Brit/pol/ #2568: Keep It Local Edition

May rejected Trump’s free trade offer months ago - ex-minister furious

Bank of England knew no-deal Brexit scenarios 'could be misleading'

London Police Consider Deploying Openly Armed Officers in Gang Areas

Level of concern about crime highest since 2011 riots

Second referendum campaigners split over parliamentary tactics

BBC is forced to deny hiring a 'fake vicar' to back May's Brexit deal on Newsnight after viewers discover guest is actress who has appeared in Star Wars and EastEnders

The French village that fears for its British community

President Trump Says the Federal Reserve Is a 'Much Bigger Problem Than China'

White farmers lose fight to save their land going to black South Africans

MSM thinks ‘populists’ use cute cat pictures to brainwash you

Noel Edmonds claims he drives in bus lanes

Child named 'Abcde' ‘mocked’ by Southwest Airlines employee, mother says

British town council to have a vote on whether Father Christmas is a man

Robots in the field: farms embracing autonomous technology

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1st for the south lads

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for him


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For him

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wew they made it some faggy shooter game? smdh the best part of fallout was being a sneakfag

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Is this the leftist equivalent of daftyism?

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These homophobic slurs have no place in my game.
*butchers some random people and eats their corpses*

Business idea:
Start memiing the EU flag as a flag of European racial brotherhood.

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anyone seen this yet? is it any good?

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Good lad

If I'd had pot noodle and jelly beans you'd have been all over it

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The cleaner at work asked me if I was going to the Christmas works do. She was disappointed when I told her I wasn't attending.

I can't believe i'm at this point in my life.

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they went "muh judeochristian values" about ten minutes into the first episode iirc

She clearly wanted your filthy deviant D

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evening lad, hope you are well

First of all - how is that a dessert, and second of all
Even I'm not that much of a William.

Chinks are yellow merchants tbh

Precisely where do you work and in exactly what capacity? Just for the sake of idle chit-chat.

is there anything more quintessentially normie wagecuck?

Huh? Saying "dessert" instead of "pudding" is way more William, and it's practically Tarquin to call "pudding", "afters".
You've got it all wrong lad smh

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you actually watch newsnight? How can you stand it?

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Am I a William if I call napkins serviettes?

I don't usually.

The older I get, the more antisocial I get not because of current affairs but because I have gotten bored of the same old routine.
I would rather concentrate on making stuff in my room rather than going out rutting in nightclubs etc nowadays. I'm happy with my own ideas and knowledge in R+D than pissing about getting wasted and shagging. I think it was how I was meant to be even though I went a roundabout route from my original career choice.
The woman in question is decent looking and white but slightly older which isn't good enough for me as i'm already spoken for. Too many ideas, not enough time or money to fulfill them but trying.

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this graph about these supposedly ancient values always makes me think

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The chad Elvis the virgin Sinatra.

yes and a queer one at that

You should set her up with one of the lads on this board that enjoy mummy posting

wew "neoconservatism" tbh

Why am I doing this to myself?

why is it only when they disagree they actually call them out?

wew roger scruton went to mecosta michigan to meet russell kirk. I can't imagine roger walking around in that town. smdh thats where my grandfather was born

Quite lad. Newsnight is Jewshite.

Christ I hate Yids tbh

Good lad tbh

I think she is in her mid 40's and from a nice area(as she lives in the same area as the MD). She did say she has no-one to go with her. Something in me has changed over the years as I would normally jump at the chance and take her under my wing but today I felt nothing. Nothing but an empty conscience based only on my personal sojourn into wisdom. If what I am thinking is permanent the I can't see my current mrs lasting long around me and therefore I would just be left with constant studies and research.
I'm torn asunder between family development with the Mrs or a path the technological development with myself based on foresight, ie 20yrs from now.

sounds like you need a kid tbh


Do you really think your body/mind will last another two decades lad? Really?

have an even bigger think

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Proof it was nothing but a pretense for the cultural revolution tbh.

and the notion of the State of Israel tbh

What about "shoah"?

I want to choke and shag that dancer lass in the second one

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Off for a fag, lads. Keep my seat warm.

I think I need more than that tbh

Mind: yes
Body: doubt it

I got my new circuit board through the post today and blagged the day off work. After looking at it for an hour or so it really opened up my eyes. A kind of eureka moment which I didn't have before when designing it. Fresh ideas so to speak. I booked off a half/day leave and turned off the phone to concentrate.

how do you get to that page lad?

it's google trends I think lad


you having a midlife crisis already?!

puts whoopie cushion on 35fec8's seat

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Now that's naughty

Dunno why you have to pick between your intellectual hobbies and having a family tbh lad

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did that to my grandma once and she was horrified with me

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That's just a memi for lads who have done it all and have nothing else to give albeit, share.
I still have plenty more to give but finding the time (mentally & physically) is harder unless I make a sacrifice of some sorts.

Time mate. You either dedicate 100% to one or the other or neither of them will end up as finished efforts and therefore go to waste.


Tell that to Tolkien.


jelly beans and jacob's crinklies for supper

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i think you just need to light together in britain a flame that the ages shall not extinguish tbqhwy

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Times were simpler back in Tolkien's days tbf as far as mass invasion is concerned.

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Good lad

Well he did live to see his son off to war tbh.

Reminder pre-Vatican II Catholicism is the patricians sect tbh

Lager for dessert

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smh, dont remind me

True and for what purpose? If he was alive today I imagine he would've voted Leave based on current EU policy and what the ((Eastern Huns)) have been planning all along.

this is like something that would play in the background of a PS1 demo disc

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No doubt

I miss him lads

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Got back from working at pub lads, just did PJW impressions while washing dishes with one of the waiters

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fucks sake, i was hoping it would be a few off topic comments but the templars are full on protecting the jews

Scruton is very naive about the question of where culture originates.

comfy tbh

It's to be expected, it's the same cunts that did that fucking dumb vikangz show too.

Do you remember this game. Remember playing the demo and liking it, but never bought it for some reason.