Brit/pol/ #2569: Perfidious Dionysian Mischief Edition

Labour's Kate Osamor resigns as shadow minister

Theresa May insists she will be the leader to take UK out of the EU

Winter deaths in UK hit highest level in 40 years

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Good lad

for him

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Are the DUP all kike worshiping zionist cuckolds?

dool dag

nah, you're not in the wrong if it was already opened
never feel guilty when you know they're not actually bothered

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Good lad.

Grand owner of the drunken mob.

directed by mel gibson

keeeek that would be such a good movie. the best is in the passion of the christ how mel depicts the jews

1st to say wogs and shitskins


pick one tbh

my favourite depiction in that film is of Pontius Pilate tbh, he alone is the revalatory character of the whole NT tbh.


yeah the scene where pilate deals with the jews is pure kino, its the depiction of the european above the semetic mob. he is up on the stairs looking down at the vicious mob of irrational kikes. love that movie. also when judas sees the demons

what are your thoughts on the gnostic bible and the gospel of judas, lad?

Idk I never read them

gospel of judas says that jesus conspired with judas to forsake him, as well as saying jesus had kids with mary magdeline


sounds like greek jew lies

Ass burgers and Macademia nuts for supper.

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That is undeniable tbh, and it is borne out by the bloodline of the Throne of England.

One should always regard the Bible as political polemic of the time, translated through the ages. "religion" is nothing more than a strawman for scientism to attack in the modern age tbh,

good lad, rationalism is a spook by the devil

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didnt mean to spoiler smh

I don't get it, he's a paddy but has a Lancashire accent tbh.

So I guess all those Israeli flags are just for fun.

fringe OT LARPers most likely

why do evangelicals have such a hardon for israel? smdh


I don't like Jews that much tbph lads

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it's ok lad, their heretical stance will see their demise.


καλό παλικάρι

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what level of NORF pill is this lads?

isn't evangelism really new, like 1920~40's? any sect of Christianity that established itself after the "Judeo-Christian" memi is bound to be stupid. that or it was all a Jewish trick from the start.

lad that's clearly in the souf

I'm gonna have to report you to the coppers mate

most started after the vatican II iirc

why is its so quite? is everyone out on the lash?

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Who's staying up late?

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keep it a secret but i am

Pizza, chips covered in cheese, pringles and coke for dinner

what time?

Thanks lads

Good lad

Don't report me lads, I love Israel and the Jews, they are my greatest ally

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goy_ lad

That's a good man

As much as I want the gyppo to win he still looks like shit.

You'll be a DUP Councillor yet.

Just realised I have no beer left for the fight :(

6foot 9 has its downsides, but you cant knock his talent for still being able to move
RAHOWA or bust

I don't like Gypsies that much tbph lads

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No but atleast if they're busy boxing they aren't stripping all the copper from your house.

What else do you expect from Protestants.

If he does beat the nigger then i'll redact my statement. Also heard that the nigger has a perfect KO record. It'll be interesting.

Good lad

Good point tbh, do all protestantism sects reduce to philosemitism?


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Fury will get destroyed in all honesty. Compare their last fights Tyson isn't anywhere near the athleticism of Wilder.

I'm fairly irreligious so I have no idea.

good lad

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tyson has never lost a fight and had more titles than him
he also beat world champions, wilder has beaten literally whos to get to where he is


pakis > gippos > poles


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the quintessential nog attack tbh they slash with their arms like trolls in oblivion

hahaha yeah same dude

Pretty much all barring daftyism like Christian Identity or Anabaptists.


Too much whisky, lads…


Who is he kissing?


I cba to read one more document of jewey globalist lawyer speak, are they really going to criminalise criticism of migration?

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See you in a UN re-education facility.

And yet these fucking yids sterilise Africans living in Israel and get away with it.


No that's apparently been stopped. However they could just be lying.

I literally feel a pang of hatred every time I see her. She's becoming more loathsome to me than someone like blair tbh (because at least he wants bants).

I can't imagine any Semite telling the truth tbh.

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We'll they have their own liberal jew problems in Israel but then they have the balls to just lie about it.

Did you have fun?

Before the journey home it was very nice

He was born and raised in Wythenshawe, near Manchester Airport.


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Sounds like a good night. I know Tommeh is a kosher nationalist but i'd join in the chant just for the bants.

always appreciate it when reality gives my immune system a boost against the imperium cabal

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The fight doesn't start for hours right?