Brit/pol/ #2574: Heatwave Edition

Tesco directors acquitted in fraud trial

2018 UK summer heatwave made thirty times more likely due to climate change

Investor visa scheme halted in money laundering crackdown

can't take another one lads

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Apparently we're going to get another one next year because muh emissions
Can't take it last one was far too hot

I miss him lasses

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at least you don't have to send them a letter to find that out lad

Blueberry vape and a cup of tea for breakfast

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We are in such a weird time right now tbh

yeah I want it to change very badly even if I end up living in a tent

at lease it majority brexit, eh lads?

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does the fermi swamp freeze over lad?

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heck yeah, everything is starting to freeze up a bit but its still that freezy sweet spot where it can thaw out just enough to get everything wet and then refreeze. seems like a really troublesome weather type for bushcrafter people. one day I want to learn how to winter camp

go north young man

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tbh it's just literally whos trying to leech some of his fame at this point, I can't think of anyone remotely valuable left in that party. Helmer is retired now so he doesn't really count even if he is still a member.

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UKIP was shit anyway

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I miss him, lads

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Farage explicitly said he's leaving because UKIP became too mean and racist.

Trump and Farage were safety valves. They'll both be forgotten about in no time.

where do UK Muslims bury their dead.? Send them back tbh.


Yeah you don't know what that word means do you? Farage's reason for leaving was that Tommeh and the Islam obsession will serve to do nothing but distract from Brexit and smear the cause.

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I just want a party that I can join and won't implode every year. Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad says that UKIP is growing under Batten and their last manifesto was good, but I can't help but cringe at all the eceleb stuff and feel like ordinary voters won't care about internet memis and they'll just fail to gain a single MP again.

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Meanwhile he says the same fucking thing over and over again like a parrot, with a boring radio show nobody listens to and a fleeting American neo-con interest in him in a foreign country.

He's over. He had the opportunity to become something more and he blew it.

fakenews lad

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Going to work, the white race better be saved by the time I get back lads

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I still follow him on twitter he seems like a good lad. Surprised someone that age uses social media so much.


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You can hardly call a party "growing" when half its MEPs have resigned

tbh you'd be surprised at how many people of his age and above that use social media that much. It's taking over from TV really.

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Our % of global population is just going keep falling and we'll fall behind and then the ethnics (probably the East Asians mostly) will dab on us and say we were always shit.

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If the white race is going to die then we might as well have one last chimpout

I met a middle aged man at work a while ago who started talking to me about how he enjoys playing fortnite. Im barely out of my teens and even I think fortnite is dumb. Idk guess he has to if he wants to connect to his kids.

winds me up how in 2 and a half years no one is pressing this point

Nah he said he was leaving because of Batten turning UKIP into a party of creepy ex-convicts exactly like the post-Griffin BNP conveniently at the moment when Britain needs a respectable face to push Brexit.

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the niggers start at calais lad

smh look at him trying to be smooth

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Tough you get neoliberal civic nationalist parties that explode every 30 seconds and never ever actually bring forward any solutions until the heat death of the universe.


Climate change will make anywhere with a latitude below France an uninhabitable shithole. I wouldn't worry about percentages of world population tbh lad.

They use the same tactics all the time in every country.
Who decides what 'respectable' is and isn't?
It's about bowing to kike interests and trying to suppress the radical action they know is coming.

that was our last chimpout and it achieved nothing but the destruction of the last vestiges of the imperial system lol

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Apparently AFD are going to be the next largest party in Germany though actually so maybe they'll do something mad again

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AfD are eh tbh

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required watching tbh

some lad told me they were neo nazis, i guess that means pro gay libertarian in todays newspeak lol

Pretty much, they are a more hardline UKIP.

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This has to be in Yankville. Those Yanks are craaaaaaazy

There was a worse story today from Yankville. But it's pure blackpill and illegal.

Make a list splitting victims of islamophobia against a list of victims of islamic terrorism

Why don't you lads take the alternative to the black pill?

Why don't you just take the Goalpill.

