Brit/pol/ #2559: Sarabande Edition

Police Scotland link robbery rise with UK benefits changes

Brexit: Boris Johnson says UK must 'junk the backstop'

'I'm ASHAMED of UK' Ann Widdecombe FURIOUS at Brexit Britain 'running up white flag' to EU

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gud lud

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Good lad

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I fucking hate these kikes, they know exactly what they do

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Delet this shit memi

You have a point tbh lad

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Made me lel again tbh

The sign's facing the wrong way and is on the wrong side of the fence lad.

Lad, admit you messed up the sign. It shouldn't be there

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I asked colin lidell what he thought of tommy the snitch robinson getting into UKIP and he had a comment about it tbh. he thinks its a good idea to position UKIP for post brexit

i didnt make it, i got it off google


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talk to colin lad, he took that position on his blog post article

I don't even know who colin is lad.

colin liddell, the guy who created the alt-right memi with andy nowicki the slow video lad

good lad

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This wretched cunt

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are you going to send something to Andy's PO box lad?

This insult will not stand tbh

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Thanks lads

Yeah tbh I never realised how good the opacity tool was in Gimp until recently

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The Welshman is a crackhead tbf

Hmmmmm it's almost like those nasty anti semites are onto something.

he's got a long way on having limited talent and a cheeky smile that mothers love tbh.

What do you mean by 'asian', lad?

He's Welsh, lad.

God, I do so love these upper middle class lefties.

Gook, not dot or bomb.

depends on how brexit turns out. if we start importing cheap foreign labour from outside Europe immediately after it then that will become the most pressing issue and it should go total anti-immigration (UKIP used to want a 5 year ban on immigration not too long ago).
the powers that be will no doubt try to co-opt our independence to suit their agenda.
I think it would be better if UKIP rebranded as a party of law and order, because that includes a clampdown on black and muslim criminal activities in the name of justice and secure borders, rather than just the whole OH TOMMEH TOMMEH thing.

Make it end…

Watch an episode of olde Robot Wars and tell me that again.

I hate being in the middle of history tbh. Anyone here with a terminal illness want to do us all a favour?

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you'd get to savage the tory premiership and labour's london mayor for their failure to deal with crime while coming down hard on the immigrants, the immigrant-descended and muslims who commit the crimes., mercia?

kek is Craig Charles unironically arelad?

Is there still footage of him in the back of the cab with his crack pipe?

unironically /arelad/ tbh


The worst part of FF8 is discs 1-4 tbh

Craig Charles is an honourary anglo for that tbh

I do not acknowledge that memi tbh

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It's not a good game tbh. The characters all suck. Even putting the weird story aside - it's the shite characters that make it so boring.

Danny John-Jules once attacked two polish bin men.

Real horrific.

Also, comments in that video…

He's the one who accused strictly come dancing of being racist before the series had even begun.


I really liked it as a kid when I didn't know better, same as all the other games I liked, but I don't think I could stand it now. The magic system is novel, trouble is a person who knows what they're doing can break it completely and then you're stuck playing a game with a rubbish story.

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That must have been a sight to behold tbh

Sorry lad but I can't ever consider him as anything other than obnoxiously and mercilessly scouse tbh

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wew. time to end my wicked ways.

he used a katana to do it too

sounds like a based NA friendly fire incident

Cans of lager for post-supper supper

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The magic system always sucked. It's the most life-suckingly grindy battle setup in any rpg I've played. It necessitates repeating the same command over and over and over until you've got a hundred of whatever magic's you've junctioned. The junction system actually disincentivises ever using bloody magic. How did no one on the dev team notice how bloody stupid that is? There's some trick you can do with synthesising a card or something right at the start of the game so you end up with loads of full-cures or something, so you can just walk through most of the game (I haven't done this because it would make a bland game even worse).

Don't even know why I'm playing it tbh. I guess the music is pretty good.

Pakis tbh.


Pretty sure the big stone sculpture lasses in Blade Runner 2049 are based on Ana de Armas' body. Looks like her face and nipples tbh

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*cares in retard*

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drumpf promised to shave his head if he won in 2016
hed look good

He promised a lot tbh

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for mosley



What's he holding and why does it say chain link?

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It's a /biz/ memi regarding crypto

reading about that whiskey rebellion in greater detail after steiner mentioned it was very interesting, urbanites dispraportionately taxing men on the decentralised frontier
disgustin tbh


read about the new york customs house lad that was fucked as well

Compulsory viewing incoming.

Thought it must have something to do with blockchain. One of my lecturers was obsessed with the blockchain memi. he unironically believed it would be a revolutionary blow against the establishment. Naive fool.

Psst, don't tell Steiner, lads…

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had a dream about jesus lads

what happened in it lad

take a milkie post a milkie tbh lad

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are you woke lad

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he begged me not to be a lazy NEET so that i could go to heaven
Dunno how I'd stop though tbqh

Shame that UKIP is compromised because this is actually a much needed policy.

maybe we should've just created that transatlantic free trade conglomerate binding america and britain that adam smith or franklin or whoever wanted to create doing away with all the colonial tariffs idk


Not really, never really gone to church



salvation is through faith not works

Look at that subtle jiggling. The tasteful thickness. Oh my god. She even has a tasty bra

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are you autistic, lad?

no need for that lad.