relationship

UK must forge 'closest possible' relationship with EU, says OECD

Labour's McDonnell says UK in disarray but parliament will block no-deal Brexit

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Good lad

Thank yee

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Yeah but how much of his opinions could just be attributed to brain damage?

Generalplan Ost was a really cool idea tbh. Wish it had happened tbh.

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Are those rail lines? I know the japanese started developing bullet trains during the imperial times there

That's Mike Tyson, lid.

Lad anyone that makes a living getting hit in the head is going to have some form of damage.

What do you lads think of the bombs found at a veteran's old residence? Seems suspicious to me as he was moved out of the property a month before hand by his paki land lord.

He seems a sharp lad to me tbh.

Yeah, they wanted to have a high speed rail system that went to all across Europe and onto Turkestan on these thick new broad gague railway lines for carrying heavy equipment I guess. Cool idea.


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Farage turns snake in the grass on UKIP Leader Gerard Batten

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corn beef mayo and crisp butty with a cuppa for late lunch

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*accidentally uses tripcode*
fml sorry

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What if joe is a state agent trying to cause a crisis in the only legitimate opposition left?

Batten saying he wants to put Muslims into Muslim only prisons and meeting up with Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad 'it depends on the child' Akkad and ooooooooooh tommy is making the party look like a joke tbh. I don't know maybe it will bring voters. I think Nige is in the right here though.

Everyone is a spy lad

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When have you put your reputation on the line by airing your beliefs publicly, and what was it that pushed you to that point?


Zig Forums has a really strange Pavlovian trigger that makes them dismiss without looking into anything or anyone affiliated with Robinson.

glad you spotted that too

The last dozen articles I read all reported on that being a policy sorry if it was all lugenpresse.
I did like their last manifesto there were a lot of very good policies in it. Batten just seems to be failing as leader I want muh nige back mr brexit he had such charisma and gravitas.

Batten is a shit-tier boomer autist tbh he's doing just as bad as Henry Goblin

*just as much bad

Batten has literally saved the party from financial ruin, after Farage abandoned it and Goblin all but destroyed it

islam is a death cult!
reckon he only says this because of muh israel tbh

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Who are you going to trust? The decrepit old boomer with cracked and blackened teeth jutting out of his face at an assortment of obscene angles? Or the dashing young man about town with a gleaming set of bespoke hand-polished narwhal ivory dental inserts?

Think about it

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Fair point. I think we are so critical because the party isn't getting anywhere and lost all of it's momentum, so we constantly look for things we can do to improve.

No, he says this because the ultimate aim of Islam is to bring about the end of the world


No, that's just different from Muslim only jails. It's a sensible policy that should be completely non controversial. What normie will disagree with separating the extremist Muzzies from people they try to harass and threaten into converting to Islam, or incite loonies and losers inside to terrorism to die for a fake glorious cause? It's the sort of thing people should expect from our prisons, and we all know we've got so many jihadi fuckers in them now that they may as well have separate buildings not just wings.
Intriguing tbh

What a good lad tbh

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I wish those separate buildings filled will gas from all the plumbing.

What is it that makes a lass wearing a mustard yellow down coat and blue jeans so sexy? I see lasses wearing that combo everywhere smh

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In that case I think Milo Yiannopoulopopapoose is the real man for the job, scientists were recently baffled when his teeth managed to reflect light onto a solar panel at 102% efficiency

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It lost all momentum because of Farage, Batten has actually put wind back in the sails, after inheriting the party when it was at rock bottom, due to successive bad leaders


Just doesn't seem worth wasting political capital, wouldn't existing measures of separating violent prisoners from others suffice? I wish we could just kill them tbh.

I doubt anyone in UKIP is listening to Joe. His fall out with Tony Lecomber seems suspicious though.

It doesn't waste political capital. Even if it was literally separate jails for Muslims (which it's not), who would give a fuck even if they're a joe bloggs civnat? Oh no, a separate building for different kinds of criminals. Oh no. Only lefties are going to screech about that and they wouldn't vote UKIP anyway, so how is the capital being wasted? If even something as tame as that could harm the party's chances than we're fucked anyway. I'm not THAT black pilled.

I like Tommy Robinson. I dont trust him 100% but he is a useful asset for the right in terms of converting normies and footy lads.

Seems to me like Batten is doing well. They are up in membership and rising in the polls.

In his defence UKIP is doing really well among voters without a real name.

Tommy Robinson is a bigger name than 90% of MPs.

Pozzed or Poozed?

This is happening in the same nation that has no sanitation, a rape problem and hopes to become a superpower by 2030?

Tbh from what I know India isn't a nation. It's barely even a state, like Pakistan. Both could probably partition further. There's just a small bubble of western influenced richfags who do have their plumbing and safe neighbourhoods but also this kind of poz.

You're losing all momentum because you're filtered

Good lad good edition

Bins really is going into overdrive now isn't he?

He's just such a stroppy bender tbh

Yeah it's weird how these places are placed into neat little boxes on our maps but really they're pretty much still fractured tribal states with no real administration or borders in large areas.

Thanks lads I feel optimistic now, thought the party was dead. Maybe the media gaslit me. I just want one MP ffs

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he loves that burger

Good lad

name someone in politics that you actually like

never seen that pic of Elvis, he knew about women tbh.

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you lads see the nork troops meeting the sk ones at the border? i hope reunification continues, it is comfy to see. juche is ethnonationalistic in its ideology apparently

they norks were blowing up their border posts as part of a demilitarisation of the border

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Hullo yes, new Joe!

Is he going to bring forth the British Juche and we will all get free fish for our hard work?

I don't like anyone

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Nigel is being a cunt. The BNP did more for my local community than UKIP have done.

Batten handled himself fairly well.

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your mum's sweaty batty crease

jacob rees mogg


Reminder that he put her on antidepressants at 11.

Wew she apparently has started eating nothing but red meat.

her clunge must taste so raw



I would drown my daughter in the bathtub if god ever cursed me to have one

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Steiner is all bark and no bite
he should go out and murderrape a thot + post pics here to prove he can put his money where his mouth is

lads shouldn't encourage his violent fantasies pertaining to women and girls. It isn't healthy for you or him

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Watching the video that that webm os from, she's not an ethot, and she literally has sorted herself out where doctors failed and sorted her mental daddy out a bit by devising the beefpill. She's a mega qt too tbph.


Oh, you.

so is anything funny going to happen today in USA because of black Friday? don't people usually get killed trying to grab a half price telly?

Petersen's daughter is a hot thot.

I think it's too early unforutanately.

Already been a shootout in Alabama with the police killing the gunman and a few people injured

DUP to AMBUSH Theresa May’s Brexit deal TOMORROW - ‘The beginning of the end’

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hows it looking, false flag or boomer finally snaps?

antidepressants at 11 is messed up