Brit/pol/ #2565: Sea Moo Nationalism

UK can unilaterally reverse Brexit, EU's top court told

European court rejects British expats' referendum challenge

RAF conducts military drills with Saudi Arabia despite Khashoggi death

Fury as jailed rapist who fathered a child with his 15-year-old grooming-gang victim is invited by social workers to be involved in the boy’s upbringing – leaving the girl ‘angry and scared’

Pope blasts the 'sickness of consumerism' on Cyber Monday – urging followers to 'make miracles' by giving away their possessions

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Nooo, No hwhites of Rome
No JFs to sadden my eyes


We are surrounded by enemies from outside and within yet it seems like people are deluded or to scared to risk their consumerist livelihood to actually stand up to this shit

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muh objects

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something something doing nothing something something

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You're literally doing nothing though

True let me suck a cock or two that'll save Britain

Do what exactly? No one here is wealthy or influential enough to start an actual movement, and don't pull the shitty street fighting groups are doing something, they haven't done shit apart from make the far right look like violent thugs since the 1960's.

With argumentation like that no wonder you love this place

Make posters, tear down arsy stickers, educate those close to you.
There are many many things you can do irl that aren't being a yobbo

*saves the white race*

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This basically does nothing without an actual political movement backing it up, which honestly is our biggest problem.

Baste and Purple pilled

*puts up posters*
that'll show the kikes and wogs

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It may not do anything but at least it will get people out and actually do something rather than just letting this country slip away

You are absolutely obsessed with NA
Also nice try with that ban

What is happening with that lads arsehole in the anti gay one? it looks like a vagina but a bumhole

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*spends rest of life shitposting and arguing about NA goons while his country is destroyed from within*
You are the high IQ man, not us.

Lad it's one in the morning

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Good lad

*is about*

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What do you suggest we do?


*chants OHHHH TOMMEH TOMMEH to stop paki rape gangs*

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No fucking clue.
"something" i guess, just as long as it doesn't make things worse and doesn't make "us" look like spergs

Tommy Robenstien will save the white race


heh, lets see those pakis try to rape kids after this

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Apparently their "big thing" on the 24th was dyeing a fountain red with food dye and reading out Enoch's speech

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Heh, lets see those nationalists try to fix their country after this

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Now that's fucking gay

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Yeah they were hyping it up as well, even had a member tell me it was a really impressive thing that they had planned.

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Be more specific. I dont have many resources but I have time to spare.

That will be difficult. Im a bit of a sperg. At this point all I can think of to help without making things worse is to vote UKIP.

Tommy says in todays video there are no jews giving him money.

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it sure beats posting on an anonymous imageboard and doing nothing, amrite? :^)

How many NA lads do you know?


yea, it does.
It's gay but at least it's *something*.
It's kosher nationalism anyway, it's not like they're on "our" side

Like I'm going to answer that question GCHQ.

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Why would somebody make that

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That is so unfunny smfh

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clubber yakov would have gotten a kick out of that mene

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Don't laugh about little girls being raped and murdered and then set on fire by communist jews

is that OC lad? wtf

Right now

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Im not asking for their names and addresses im just asking how widely NA is around gloucester.

ok then

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I don't NA existed out here tbh, I'm very rural anyway.

wtf is these menes about? smdh

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you called me posh but you live in the fucking country side?

It's actually so obscure that I am laughing but I feel like a piece of shite

Why are they Doges?

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good lad

you know what they did to little nicolai lad?

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that lass is pretty tbf

NA were fucking based lads, admit it

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meant alexai nicolavich tbh

GI seems to have a presence out here though.

Do you think everyone who lives out in the countryside lives in a big 5 bed house with 5 acres of land?

Why not?

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I don't tbh?

do you only have 4 acres lad?

smh only 3, barely enough for my 4 horses

you're right lad, how can we ever match their activism smh

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The Romanovs met a grisly end because the Tsarina took part in satanic sex rituals in an attempt to cure the little boy's haemophilia. That is why God punished Russia with communism

bloody peasant

*STOMPS the xenos out of the country*

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The ideal dafty group should spend as much time fighting people on their side as they should the left, everyone must be dominated.

these lads are so hardcore they even punch themselves

You trying to give me a run for my money?

It's like Alfred conquering other anglo kingdoms so he had a better base to defeat the norsemen and danes.

yes lad, my next move is to find a tranny,_Tsarevich_of_Russia

I think I'm going to make it this time lads!

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Good lad

They would have probably sold him out to the danes if he hadn't.
oh wait

I can sort you out mate.
Finest trannies imported straight from brazil.
5er per go, no refunds

why don't you have a mummy gf lad?

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Shame the French, Austrian, Danish and German branches are all doing great while the UK branch is just 20 Williams who don't understand how to use twitter.

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that's the price you pay to ride the mummy train lad

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that_hotel_ spic_being_grossed_out_by_that_fat_jewish_burger_"comedienne".jpg

those are nb compared to even young american fat thots

I don't think NA made it lad pretty sure it's 22 OC


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I'm so lonely lads

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Yeah. I wonder how many are left out of jail.