Brit/pol/ #2570: Frog Riots Edition

UK faces constitutional crisis over Brexit legal advice, Labour warns
The UK faces a "constitutional crisis" if Theresa May does not publish the full legal advice on her Brexit deal on Monday, Labour has warned.

Windrush: Home Office criticised after deportees not contacted

Britain's data commissioner launches investigation into UK use of facial recognition

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made this one on my phone so its slopy

Top kek rofll

Good lad

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the early bird gets the worm

Love that tradition
Still have my late grandmas

Guess its prolly a bible actually though

too bad it devolved into the schofield bible and ultimately into american protestantism the absolutely most autistic expression of christianity barring maybe some of appalachia and new england

Wonder what all the ppl in the audience are thinking
Church attendance is rly low in the uk so its so weird to me. Pilgrim blood

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I hate megachurches so much

Wonder when the realisations will hit that they destroyed their own future

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and no I will not stop butchering sayings

toilstein's thinking about me, planning what to say to me, how to critique me in a way that asserts himself over me, i can feel him plotting already.

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they are all thinking muh Israel

uncreative people should be killed off. If i can't create anything then i'm just a toilman and don't want to live anyway. smh.

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'The Blowjob Paper:' Scientists Processed 109 Hours of Oral Sex to Develop an AI that Sucks Dick

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Actually looks habitable compared to now.

excuse me but willies do NOT look like this

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surely that is an external view of the 'orifice' mechanism though


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whys it gripping it so hard there's a huge hole in it tho
genuinely terrifying uncanny valley, reckon the state will use these as torture devices

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meant to spoiler that

Ah right.

its traumatising

WATCH: Sole German-Speaking Child in Classroom Violently Bullied
A six-year-old girl, the only German speaker in her entire class, has claimed she was viciously beaten by migration-background pupils and even cut with a sharp object.

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Wew, I wonder who that Good Samaritan was.


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Why is it only Brietbart tier sources that report on what happens when a majority stumbles into a minority in their own lands?

Dominatrix specializes in turning ‘white, right-wing men’ into socialists

Let me guess…

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Every fucking morning something is happening in Sweden.

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Kikes on suicide watch

Good news! Policing in London drops to the lowest level in the history.


When posho liberal/lefty remainer types refer to Brexiters like are Nige as "Gammon" they are being racist and appropriating gypo culture
What can we do with this….?

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But what about the poor MINORITY OF 95% that will have suffered by harming her?

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What about Hitler

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top kek here we go again. Hope they aren't planning to let the AI learn what kind of face is most likely to cause what kinds of trouble.

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Read it as:

System Resistance Network: Neo-Nazi group 'should be illegal'

I disavow these bigots. Not for being mean to foreigners, but for burning the British flag tbh

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Rest in peace.

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Have any of you lads actually read Mein Kampf?

It's unironically a reasonable piece of literature.
Hitler explains how and why he hated the Jews over the course of an entire chapter. He talks about Vienna and the situation there, and he talks about his childhood.
I think if most people actually read the book they'd be surprised at how eloquent, thoughtful and charming a character Hitler comes across as.

Probably why it's considered 'extremist literature' by the powers that be.

I'm a good boi I don't read naughty literature. Did you know the Nazis burned books? smh we wouldn't want to go back to that would we?

(((why))) indeed.

(((who))) could be behind this?

just found out that SRN was formed after a split with War Plan Purple, over Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad of Akkad's political extremism and his calls to create a white ethnostate in Swindon. smh when will the beeb realise that they are the moderates in this situation.

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I've only read the first few chapters.

Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad must be arrested.


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This could be interesting, but predictable.

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It's just daft all over. I wouldn't mind a Welsh daftyist secession movement but white supremacy? Give me a break.

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love him tbh

Wasn't it ghost written by Hess?

Yes, but it's still Hitler's account of his political life.

One of the most common questions NPCs ask themselves about the Third Reich is 'wHEn dId hItLEr sUddENly sTart hAtIng tHe JEwS???!!!' which usually leads to stupid remarks about him being denied from art school, or coming home to find a Jew fucking his mother or some other retarded tripe.
He literally goes into enormous detail on it in his own book.

tyson fury won the fight tbh

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We were always taught he was a homeless bum looking upon wealthy (hardworking and saintly) jews with envy, on the streets of Vienna. We were also taught about soap and lampshades even though, as far as I'm aware, this had been debunked in the '80's. We were also taught the nazis humiliated the jews by making them do things like mow football fields with their teeth (not making this up).

Somehow, I just know that Russian bots are behind this.

Where in Swindon does he live? I live in Swindon as well and i might pay him a visit

do it

From that Breitbart article about the German schoolgirl who's been bullied by ethnics:
When are these pro-Isreal, muh guns Americunts going to notice the ring of fire which surrounds them? Absolutely infuriating. I'm basically glad America's in a worse state than the rest of us. Ignorant, treacherous little shits and their non-nation.

you mean the furnace roller coaster and the masturbation machines are a fabrication?

America is literally the capital of international Jewry, why would America do anything to stop fire when they've been setting themselves on fire for a century

If you want to relish in the destruction of the Amerikike empire just look at how taint town the yanks are getting over the Philippines abandoning their military partnership in favour of Russia.

When even America's post colonial SEAmonkeys won't listen to the Jews in Washington there's trouble on the horizon.

Sounds like the Breitbarters made some good comments. What's are you crying about, retard?

Downloading the dvsa app

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Britain's own yellow jacket protest when?


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Good read here lads:

Against the Neo-Pagans:
The Misunderstandings of the New “Paganism”

Based Suze and her big thicc saggy tits

The absolute AIDS in this comment section :
There's reams of this stuff.


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ahahahah Jesus celebrating Hanukkah

I think the best thing is the yanks don't quite understand that if Europe goes dafty (in any direction) it's going to be massively anti-American since they are basically the capital of world finance and jewry.

Scofield Bible was a mistake.

lad, download anki

< europe is presently pro-USA

Do you lads like vaginas

in some shitty paki tier terraced house near the railway station
kiwiifarms have the full address iirc I looked it up on streetview but I'm too lazy to remember exact address

So much

Europe is and always has been radically anti-American. What exactly are they gonna do? Kick out the American bases and save America money?

< Ford will no doubt be DEVASTATED

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Holy shit he lives in a paki invested area which is commonly known here as Manny road, literally 10 mins away from where i live

pics or gtfo

I love him, lads.

I'd say "tits" if I thought you were a yank, but that would mean we'd have to ban you.

off to get my wisdom teeth removed lads wish me luck

kek I thought it looked like somewhere pakis would live

Diplomatically they aren't and they are all part of NATO.

Is that place still infested with prostitutes at night?

Count your kidneys first.

the absolute state of Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad