Brit/pol/ #2572: Screaming into the Aether Edition

Theresa May suffers three Brexit defeats in Commons

UK remains Ireland's biggest source of imports

Spending at UK department stores falls for 13th month in a row

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They're not going to let us leave are they lads?

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they're gonna intentionally fuck up their attempts to so that they can say Brexit has failed init

This is some real music. Syko Sam killed four people.

We're going to get objectively worse terms for daring to revolt against the zioglobohomo machine using their own beloved systems.

Not a chance. The Tommeh rally this time will be fairly peaceful but the next one when it becomes certain were being fucked is going to be full dafty. Even then I doubt its ever going to happen.

Absolute kino time lads. This is another one of the films that reminds me of Steiner tbh.

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At least we can say we tried the democratic solution.

What lad?

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ummmm look at the picture again mate

I thought it was a gook on the picture smh


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Good lad


ironic shitposting is still shitposting

When will this government of talk give way to one of action?


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Truly inspiring.

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NBU is the saddest thing I've seen in politics.

You just wait until Batten's inevitable QT appearance

Why is he larping as Blakey from On the Buses?

Too right. The word LARP gets thrown around a lot, but fuck me, NBU is a LARP.

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Fitting name.

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needed a hot cup of joe, ta lad

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Millibot has and always will appear as the human incarnation of a rich tea biscuit soaked in a cup of cold tea


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mini babybel, applewoods cheddar, pepperami and pickled onions for supper
back on keto tbh

smh lads

spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) confirmed

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Know what I'm going to get for Christmas now lads.

Thanks lad

Good lad

If the announcement of 'TOMMEH on the same day the Govt's proposed deal was being torn to shreds by everyone didn't convince you, nothing will.

That might be the quickest he's ever said Hope Not Hate Nick Lowles Gerry Gable Searchlight Magazine

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needs a webm tbh

My ancestors were driven out of Africa and struggled to survive winter and hunger.
Over thousands of years, they became smarter and wiser through suffering.
They made the modern world.
Now the Africans say we are “privileged” & thieves.
No - suffering made us.
No more guilt.

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Love stef tbh

What is he up to these days?

being a goodlad on twitter

I saw that twitter post as well.

unironically stirs my heart

There's something inside him

It's hard to explain

Perhap's it's the claw hammer

Pakis put in his brain

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I can imagine joe in the 15th century as some yeoman reeve rallying the levy and giving the local lord some advice


Nice try lad. It's the equivalent of selling something on eBay as "fully working but not tested so no returns".

i was gonna jump to your defence on that, but you were being very vague tbh

why were taigs so good at shitskin extermination lads?

Read it in his voice tbh


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me too, his humble attitude is his most admirable trait to me

Stef's Tucker vid was lolberg autism tbh

years of having the anglo-norman foot on their necks, they saw an opportunity

we purposely made them suffer to breed the ultimate niggerkilling machines

tucker is a goodlad guess hes constrained by overton window tho

We need Nutt back on the scene with are Nige again tbh

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need bnp back tbh

lol tbh


we need Milo back

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epic style

It'll be back after Sunday, lad, only it'll be called UKIP now

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Fixed the mouse button issue, crisis averted tbh.




tbh his STJ and Mosley videos were pretty good.

I'm sending you a Joe vid to tell you how I feel

I want to drive spie.s completely mad, with redpills

I want show you leaflets Gerry will truly fear

And Marion le Pen, well, she has a nice rear

been toying with writing a fantasy book

Good laa

any /matureNEET/ man in?

cheap memi tbh

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hullo lad

What you gonna do?
What you gonna do when they spy on you?

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Good lad

We aren't from Africa. Read about Haplotypes

good one

This, out of africa theory and evolution theory aren't absolute truths.

rum truffles tbh

cheeky Spaniards thought they could make this stick

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tbh ive listened to some crack pots about how humans were created and some of it is pretty interesting

most of them say we are genetically engineered from apes + aliens
I remember watching Lloyed Pye and he was saying that human have too many genetic diseases to be natural and that to make the "hybrid" that is us possible they may have had to remove a chromosome by fusing two into one. and if that bonding fucks up we end up with down syndrome people who are pretty ape like, even down to their dense bone structure

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The ultimate pill to take is the fact that life on earth is gradually dispearing
We humans are to blame for most of it and we our selfs are the biggest threat to our own species

Lads i've got to hand it to the Frogs, i'm impressed.

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is that supposed to be a baguette?

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good goy… pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

top kek based baguettoichi


That's some interesting fringe stuff. My doubt for evolution is simply that the theory should favour less complex organisms and if it were true we'd be evolving towards simple single cell organisms that just absorb sunlight and emit reproductive spores.

alri boomer

I know very well (((who))) is behind the destruction of this planet. I used we since it up to us to preserve this Earth from the parsytes that seek to exploit at the cost of all life.