Brit/pol/ #2564: Fuck the frogs edition

UK can unilaterally reverse Brexit, EU's top court told

European court rejects British expats' referendum challenge

RAF conducts military drills with Saudi Arabia despite Khashoggi death

Fury as jailed rapist who fathered a child with his 15-year-old grooming-gang victim is invited by social workers to be involved in the boy’s upbringing – leaving the girl ‘angry and scared’

Pope blasts the 'sickness of consumerism' on Cyber Monday – urging followers to 'make miracles' by giving away their possessions

Vegans storm steakhouse playing screams of cows being slaughtered - but are booed out

PETA demands village of Wool changes name because it 'promotes cruelty

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xth for Pine Tree Gang and for being a good lad.

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Donate to Jamal

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White niggers need a bullet to the cranium

of course Shlomo

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Good lad

Are you triggered lad?

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Why is this popular among Black people?

White, Green and Pleasant land not Black, Grey and Crime filled okthankyou

Pepsi is probably worse for you than a pint of ale.

darkies love racial banter as long as it isn't white people calling them niggers because they have easily bruised egos

wtf even is pepsi
definitely not local

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What is GTS?



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internet degeneracy isn't so novel when you take a look at the western world

fuck jamal
mussies used to throw rocks at my disabled brother to prevent him going on the playground
no one ever got an article or a fund
being mean to foreigners is a viable strategy
government wont deport
increase incentive for self-deport

Jamal clearly said something out of order to warrant being beaten up. Probably broke his arm by being a little shit as well.

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What an ugly nigger

That's a bit redundant.

He always looks like he's had an enema and needs to shit


I'm your boogieman

this tbh. increase "otherisation" on their side by being a meany, and it increases on yours when there's backlash.

Boris Johnson says Brexit TV debate must include a proper Brexiteer, not just May and Corbyn

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Sadiq Khan Tells Judge She Got It Wrong To Set Zombie Knifeman Free

Jamal is making about £5K per hour

Why are we still needing to have debates over brexit? Just get on with it for pity's sake

why does he need all that money ffs

to ease cucks' white guilt

think of it as an offering to the god of diversity

If only whites were niggers

Aaaah but lad 55% of the country would now vote to Remain after this BBC poll and both Houses of Parliament have to have a vote on the final deal and there are still so many legal challenges that could be made to it and besides muh Russia and did we mention that drumpf likes Brexit?

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r/K selection theory lad

filthy kike

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I remember this episode.

If I had a Twitter account I'd push for University of Huddersfield to offer an unconditional offer to Jamal with all fees paid.

white guilt is strong with this lot

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why are they ashamed?

do gofundme and all that lot do stringent checks on where the money is going? thinking about doing some fraud tbh

Jewish tricks

inb Jamal and his bully share the money

they need some brownie points to go with their hot coco

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What's the question mark about?


nobody who gets a good education could ever be racist or anything haha

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no gofundme or national outrage for this poor little fellow

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9 is a bit young to know how to hang yourself
I still dunno how to make a noose

I was taught how to make a noose at six.

I think they were trying to tell you something

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Well who else will find him?

Post tunes lads

I'm going to have a nap.

i wonder what these commenters would say about Jamal's bully?

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Probably haven't heard that in about 7 years tbh

I wonder.

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I'm never ever having one of those monsters in my home


god I wish that man shanked baked wop, he belongs in a labor camp with all the spic-wog mutts

is his forehead going bald

how society changes



Nice Kukri sweater. Sure this faggot couldn't care less about all the white kids in schools that are utter shit now due to nigger influx.

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cheerios and coffee tbh

egg salad sarnie and a bottle of rum

I thought you all ate a stack of pancakes with syrup and bacon and french toast and hash browns with a side of eggs for breakfast


sosig sarnie and a cup of tea tbh

Pork chops and steamed veg.

Why the fuck can't universal credit appointments be booked online like everything else?

to make your life miserable so you go back to toiling like a sucker


Although graceless on his part for being so openly abusive so that the liberals and virtuious folks can jump on the "issue", I wish for all muds to suffer worse than this from the bottom of my heart. Even I can admit that there are innocennce mud lads in the true meaning of the word, but there is no time to be cherrypicking.

Remember that little 9 year old white boy that hanged himself because he was being bullied for being white by paki kids? Like a fart in the wind. No fundraiser, no outrage, no nothing from his own kind.

should we start our own whip around for the based bully?

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yeah I'd give him a fiver

erm you can do UC stuff online lad.


That's a good team tbh.

It looks typical, even tame for school bullying at a comprehensive. I certainly got a lot worse, and for years. It's not nice but fucking grinds my gears it's treated as 1) terrible 2) indicative of great societal raycis ills. I so feel bad for the lad in the clip, but as others have said, nobody knows what happened before. I remember giving a little slap to some younger kid ins school who'd been happy slapping the back of my head kn and off for weeks, then I got jumped after school for being the "bully" by a bunch of self righteous chavs, bloodied, and it didn't stop there. I got harassed and started on for the better part of a year and threatened with knuckle dusters and knives outside school because of the baby gangster vendetta they had for me. They weren't even gypos, just "normal" white chavs. Really hate the underclass. But also fuck white guilt and treating rapefugees like saints. Rooooooo.

It would be interesting if it was allowed on the site. Banter if we were to weave our own sob story for him and why he bullies and raise any money. But you know it'd probably ruin his life, if that isn't guaranteed already?

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yeah, and then you have to book an appointment at the jobcentre over the phone

very impressed by his use of waterboarding in the context of racist bullying. It works on so many levels. Kid has a bright future in bullying tbh we should get him on here to deal with westie

the lad even said at the start of the video "say it again" indicating he was goading him

I had a similar thing.

stand up for yourself, get beaten up, its always the way, people are savages.

yeah jamal was obviously piping up and asking for it