It's simple. Stop worrying about the state of this nation and its peoples, stop worrying about the death of our society and the death of our culture.

Just buy two four packs of Carling, a box of Greggs sausage rolls or Pukka Pies, go and purchase the full sky sports package, Norf F.C/Souf F.C shirt and sink into beautiful football induced bliss as you cheer on Ngubu/Mgwembe scoring a cheeky one just before half time.

Be sure to get mates with similar aspirations and HUGE love of football. Eat as many curries, kebabs and pakoras as your rapidly growing gut can hold and just forget about this nightmare.

Absolve yourself of the horrors and stresses of living in Britain in the 21st century. Soon the only worry you'll concern yourself with is if your favourite team wins this season or or if Khalid will be transferring from Souf to Norf F.C.

I wish I could.

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no one has died from islamophobia tho, not even suicided

Have you seen the absolute state of norf f.c. at the moment, lad?
It's fucking disgraceful what they've done to the beautiful game. Pedro Fernandez and Jamal Mbabwe should be wearing their colours with shame.
It's all gone downhill since Mohammad Salazar got signed to Souf fc.
I remember biting my fucking nails off reading the updates minute by minute when that happened!

im genuinely interested lad, have you ever eaten a decent pie living in london? i have family/mates there that i often bring a crate of pies to from my local norf bakery as they claim they are all shit down there

It's just mean names and maybe a paki being attacked by a skinhead, somehow that's far worse than people being raped and macheted.
I wish we could fast forward past this shitty bit and get on with kicking the fuckers out already.

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smh, i almost feel sorry for you lads

Pride's Purge was today lads

Did you see that ludicrous display last night.

Don't really eat pie all that often, the only ones I've found to be good are from LOCAL shops or from a pub with a good cook in the kitchens.
You have to really fucking look to find any decent food tbh, muhfoodies are fucking cancer and have ruined everything tbh. Best fish and chips I had was up in Durham when I went earlier this year, it was fucking fantastic compared to the stuff you get here.

Wish we could have a purge already tbh smh tbh

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meanwhile, we are 2 and a half years down the line of not discussing it, with over 500,000 new migrants every year, and looking likely that it wont be addressed until 2021 when the census goes out

UK is signing to UN migration pact so good luck discussing it

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unironically, best chippy ive ever had was in jockland, and they are pretty decent around where i live as it is
had a chippy once in london, never again
they didn't even serve gravy smh

How bad is the UN migration pact, really?

afaik, it puts economic migration on par with refugee migration

That report a few months back showing that population growth was 82% immigrants between 2000-2015 was a fucking shocker tbh, that accounts for around 6million (oy vey) just between those dates that the population has increased unnaturally. I use this data for fucking every fucking discussion now as there's no way for any cunt to deny it.
Why is the NHS overburdened? Immigration.
Why is there a housing crisis? Immigration.
Etc etc, it could be used before but now there's irrefutable data on the matter so the cunts can't pull any bollocks.


Criticising migration is illegal.

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It's literally the abolition of borders

Can't wait for the pansexual twink manlet and his FtMtF obese companion to come and drag me off to the nick.

reminder that all of these problems can be fixed

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never has mankind been faced with greater heights and possibilities

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Remember that nurse who was on QT saying that pay was so poor and she couldn't afford basic necessities some days and then people found photos of her on her FB at some posh restaurant?

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How long until Godfrey gets noncehunted?

eating out in restaurants is a basic necessity, lad

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gareth southgate

good practice tbh tbh

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I tried to save the Shire, and it has been saved, but not for me. It must often be so, Southgate, when things are in danger: some one has to give them up, lose them, so that others may keep them. But you are my heir: all that I had and might have had I leave to you. - Norfo Baggins


Anti-Norf is code for anti-white tbqh

(you) to (you) lad?

post Zig Forums specific redpills lads

pic unrelated

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Between a rock an' an 'ard place

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they're my new playmates

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His Most Gracious Majesty Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is the good guy

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weird poll, they must have only asked people in London or something