Brit/pol/ #2562: Ossuary Edition

UK can unilaterally reverse Brexit, EU's top court told

European court rejects British expats' referendum challenge

RAF conducts military drills with Saudi Arabia despite Khashoggi death

Fury as jailed rapist who fathered a child with his 15-year-old grooming-gang victim is invited by social workers to be involved in the boy’s upbringing – leaving the girl ‘angry and scared’

Pope blasts the 'sickness of consumerism' on Cyber Monday – urging followers to 'make miracles' by giving away their possessions

Vegans storm steakhouse playing screams of cows being slaughtered - but are booed out

PETA demands village of Wool changes name because it 'promotes cruelty'

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good lad

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When did this start tbh? I was away for the week so I haven't really kept up.

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Good lad

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still undefeated

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about three or four days ago now I think, the hoes are spreading fake FB chat screenshots trying to defame David Wu as a paedophile for damage control

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Did you see the thread of fedoras on twatter going on about it being a death cult because hurr durr skulls

Yeah they were scared of the cross as well.

How does he do it?

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I just want a big tiddy ginger German gf

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What was the big thing GI had planned for the 24th?

Try this but in German.

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image ants etc

h'oh boy

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it's just another buzzword that works as a synonym for "good" to them


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Gamer arrested 'after rape overheard during Grand Theft Auto session'
what % is this creatura?

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get comfy lads


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required reading tbh

I'm in love with this year tbh

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Island nonces are the worst.

The whole thing reminds me of those South Park episodes where Kyle's dad is just ruthlessly trolling everyone because he think's its funny and everyone is insisting that these people clearly have no lives or are complete losers to negate the criticism.

I genuinely believe people are just doing it for a laugh, rather than some woman hating agenda, and they just call them incels as a coping mechanism.

I'm fundamentally against taxes, but this whole thing is hilarious.

modernity selects for tradition

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Why do we have to wait 17 or so days until the vote on May's deal lads? Are they hoping that people will just get bored of hearing about it and the furore will die down?

tbh I'd do it just to fuck over the whores

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Tbh I reckon a referendum on same sex marriage at the time it was passed in parliament would have been rejected

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Of course it would have lad, you'd be surprised just how few actually support this degenerate shit.

I fucking hate wogs so much they're sadistic scum.

They're the fucking same everywhere from Britain to America to Australia to Belgium they all act exactly the same but nobody accepts that they're the problem not racism.

barely anyone except gays and hardline anti-homomarriage would vote tbh, the vast majority of people don't even understand why gays want to get married in the first place

Never really thought about why we didn't have a referendum on it but looking back I think a lot of people motivated to come out and vote leave would have done the same in a same sex marriage vote.


blah blah equality blah blah
The gays want to get married to spit in God's face, reminder that they went against their own arguments when those lads took advantage of it pic related

Most people don't voice their opinions vocally outside of their own groups they can trust, but if you test the waters a little it's surprising how open they become once they know you aren't going to bite their head off.

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all things that are popular because of wog culture
i wish we could return to seeing dark skin as bad because it means you are lower class having to work outside like they do in asia, instead of the current trend of seeing dark skin as desirable because it means you can afford to go abroad

Imagine living with them in a metro23 style future.

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that line irritates me consistently, thots don't get a fake tan to look a different race but just to look tanned tbh

might become a pro ratter lads

It would not happen, any scenario of a collapse would have racial segregation almost immediately with people looking out for their own kind, and those that don't will be fodder.
Twatter thread about Hurricane Katrina in '05

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The fact that ethnics start screeching about it being white girls wanting to look like them always makes me laugh, it's some s e r i o u s projecting considering the amount of crap they pour onto their hair and skin to be more white.
And even when some wog celeb tries the "grrr fight the white beauty standards" and goes for an afro they'll tweet about it for less than a week and go right back to trying to be as white as possible.

No point getting worked up over it, just remember that it comes from fucking niggers, why would you take anything they say seriously.

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smh they always leave out the best bits

People always seem really confused at me when I state that I just don't find black women in any way attractive.

They're a different species tbh. But I don't say that part.

Not only that, but wogs would last about five minutes under such circumstances (particularly given that they would be seen as - at best - an impediment to white people).

the most unrealistic part of the film the road is the multiethnic gangs smh

tbh I don't find any ethnics attractive, even the slavs are pushing it tbh
Dunno why people say Markle is attractive, her skin looks sickly to me.

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I'm pretty glad that I went to an all boys comprehensive in London rather than a co-ed. I'm sure the women are much worse to be around with all the racial things they seem to spout off about.

mixed black and white people do look pretty odd tbh.

what the fuck is a lightskin that sounds like something out of elder scrolls

it's niggers lad, they still have fucking tribal talk

>how dare you call white boys boring after that.

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Precisely, just what culture is that?

Let's start reporting UK based thots to HRMC. Where can we find them?


Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat.

plenty of fish app

A halfling. Wogs are obsessed with shit like this.

Good ideas, thanks.

We're underestimating the power of reporting ethnics to the taxman. I've already reported all curry houses in my area.

Kek I remember that thread well

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good lad

Bulgarians are not European.

Neither are Albanians

Are you sure?

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Looks pretty European to me lad

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post a proto bulgarian pls

Bulgarians are just pretend southern slavs like Macedonians.

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These people are hilarious, remember the one whose box was just pepsi max, shampoo, and some fucking jam

They ran out of new tactics so soon?

Europe is just the British Isles, Scandinavia (bar Finland), Brittany, N*rmandy, the Low Countries, and Saxony.

I hope she has an abortion.

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No Iceland lad?

Hasn't all her public work been about "muh ethnics"? I don't recall seeing her pictured helping natives once.

if SHTF I'm killing the dad and using the mum and daughter as sex slaves

I suppose so

why are they stockpiling UK prodcuts, like Heinz


Heinz is a burger company lad, it's GLOBAL tbh

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Huh, didn't know, I was fooled by their "Heinz Builds Brits" ad into thinking they were a patriotic British company.

All the same, if they are Burger, that's got fuck all to do with the EU

Yorkshire Ripper, 72, faces a month in hospital as his health fails
Spitting on his grave in advance tbh lads

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Let's define Muslimness

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But it's a religion

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She's one big psyop tbh. None of it rings true.