Brit/pol/ #2561: No Fighting in the War Room Edition

BREXIT LIVE: May launches 17 day WAR to save deal before moment of truth in parliament
THERESA May has launched a “war room” in her Cabinet as she faces a frantic uphill struggle to save her Brexit plan for her moment of truth in Parliament.

Brexit - live: Theresa May to give statement to parliament after Jeremy Corbyn agrees to live TV debate

UK weather forecast: 'Major change' in weather this week as Storm Diana approaches
Britain will be lashed by heavy rain and strong winds when the storm system moves in from the Atlantic early this week.

Sacked Welsh minister Carl Sargeant's inquest to start
An inquest into the death of sacked Welsh Government minister Carl Sargeant is expected to start later.

DUP claims there is a third way on Brexit
Dodds backs call for real alternative to May Brexit deal or no-deal

And mow, hankies at the ready, this one is a real tear-jerker…
Kweku Adoboli has received a warm welcome in Ghana but badly misses his old life in UK

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Good lad!

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Solid lad

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Teens are fighting austerity with a foodbank for hungry teenagers.

They understand that food banks have been a thing for awhile right.

ty lads

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Tbf it's shit being poor and being hungry at school. Compounds the difficulty and stress of based comprehensives. So I hear most actually offer free toast once or twice a day, which is good. If Williams and Lauras want to give more alms to Deans and Chelseas, let them. Seems quintessentially local tbh.

It's appalling that English kids go hungry in the current year. Do you have any first hand experience of hunger at school?


the food at my secondary was so horrendous i would only eat once i got home tbh it was like stale microwaved curry and shite

I do. I was always bloody famished by 11. A pack of monster munch would generally sort me out though.

Only ate one meal a day back when I was at school and was fine tbh, maybe my slavic genes have evolved to protect me against hunger.

Yep. By year 9 I took to dealing cigarettes to make a profit on my allowance and have enough for bus, extra food and more fags, booze and cannabis at weekends for myself tbh. Also got good at gambling and nicked from paki shops and big jewpermarket chains all the time. Smh I still reckon if I'd done all that jewing but not been a degenerate myself I could've saved a small fortune by the end of school. It was surprisingly lucrative just reselling cheap cigs for like 50p-£1 each. Did manage to save for a fewcthings like games consoles at least.

Pack of airwaves and some toxic waste for school dinner

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London niggers are scary tbh lads

Good lad

Absolutely normalised.

This, I didn't eat until 5pm most days and I'm a William who went to a comp.

To clarify, that's not why I went hungry to begin with. Also didn't really plan on profit making to afford food, just kinda happened, being a jewy degen and figuring out I could scam other degens. Still feel slightly proud 3 or 4 quid for the week from mummy I could turn into 50-100.

I fucking hate wogs, fat lipped dead eyed sadists hunting for their next victims never working an honest day in their life yet have never wanted for anything thanks to my taxes. Grenfell tower was a short payback for all the harm they've done, a burning inferno probably smells better than an apartment block filled with wogs anyway.

Fuck reggae

Fuck Stephen Lawrence

Fuck drill


You sound radicalized. Gonna have to call Prevent on you, sorry lid.
Soon only volcels like me will be able to safely breed.

also normies:

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when that huge yank new york freakshow set on fire people in the 19th century ran into the burning building to save the freaks
i don't reckon normies would do that today

*stabs cyclist to death while robbing his bike*


Wogs are all mentally ill. Every single one is a narcissist and has grandiose delusions about themselves. They literally all think they're the best and everything they do is justified.
You can't reason with them they're animals.

It all smacks of overcompensation tbh. Blacks have paper thin egos - hence their overreactions to racist comments.

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I've lost all patience with niggers tbh lads. I can't understand how the same people who recognise the problem with Muslims will defend darkies to their death. It's insane how can anybody live around these fucking psychopathic monsters?

PT Barnum's american museum was comfy

gun control stops crime tbh

400lb woman wouldn't even get on "my 600lb life" these days

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Should have had Enoch Powell's speech playing in the background instead of nigger music.

yeah the entire country is now a freakshow

The blonde is a qt



Not Scott Steiner


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I'm sure that workout form did wonders for his pectoral atrophy


I'll never understand how someone can let themselves go in this way. A woman who weighs that of 3 fully grown men shouldnt be possible. I wonder how they get the money to eat that much.

they are generally on benefits. morbidly obese people make me feel ill. they are like orcs or something

chubby yanks are the next stage in human evolution lad

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Yes I am talking about you.

Usually they were fat throughout their lives because of poor parenting.

lad that must be a gator a croc would not allow a fatty to do that and would be feasting on such a slow moving prey item

peaches and oatmeal with some cinnamon toast with coffee for breckfust

What would a croc do to a caravan like this?

idk but I wish a Spanish bull was loose in that store

I really really hate amerifats

Yea, they really disappointed me this black friday.

Presumably the class as disabled but i'm surprised disability benefits can cover the astonishing amount of food required to get that obese. They must have people helping them carry all the shopping etc.

That woman is morbidly obese.

Yeah i suppose but at a certain point they must have gone beyond that 300lbs mark and had to reconsider their lifestyle.

for a yank lass she's in good shape

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Watch my 600lb life
90% of the time they have someone who enables them and feeds them, they are like the eminence grise of a feudal court manipulating family members and the government and health services into sustaining their ever growing mass, often using psychological abuse

in some ways they could be considered the ultimate parasitic being, they only exist thanks to the constant labour of others

kek *serves them a cheeky drink anyway because fugg normies*

The size of the blonde woman.

Went shooting. might be deaf now

How is everyone.
Bitcoin under $4k

Still have my sight and hearing


nvm I can hear again

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Don't worry lad it can't be worse than getting water in your ear and going deaf for a month

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Redpill me on National Syndicalism

I guess it's time to buy bitcoin lads
Buy the dip tbh

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Brexit: European court rejects British expats' referendum challenge

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did they fit you ok?

Used panties?


Is Adam Wallace undergoing HRT to finally become a man?

fuckin mug

sperg mong, why is it white converts always look like proper spazzes?


What is it like to live without any friends?

Weird that male isolation is a massive problem, but they'd choose to focus on single mothers, which is largely based on the choice of women.

Nah lads, it was something even worse

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how did they have a child then

I'll be her friend.

virgin birth

one night stand with no condom or she is lying

Any lads reported any Zig Forumsthots/ to HMRC yet

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yeah westie will be getting a knock on the door soon


Yeah, Woes better have paid his taxes from all that income he gets from shitty t-shirt sales.

all British ladies are saints lad, we don't have any gold digging thots here

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I swear woes fled the UK after this

Is Monarchy dead lads?

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One of the Jap princesses went to Uni in Leeds tbh.

Jap princess left the imperial family to be with a commoner tbh.

I feel like this image was made for other purposes.