Brit/pol/ #2566: Orc Hordes Edition

Despite EU Arrivals Lowest Since 2012, Migration Drives Non-UK Born Population to 9.4 Million
British government statistics show that net arrivals from the European Union are at their lowest since 2014, but this has not stopped rising immigration from the rest of the world continuing to push the United Kingdom’s population upward.

Facebook's UK political ad rules kick in
Facebook has started to enforce its tighter political advertising rules in the UK.

Pledge to Scottish fishermen: Foreign trawlers banned from UK waters
FOREIGN trawlers will be banned from UK waters if there is no “fair” fisheries deal, Theresa May has declared.

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Good lad.

Good lass

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Cheers luv

lads the first story i put in the OP is literally 'poles out pakis in' aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

He is likeable, he is humble and polite seems like a nice guy.
Varg is being autistic arguing with him tbh, I used to like Varg but he seems to love being a pseudointellectual and feeling superior to people.

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The two hosts of Albion Radio.

Behold le MasterRace.

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fuck off with your cuckchan lies Godwinson

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STJ is great. A learned, handsome and articulate young man with the potential to lead a real revolution. Woes is good at commenting on social issues and highlighting the perils of depression when taking the blackpill.

Ta me darling

I never knew you could get white and purple carrots.

okay lad we get it no need to beat the dead horse

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the more i watch these vids the more i think that people in the past actually had tastier and nicer food than we do

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Just spreading the word for the lads who are unaware. MasterBrew is due a reckoning soon, it'll happen before Xmas I bet.

I agree. Everything they ate was organic, so would have had a better flavour. Lots of our mass produced shit is bread for quantity, size and appearance, not flavour

I wish I knew the story behind this pic

carrots were originally purple lad they only became orange after intensive breeding efforts in Holland

discover a rare and controversial early version of Eleanor Rigby; realise it's going to get buried beneath QT screen grabs. post anyway.

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Albion radio and MasterBrew created an army of spergs as their followers, who would just as soon turn on them as anyone else

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The defenders are out.

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this, but that picture isn't Master HEbrew, who is a filthy kike

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/r/ing guitarlad & merseylad to collab on a recording of this

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Is StJ confirmed to lurk here?

what's wrong lad are you watching qt with us or do you have your kung fu lessons tonight?

this tbh

when is it on tbh? think I might stay in since its snowying p bad rn

total cockup

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Tbh anyone that's not been filtering proactively deserved their experience.

I hope he does.

He looks like hbomberfag

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He is a great lad. He seems well off (or maybe he came from a humble background but worked hard idk his accent sounds posh but maybe he's trying to sound more eloquent on purpose) but like he has the common touch.
Makes me feel a bit of a failure since he's done well for himself but life has it's ups and downs doesn't it. evil moustache man was a homeless vagrant and became chancellor of germany tbf

was secretly hoping you'd post this kek i like to believe it's real

Well he was just really smug and annoying so idc tbh.

2 hours lad just stay in and get comfy, cook yourself a nice dinner and watch qt with the lads

why did you have to remind me of this faggot's existence?

Okay, lad. Based Boris and the Tory Party is redpilled etc etc.

of all the moments to hear it

Good lad. used to be into these and got a few of their albums. Saw them live supporting Orbital back in the late 90's

I can only apologise lad. I would never knowingly inflict that pain on anyone.

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filtered, go back to cuckchan


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the worst is they don't even know board lore or etiquette and its like >(1) tier yank autism posts where they drive by bully something with boomer teen fudd lore

I think I have them all filtered.

Oh coz, you can embed specific time of videos?

Pretty much this in all honesty. It's telling to see how he's risen above all of the Bongo Bongo Land autism and hasn't taken either of the autistic sides.

nobody here actually gives a fuck about Albion Radio or Master Brew, cuckchan scum

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post images that make you THONK

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What's his deal again? Is he right or left wing? I think I remember him doing some anti tommy robinson video or something really smugly. he looks soy

Looks like it…


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if we're gonna have fascism can we at least have the cool aesthetics and nice benefits and holiday resorts, and good infrastructure, and supremacist larping and now brown pipo ok thankyou

phil turd

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Stop lad. Please.

we honestly dont also we've already seen those pics a thousand times

You can apologise anytime.

He's an anarcho-communist, he's popular on Zig Forums alongside Shaun and Contrapoints.
He most famously did a half an hour long video 'debunking' the soyboy memi and went on a month long soy only diet to prove it doesn't impact testosterone levels.

that's literally how fascism was defined to me when i first started learning about it tbh, didn't fascist italy have a corporatist system of organising their economy?

funny you should say that lad

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Has he broken down live on stream yet?

This tbf, and GLRockwell said he wasn't a fascist because "He didn't believe in the corporate state"

that's the video i know about him from, he's right that soy is not necessarily bad but PJW is just a big memi and he doesn't get the joke at all

We should keep a note of these obvious cuckchan spammers IDs now, before they are able to conceal themselves better, so mods can find their IPs and ban them

Yeah arguing on the internet in the 2000s and early 2010s I did this a lot kek. "Well ackshually fascism is an economic doctrine about the organisation of the corporate state" *shows off big brain to puny libruls*

Simply by meming we are making it have an effect.

Charls won't break on stream lad he'll just disappear for a couple of months then blow up a federal building killing 300 people

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Corporatism in the fascist sense is not at all like the "corporatism" leftists talk about. The leftists mean something like a "corporatocracy", where privately owned corporations have a large amount of money and influence the Gov't.

A Fascist Corporate State is organised by industry. There may, for example, be a woodworking "corporation" that serves as a mediating body for all private woodworking businesses (logging companies, furniture makers, etc.) and that had representatives from both the owners and workers of the businesses.

Kek that's bob on


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That's true, when liberals say 'corporations' they probably mean something completely different.

Na I think it's an elaborate act by this generations savant thespian destroyed by modernity before his time.

Kopites respond as expected when given the chance to come out as a cuck

Infuriates me that leftists changed the meaning of the word from parliaments based on career merits to corporations controlling the government. They're the tools of career politicians.

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Location of a new nationalist party my arse.

You lads need to sort yourselves out. Economic ideology is crypto-marxist dialectics.

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you are right technically but already said it as well as if not better than I could tbh

Literally no chance of it. The areas Joe talks about are TOO pozzed, like there's literally no white people. Liverpool is going tike San Fran with the way they ship all their wogs to Oakland and then say "look, we all get along here!"

Time to buy some land and start fortifying.

tbh you negate the materialism implicit in economic thinking by putting the entire apparatus beneath the church like E michael jones said. a "fair wage" is whatever it costs for a man to feed his wife and family. there are no numbers involved

What do you lads think about this man and his economic ideology?

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Solid advice wherever you're based really


literally all economic policy post williams jennings bryan is cancer. the only fiat system that is acceptable is edward kellogg's system

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What is acceptable about it lad

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I think it might be very possible that keynesianism and modern monetary theory are correct and the best way to run our economy is to print loads of money from a central bank run a large budget deficit for all eternity, becoming bankrupt is impossible and our economy will expand to its greatest extent under this system.

you could go into any bank and exchange your notes immediately for gold or silver equal to the value of the fiat notes

Fiat 500 was a great carlet tbh

One day we're gonna have our very own William the Conqueror who takes England from the alphas and gives it to the betas, just like the original.

Wasn't that only twice a year?

you have to always win the wars though otherwise you have no stability