Brit/pol/ #2573: Stabby Edition

MPs vote for Parliament to control Brexit if deal voted down

Nigel Farage - With a heavy heart, I am leaving Ukip. It is not the Brexit party our nation so badly needs

Government spending in the north of England has fallen by £6.3bn while the south-east and south-west of England have seen an increase of £3.2bn since 2009-10, according to an analysis of official figures

You could be hit with an unlimited fine and up to nine penalty points for having a laugh with your mates in the car

IRA 'double agent Stakeknife' caught with extreme animal porn images

‘We never sought to enter UK base, guards talked to us’ – Russian reporter accused of ‘spying’

Medieval skeleton in thigh-high boots found by Thames

Afghanistan ready to talk with Taliban without preconditions, discuss changes to Constitution

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Alri lads

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I miss them

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You need them at the border
Shirtless redneck vs Caravan


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good lad

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cant believe Nige left UKIP tbh lads

they were just getting going with Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad on side smh

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>tarragon chicken in smoked bacon, red wine and tomato sauce, with buttered french beans, and low carb vanilla cheesecake and fresh loose leaf tea served in a pot

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I was so excited for the new machine smh

Is this what happens when you say something vaguely patriotic in public?

Fat cunt.

Just around women and effeminate men.

I wish it was like the wild west where that william would own a revolver and could shoot the pole then beat the woman

yes tbh

with the memitic power of the Liberalists™ and based Count Dankula they would have been unstoppable

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how long has big mac got left


will fat wojak ever recover from Bins ruining him?

t. fat students who watch youtube all day and have never done a pushup

It's all keto food so I'm losing weight! I am!!!

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No that's what happens when you live in or near a city.

Service does not mean only military work.

doubtful. I won't touch cheesecake anymore either

I didn't know political parties could catch autism.

isnt it from starship troopers where you have to be in the military

le ebin starship troopers reference bazinga

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in the original book it wasn't just military service, that was a thing from the film

Enjoy picking up litter to get your vote lad.

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are these actually real or is this some counter ops?
These are so terrible i find it hard to believe that these were genuinely made.

oh makes sense

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Brightonhomo is spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) lad.

Good god

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getting sick of posting these links

yes they are real


these lads are taking the piss lol

It's like something from League of Gentlemen fuck me

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Christ with defibs, that's fucking awful

Yea this place is such a hotbed of extremist activity and is known throughout most nationalist groups so all the high rollers (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) pay me to spy on you lot.

What do Muslims and Tommy Robinson have in common?

They both mutilate the flag

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Who said you don't do it for free?

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ffs what

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big hands bro

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Could be an Ulster flag for all you know.

No it's just a tine PDW.


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is he a fucking dwarf

The kike's head is in the way.

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PJW is becoming a boomer

well it isn't

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*screams of dead starving peasants in distance being drowned out by people rioting because of expensive oil*

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The first reply by ralph

nice flippy floppies


Says you.

There's literally nothing wrong with starving peasants.

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He's too afraid to even put his hand near the grip.
What a fag

What was that quote about Kingship where it says the king should starve before his people or something, it was really nice.

fat, nipples potruding, very disrespectful to shlomo

No it's a matter of fact lad

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Yeah but it's pure romanticism, how often did that happen in practice.

I think you're just blind lad.


i'm just saying that people rebelling out of pure poverty and having almost nothing isn't the same as urbanites looting and setting fire to shit because their oil prices are rising.
That's typical of the french though.

That star isn't just an exclusive jew thing, jerusalem used to have it as their main emblem for their flag back when they were a city state.
It's still semitic though.

tsaverich who was tortured to death by commies used to eat soldiers rations because he didnt want to be above the soldiers and tell them not to give him special treatment and stuff, he seemed like a nice lad

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The absolute state of UKIP

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tbh, this is still less embarrassing than the Tories

That's pure whataboutism lad, no one likes having their living standards eroded and driving is vital for alot of people. Plus I imagine alot of the rioting was done by the foreigners that use any excuse to burn cars and loot shops.

And nobody said it was.
Nigger what are you on about? The star on the Ulster flag has 6 points because it represents the 6 counties it has nothing to do with the star of David.

What is it with you and arguing against shit that nobody has even brought up?

Nice anecdote lad. I don't think it really applies though.

I want a dictatorship that is both scientific and right wing. I want to make the countryside more beautiful and green and the cities cleaner and more technological. Do the opposite of Marxism (one of the underacknowledged planks of Marxism is homogenizing the difference between urban and rural areas). I want to nationalize the universities and force them to be baste and redpillde and make sure scientists swear their allegiance to making the race powerful and productive instead of making humanity equal and destitute. I want a clean and beautiful country. Every man will have a vegetable garden they tend with their robot wife.

And no niggers.

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Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad



So what is the filter just Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad?

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akkad of youtuber, popular Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad youtuber of Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad of akkad of akkad, Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad

it's sad that these ideas are so obviously sensible and right, yet some people - not naming names - would call this "daftyism"

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Ay ujp lad, sounds a bit racist

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But every morning I wake up and realise I'm in this society instead.

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There are no french people in cities anymore lad it's all foreigners now.

That sounds daft tbh lad

I'm convinced they went ahead with trident in order to nuke britain in the event that a leader as shit as this was put in power, but someone lost the keys and having them re-cut would cost another £1 trillion.

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we could've had this path in the 30s but instead the wars fucked everything up

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theres an mp4 knocking about where a qt french protestor was listing off the things they are rioting about
it included soros, multinational corporations and the banking system

You mean the one that was calling Marcon a Rothchild shill?

smh lurk moar or leave

yeah, rothchilds were mentioned as well

I was asking because I hadn't tried it yet you utter pleb.

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