Brit/pol/ #2357: Melancholic Shaggy Edition

Met police driving cars into thieves on mopeds in crime crackdown

Why would she humiliate Britain like this? Lawyer savages Theresa May’s Brexit deal

Brexit: May says EU will not offer 'better deal' if agreement rejected

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we all ready for crimbo lads?

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For her

Good lad

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Evening. There isn't by chance a fella by the name of Joyce round here?

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Good lad.

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Know so many girls who used to be skinny get fat from uni drinking and binge eating

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Good lad

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whose that on the right
robert e lee?

Christmas is bittersweet this year, as it's around that time that I will become a wizard.

Scuttling across the floors of silent seas.

So fucking funny

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big Joe Joyce?
he's a shite in the bucket

Quite heretical this is tbqhfam



I love her

Thanks lads

I have heard the mermaids singing each to each.
I do not think that they will sing to me.

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How many? sad tbh

Don't you have a bird already lad?

tbh virginity is superior to being invested in this normie hellscape lad. when you meet a normie they will all have some heart break, some person they will be hung up on forever because they didn't make it work. they will always have given little pieces of themselves to strangers while you never stole a heart or touched a flea in this vampire thot society of hedonism. there is honor in that I suppose

What's your body fat percentage?

best poem written in the modern age tbh, robert e howard can come close at times but it cannot touch this

No tbh but I heard that a girl in the local Boots likes me today

Well, I'll try not to dwell on it.

I'm slightly skinnyfat but not by much, i'm just starting to get dadbod, but could get rid of it easily if i could be arsed to do another fast.

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I like you. Do you like Beckett?

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what do you think of people who walk their dogs through the local graveyard
bit disrespectful tbh people do it in my town

No point of doing it now, because Christmas is soon, start from January. I stopped being a wizard at 36.

Based and redpilled.

thanks lad

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*does a big wee on your ma's grave*

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graveyards shouldn't exist in the first place tbf. Sea burials or sky burials are what we should be doing

That's good to hear lad. It probably didn't fuck up your life much I'm guessing.

respectfully disagree graveyards connect you to the past and are so beautiful, although lots of modern graves with modern designs look really out of place in the local cemetery and i hate them tbh, also they're clearly making them smaller because they're running out of room and there are too many people. the 19th century ones are beautiful even the simple ones


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maybe it is selfish to take up land like that though, maybe we should return to the dust when we pass

Watch Endgame or Krapp's Last Tape (the Magee one). Best dramatist of the 20th century.

a dog?

Not at all, married and two kids now. Younger one is ill now so I'm shitposting by her cot.

Why not?

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aww that's nice, i'm happy for you lad

Cute, theres a girl who works at the local costa who comes in to buy milk and she always smiles and converses with me, might eat her bum

in the asbence of any moral structure in modern britain fraid i cant tell you why
in the past they would call it a crime against humanity



A candy coloured clown they call the sandman, tip toes to my room every night, just to sprinkle stardust and to whisper, go to sleep everything is alright

I close my eyes

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I can imagine charity adverts with Kate Bush - This Woman's Work playing in the background saying donate now to help a thot not wreck her body with overeating and nigger attention influence
Just one pound a month lads

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Were you just quiet and introverted? Did girls start to notice you more as you got established and started making money?

Got it.

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She's put on more than that, surely.

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good lad

Smh nah it's more about taking advantage of the innocent being inhuman or engaging in abnormal behaviours separating you from the general population or somethin



we live in a society


Based Dennis Hopper

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This song is much better

Good lad


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lad, you keep shilling this

JF is a faggot

Sounds a bit gay.

And has a JIDF Jewess gf for cover

Also got an exchange between him and Hitchens.

I had three problems:

God this song is so good


still haven't read door to door race wars tbh

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spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) tbh


Unironically a good book.

Ha! Loads of people have told me that. Its just Joe's website though.

wonder if it was him lads

night lads

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smh that's a mean fantasy
I want 22st to find a good lass he is a hard working man

It was a comfy video, thanks!

vikang gunlass should shoot his boss for him even though 22 says she is too ugly for him

slag who fucks wogs




cuckchan stole your memmie lad

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at least she didn't get clubbed to death by a horde of drunken peasants then thrown in a pit

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England's rose, lad. Or didn't you see Elton at her funeral?

kek thats good, I wish my photoshop HD wasn't dead so I could make more OC

she deserved that more than tatiana and olga did tbh

Don't take the piss about little girls being murdered defending their little sisters from being raped by communist jews you cunt

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Think this one is better tbh

Too nervous to click this link smh

Good lad I've been waiting for more fresh Joe webms


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this I legtimately cried when I saw the remains of tatiana and her crushed skull. fucking evil kike bastards should burn in hell for that