Brit/pol/ #2563: Down Under Edition

UK can unilaterally reverse Brexit, EU's top court told

European court rejects British expats' referendum challenge

RAF conducts military drills with Saudi Arabia despite Khashoggi death

Fury as jailed rapist who fathered a child with his 15-year-old grooming-gang victim is invited by social workers to be involved in the boy’s upbringing – leaving the girl ‘angry and scared’

Pope blasts the 'sickness of consumerism' on Cyber Monday – urging followers to 'make miracles' by giving away their possessions

Vegans storm steakhouse playing screams of cows being slaughtered - but are booed out

PETA demands village of Wool changes name because it 'promotes cruelty

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xth for Strassarist anime uprising and good lad

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good lad

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Falklands War 2 now (2nd post)

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first for fizzy pop

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Good lad

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well it's nice to have it verified by a dead commie tbh

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No, but they maintain it through such force.

Why is SA such a poof when it comes to simply enjoying a woman's massive tits tbh?

women have always been like this, given an obvious choice between right and wrong, they will choose wrong every time. they can't help it, they are defective

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>"hurr hurr he came third"
>"hurr hurr only 114 votes"

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he could probably beat up everyone in NA and he has a son that isn't half Portuguese

In case any of you are interested in spiritual self harm.

nigger church is wild

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user we have had a strong alliance with the Portuguese for centuries.
It was called the 1000 year alliance or something.
The Portuguese never got cucked by the moors unlike the rest of spain.

But I thought wool was cruel to sheep

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wogs have very little understanding of Christianity, and think it's ,magic

Anyone experienced 4d cinema?

Reminder that "vegan wool" aka acrylic is enormously harmful to the environment because of the millions of non-biodegradable fibres it sheds into the water supply any time it gets washed

And they're not English.
English Man + English Woman = Full English child
English Man + Portuguese Woman = Half-English Child
it's not rocket science

Steak fed Scotsmen are the most powerful race in the world

thisis the kind of cheap superficial stunt that Jesus would have hated

I think it's 3d cinema + additional effects like wind or smoke

lmao the age of science ended when the bombs hit hiroshima and nagasaki, debate me tbh

Thanks lads

And you have always been filtered

Saw kinorunner 2047 at the IMAX in 4D

There's only one man who understands the 4th dimension tbh

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It's like you're trying to concoct a sentence which, when read, inflicts an aneurysm upon the reader.

yeah, they showed a video of Trump

Anri remains the Queen.

We just don't know.

It's how most fringe groups get into power, you think Commies got people to support them due to their actual ideas? No, it was the promise of things that made peoples lives better while keeping a tight lip on the other shit, they didn't scream "GAS THE RICH" they screamed about bread and good pay and people went along with it until it was too late to get out.

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Would you recommend trying it?

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this was meant for you


thots getting patrolled left, right, and centre

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serves you right for impersonating dorset

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It's OK but I can't see the justification in paying extra to have shaky seats, water effects and smoke. One lad got crushed and died in one cinema after retrieving his phone under one of those moving chairs.
Tbh I think 3D is just as good.


"science" was always a memi, Nietzsche lamented it extensively as nothing more than a vessel in itself with no "ideal"

she looks like every other fucking slag with an overly-edited/manipulated instagram photo

i was just an innocent lamb being bullied by thirsty incels tbh

smh lad she's 50% anglo which means she more English than you.

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this, good lad. western science is literally just satanism and jewish materialism.

sigmund freud, franz boas and einstein represent the end of science and its evolution into scientism. science is just a believe system predicated on the ritual of the experiment which is a form of associative magic based around the scientist who is the modern rendition of the priest. see placebo effect, etc. the world is spirit

science gave us the mighty ekranoplan

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she has on about 4 pd of makeup lid

did you see his great-great granddaughter's milkies lad?

literally just a sailboat but using petroleum technology to harness the wind in a different manner

tbh tbh

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That thing is an absolute fucking unit of a plane/boat.

Why did it not go into mass production? Russia ran out money or summat?

no and I don't want to get banned

it would be damaged if it encountered strong winds or high waves and could only be used in the dead sea.
It costs as much as 3 boats with the same armament and the engines needed constant new parts to deal with salt intake.

Fuck Trident, give me 20 Caspian Sea Monster's.

Yes I'm totally attracted for the face and no other reasons.

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nobody got banned lad they were just posted at the end of last thread
>>991292 >>991319

it doesn't fly like your picture says it does, it skims along the water, not above it.

disgusting pancake shit

split them with commas lad
, , , ,

Makes sense tbf

I know lad, apparently they might start the project up again but the Russians have no money anymore so it's likely not going to happen.




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Also one of the "planes" was destroyed when it went over a wave that was too high and came back down and slammed into the water, i believe a pilot was killed.
the cost of these things would be better used just developing new missile systems with better range.
The whole point of the "plane" was to get missiles close enough to be launched, the whole concept of "move the missiles closer using an expensive launch system that's fast" is inferior to the concept of "give the missiles more range so you don't have to bother with a peripheral launching system"
Pulled right out of your arsehole.

not sure how it's any different to tackling someone who tries to run tbqh, except that 100% of cop cars have cameras that will film the interaction as proof that it wasn't just done for jokes

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top lel tbh.
In all seriousness though, do they get sent back? What is the border force's procedure?

Reminds me of that British civilian plane that was cancelled that was basically just a wing

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Umm actually it was the TORIES who started the fire


Council house. I'm serious.

Why was anyone surprised about that grenfell bonfire, people are fucking fed up of hearing about it

Wing designs aren't even bad, they're cheaper to build and have phenomenal lift allowing for huge passenger loads/cargo if you can scrape enough money together to get the R&D finished.
We never should have let the europeans become involved in the concord tbh, we put money into the Eurofighter and we only fielded a few of them.
I miss harriers tbh, fuck the accident rates, that's the price of new technology.

Refugee centre.

An old magistrates court nearby is being renovated to house asylum seekers soon.
lolz all round


The programming is getting to you

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Why the fuck is Iran on our list I do not know.

what I want to know is if these people are so desperately poor how can they afford £40k for a dinghy ride

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because the labour party has a fetish for Muslims and it's likely a holdover from the uh…
i've actually forgotten his name.
The labour guy who did the afghan war.

Just repeating what I've been told lad.

I fail to see the problem lad

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muh evil revolutionary guard and muh terror finance tbh

Since the 70's iirc

But lad we get the F-35!

Borrow money off traffickers and then made to pay it back when they get here via crime, etc.

we invaded them once lets have another go

Birmingham is a sanctuary city, so it doesn't surprise me at all.



Thinking about it now, the F-35 is the modern day Maus tank.
The Perfect Military Vehicle (TM) (C) for it's Designed Role on The Battlefield (TM) (C)

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Gooooood lad

Steiner, if you had a New Orleans second line? What would be your tune and who would be in your procession?
Yea, I know it's a repost but I didn't know that this was a thing prior to back then.