Brit/pol/ #2560: Dafties Front Edition

Police Scotland link robbery rise with UK benefits changes

Brexit: Boris Johnson says UK must 'junk the backstop'

'I'm ASHAMED of UK' Ann Widdecombe FURIOUS at Brexit Britain 'running up white flag' to EU

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Is it true that the dafties are all satanists? Doesn't surprise me tbh.

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Maybe its linked to the fact that Police Scotland are more critical of the benefits system than their own policing.

Momentum bullying are Icke lads

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hullo is poos and wees lad still bullying the boomers in that one Q boomer subboard?

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hitler was prolly atheist/christian right?

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What even is momentum?

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I think its more that the left are so pathetic that they feel the need to signal against Icke to earn themselves some much-needed brownie points with the most powerful group in the west (and they're not lizards).

Those helmets are so tacky and autistic tbh.

Liberal upper/middle class larpers playing dress up as anarchists/socialists.

Are they a charity? A lobby group?

A Trotsykite cult dedicated to supporting Jeremy Corbyn.

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in the context of the 1930s it was cool, today it looks dumb, there is about as much time since that period as there is since the us civil war though tbf

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Political organisation pretending to be a grassroots movement.

are there an caps of this?
I want to know more


I think that board was called patriots awaken or something, poos and wees lad was bullying them hard

Can someone repost the black and whitebasset photo from thelast thread. Keeps 404ing tbh.

I'm inclined to believe that "Momentum" is just another way of bypassing election spending limits. Same as HnH and all these other organisations used to run up costs without being caught.

Doog dal

In fact, here's a source to go with that.



I really hate how American towns look tbh

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LA is the prime example of that cancer. its just a sprawling tumor. places in some parts of virginia don't look like that. american sprawl is cancer though.

It's all those flat roof buildings that I hate tbh, everywhere looks like a service station.

urban development in the USA is really shortsighted and based around the philosophy of having unlimited space

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Research into the billionaires funding Tommy Robinson

>There is, however, a major problem with this version of events: namely there's no legal record of Robinson having ever run any plumbing company.

There's so many shady things about him its hard to know where to begin.

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beyond parody tbh

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The slag is a surprisingly hardy creature tbh

you couldn't make it up

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You missed the point lad.

wow yeah, I'm sure there aren't any jews funding ukip

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Ickes a legend fuck these nonces

Yaxley-Lennon is a Kosher agent who only exists to co-opt any genuine nationalist uprising.

And what exactly has that got to do with my post? God you're such a stroppy child

this is pure projection isn't it?

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poor lad

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anyone can play that game lad

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Stop paying attention to ZIONIST GRIFTERS. They're all embarrassments that take twats money then fuck off.

Is this bins again?


tommay has the most weird body shape


It's bins, to try and argue with him is to play chess with a pigeon

Yeah, I wish mods still enforced his BoS


He has a weirdly low breast, like a granny with no bra

Wow yeah I'm sure you aren't filtered wrong


Shots fired. How will Godwinson ever recover?

>(((Robert Shillman)))

The only two sponsors they found.

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Farage thinks he's a fascist, not Civic. That's the point.

Farage is a libertarian thatcherite boomer, lad

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The idea of an "ethno-state" gets on my nerves tbh. We already have a word to convey a state that exist to serve the interests of its dominant ethnic group, it's a nation-state. We'd get a lot further and sound a lot less daft if we used nation-state instead of "ethno-state".

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Good thing this "deal" won't get through Parliament. Hopefully Mogg can give us a "no-deal" Brexit (i.e, what we voted for when we voted to leave)

Fearmongering tbh

Great point by batten.


What is Godwinson up to these days?

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This tbh, it's pretty much our government saying they are so weak they can't even provide the country with drinking water, which makes them look like a right bunch of twits.

probably making videos then deleting them

Dunno lad. This video still has me in tears laughing whenever I watch it though. It's a masterpiece.

Can't wait for us to get fucked over

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who knew that BASTE Thatcher selling off critical infrastructure to foreigners could backfire so horribly tbh…

This and the Jahans documentary were kino tbh

We should go to war with France.

You're getting the story wrong lads

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Oh no! Cancel Brexit everyone, we don't have enough chemicals to put in the water!

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Yeah it's filtered

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Poor effort tbh.

Is this what podracing looks like?

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Bought a new fish to replace my dearly departed one tbh

Damn you to the seventh generation you absolute fucking wogfucking degenerate arsehole go and fucking die in a fucking fire so i can snort your fucking ashes and piss them out down the loo you massive fucking cunting bellend


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you deserved it tbh all you lads who got a shock

Are they worried that without the chemicals people are going to start flipping cars and stuff?

Posting here. His ID is a788cd.

what are you going to call it?

do a poll and let Zig Forums decide

Call it Mosley.

how did our ancestors survive without chemicals in the water?

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No sure tbh

Would be fitting since its all black

There was always chemicals in the water

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They had better immune systems