Internet communities

where the people on the internets communicate these days? and what kind of people are on each community?
-imageboards (8ch, 4ch, nanochan, others)
-discord groups

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I only use places where I can use Tor and no javascript. Even imageboards these days are botnet. Zig Forums is a botnet and doesn't allow me to post images or threads on most boards. Any other places for me? Or how to be safe with javascript?
I am being discriminated and cut from human communication. Why do leftist governments allow this to happen? Why won't SJW defend me and my right to non-botnet communication with humans?

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Other than that, anything that's usable through a text interface is okay.

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so nothing except IRC?
but IRC is a botnet, it blocks Tor

tbh it is, when all sites these days use proprietary javascript it turns into a situation where they are actively disrespecting personal freedoms.

Zig Forums community - Ted Kaczynski, Terry A. Davis, and their followers

It's really hard to determine what kinds of people use those platforms as in one platform different communities may sprung up.

I guess a more appropriate question would be: What makes people choose these platforms over the other.

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Reddit is often at the top of search results for tech. It maybe pozzed to shit but it does have content and if you just want that there it is.

Facebook is used universally so people naturally gravitate there. Unless you have a reason not to be, you're on facebook these days. It's replaced the telephone in how normies communicate (but they use phones to do it). They get recommended communities so they get a bunch of what they like in one place. It's also full to the brim of pajeets and gooks who push numbers through the truth even though their posts amount to "Where da white womyn at". Facebook becomes even more insidious because it works at a local level. People start using it to discuss local events exclusively so you get on or you have no idea whats happening around you.

Discord is easy to set up a room and have all the features a modern chat room wants. All it lacks is a sync youtube videos option and it's an all out media package for most "tech savvy" people. This has been made even worse by everyone and their dog making a discord channel to build a "community" around themselves.

Google plus was one of the better community sites because it was so unknown for the most part. The hobby communities there was almost exclusively male and full of passionate people who were looking for a community. The others are much more casual and easy to discover so took the brunt of the casual invasion.

People under 50 don't use facebook anymore, they use a myriad of messaging apps, instagram, and twitter

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For general chatting? Sure. But for finding local events like parties? Facebooks stuff the place to be for that.

Active around 20UTC, although there are people on earlier sometimes. Made by /cyber/.


this. also theres often printed ads in many places for those and they even announce them in local magazines that get sent by normal mail so theres no reason to use the botnet

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