Brit/pol/ #2571: Aesthetic Carnage Edition

May Does Not Rule Out Resigning If Deal Voted Down

DUP's Sammy Wilson claims Brexit legal advice 'will show Theresa May to be liar'

Bercow: 'A second referendum is fundamentally undemocratic'

Yvette Literally Whooper: All parties must unite to crush no deal Brexit

Clashes at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris on Saturday filmed from the point of view of the police

Protester Appears to Go Down As Snipers Occupy Rooftops During Anti-Macron Riots in Paris, France

A married couple who bought a large house in the fields on the edge of Holzkirchen, are suing a farmer over the clanging cowbells on her cows

A tribunal is to be asked to decide whether veganism is a "philosophical belief" akin to a religion, in a landmark legal action

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It's been a while.

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A language expert says rising concerns about animal welfare will prompt "inevitable" changes in the English language.

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these people are retarded, all this'll do is have people telling anyone who uses this crap to fuck off

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Sounds like more faffabout rather than bloody getting on with it.

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if the motion passes we get a GE or something

good lad

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and as I said, faffabout
They seem to be desperately trying to do anything rather than getting a bloody move on with Brexit. A GE is just another excuse to postpone it further.

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Reminder that french people (liberals) have no morals, the only thing that matters to them is their bottom line.

holy shit

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For the first time in 40 years, right-wing parties gain majority in large Spanish region

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I have more respect for what the frogs do than I do our languishing, servile, apathetic countrymen to be honest.

Every country in Europe experiences some sort of a right-wing revival except for us.

We got the beginning of our LOCAL rising lad.

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They can't even be busybodies correctly without fucking up


Filtered for being a literally gay newfag

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Also hold your horses and hold the phone don't have the same fucking meaning


virtually none of them have the same meaning lad

shame you two couldn't have done that several threads ago

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Vegans all get the rope too.

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wait, are you saying you're a vegan?

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I can't see what he's said but I'm guessing it's along the lines of "lol u keep thinking about me getting my dick sucked by a man r u gay or sumfing?" as usual

Brexit was glorious. 2016 was the best year for shitposting.

What do you think? Have kids, and be a man of means.


Does it seem to you like it's possible that Europe is being prepared for the whole 'shambolic national governments saved by the EU and yet more benevolent globalism - thus staving off the threat of nazi populists' narrative?

Yeah lad, it was why we first bullied him before he then revealed that he skullfucked a tranny

He doesn't even understand the concept of a >implications + reaction image lad, he's a HnH spy

shit i missed that part

By which I mean, do you think the EU are trying to pull a fast one across the continent, and have people believe that it's actually resistance to full Jew World Orderism that's causing pesky national governments to shit things up?

Doesn't work when they don't have any power.
Here are the police and the firefighters supporting the yellow jackets

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Those things don't contradict eachother lad

i've never filtered anybody before, i'm not baby

I miss when Alice Cooper was a quality artist and not just a born again Christian boomer who can't shut up about how he's a rockstar but plays golf and sobriety

Honestly I would fucking love for them to try that, every conspiracy theorist is instantly redeemed when the cunts fucking admit their intentions.
They said for months during the Referendum that a EU army was just crazy conspiracy theorist fear-mongering, yet more recently they fucking admitted to trying to build an EU army. The more they show themselves as deceitful corrupt cunts the more people will turn against them.

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watching fargo again lads, tis the season an all that

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s1 was pure kino but I never bothered with the other two

Good luck with that, mate! So glad I'm not a Londoner.

yeah me neither tbh, watching season 1 again then i'll watch the rest just for something to watch

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t. cosmopolitan petite-bourgeoisie.

I hate them lads. They are nothing more than LARPers of the proles.


part of me wants their revolution to happen, only because the actual proles would hang the lot of them

Reminder that class is a potent weapon underused (as is ((their)) intention) by the socially conservative, economic fascist working class.

Icing on the cake is that sign is from some pricey area, it's one of those tosser places.
Not a single drop of self-awareness.

The best weather girl is Lucy Verasamy tbh

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I've been watching Dark which is a German series set in a small town. It's rainy, comfy and quite clever at times. Better than Stranger 56% Things. Very good, I recommend it. I've also seen a handful episodes of Bates Motel which is okay if you can stand the slight yankishness of it. Both are a bit Twin Peaks-like.

looks rather swarthy

i'm pretty sure bates motel is directly linked with twin peaks isn't it?

It's a modern prologue to Hitchcock's Psycho, but the creators pretty much admitted they wanted to make the town like Twin Peaks and tell more stories with it.

Are we ready for the coming years of English living?

The new British blues that are replacing Stilton on the cheeseboard

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smh lads

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>it's an obviously (((negro)))-commie film is being gushingly praised by newsnight episode

if a women were to be saying this you'd all be spazzing out

nah, i enjoy toll paid stories tbh

is it better than the film


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no idea what you're on about lad

fuck yeah, s1 is anyway, havent seen the others yet

Newsnight's doing an interview with the new hot film on the block that the (((establishment))) is pushing. It's about capitalism and black people being oppressed and they're uncritically blowing smoke up its arse. The director is literally just a brown jew.

you can't get more kosher than that

What's the film.
just ignore it tbh lad outside of their shilling no-one will give a flying fuck

I mean I really like the film I was just wondering if the show is as good

just wew

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the show is better imo

Need to get rid of them all tbh

It's called Sorry To Bother You. I'm not any more bothered about this than any of the rest of it tbh. It's just I occasionally am struck by how obviously commie the BBC is (and how obvious it is that the (((creators of communism))) have successfully merged communist dialectic with (((free market))) capitalism for their own ends).

Newsnight is wall to wall lefty women and ethnics these days. It's even more obvious than last time I watched it.


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That tranny artist on HIGNFY last week said much the same thing; well basically he said the BBC was the voice of the liberal elite. you cd have cut the air with a knife tbh.



UK govt pays for my proxies lads, you can't filter me, you can't ban me.
I am GCHQ, you figured me out, fuck, they might dock my wages for this.
Theresa will be displeased.

*pen tapping stops*

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you'd have to be braindead to not notice it

oh no no no son.
I want you to know.

if someone who typically doesn't call out that sort of stuff starts to it's when it has gotten too blatant, they all know they're in on it, or at least profiting.

I never said you did it by accident you massive sperg

Heh, that sure showed him!