Brit/pol/ #2647: Simple As Edition

BBC Licence fee set to rise by £4 in April

'Netflix effect' sees nearly a MILLION Britons cancel their TV licence in last year as viewers ditch BBC in favour of streaming services

Tories Warn Students Away from Turning Point over ‘Links to Nigel Farage’, ‘Far-Right’

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good lad

he's one of those terrible wh*te people lad

Very good lad


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I've started doing my driving lessons. Who here has some tips for me then.

extreme brutality isnt anything worthy of respect or fear tbh
its just their inherent zapotec bloodlust for extreme violence tempered by the structure of spanish machismo culture
they're not evil they're just sub-iq animals and savages

Don't ever try to be 'nice' or 'considerate' on the road, it's dangerous. Just do whatever the fuck it is you're meant to be doing at that moment

seduce the instructor on test day

just stay relaxed

stay so relaxed that you just sit in the car and do nothing

And then start breathing really heavy and hunch your shoulders

also honk your horn at schoolgirls

What happens if you're doing your driving test and you need a poo?

I don't think you could be a worse poster

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you're legally allowed to poo in a constable's hat if you're on your driving test

pull out the compartment between the seats and taking a huge steamy shit inside it
thats what theyre there for

Sit on the gear stick to keep it in

xth for Hirohito on a moped

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Currently listening to the Stefbot's recent AMA with a mug of strong black coffee. What about you, lad?

Why would you watch this actual shite?

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nearly every british nat on twitter is catholic now why does twitter turn people catholic

muh return to tradition

TradCath LARPing is flypaper for nihilistic manchildren with identity issues.

the slippery slope caused by crusader memmies is real tbh

i unironically converted to catholicism recently too tbh

I remember reading an article that had one quoted as saying something along the lines of "he liked the tradition without being necessarily religious at all".

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I just want some good combat footage tbh I dont give a fuck if this is some CIA-FBI-Mossad plot to bring down NazBol maduro.


Is it so hard to just be a casual non denom that reads the King James on occasion?


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In the same way you don't blame a pack of hyenas for ripping a still live gazelle to bits lad.

bolsonaros wife is an absolute mummy

they video tape it, the reason isnt to inflict shittonnes of pain against the recipient the objective is to inspire fear in people watching the video

uma delicia

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….why is that a bad thing

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muh gdp

Seen this many times. Disgusting

That was a great idea wasn't it

reality is probably 80% of the country hate her or just don't gaf

Pretty much this tbh, liveleak is gonna be good this year.


new debt slaves to feed the hunger of the eternally voracious bank

I'd lean towards not caring at this point. For the vast majority at least.

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so is the dying 56% empire trying to get some oil from venezfailure before it yankland reaches peak niggerization?

What's his problem?

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think you're right. The disillusionment is palpable and the furriners they've imported just don't care full stop

I honestly don't think this invasion would be happening if Venezuela hadn't let it's oil infrastructure degrade as far as it has.

he's a spaz

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rich people will have less consumers to sell literal garbage to and therefore won't be able to further bankrupt the US financial system?

yeah well they're like Africa in that regard
the white man (USA in this instance) builds the oil wells according to the standard of the time, Venezuela nationalises it and steals it, then infrastructure degrades over a decade or two and they open up to get the oil wells replaced
only last time they tried this it didnt work, so now the oil wells have degraded and its all gone to shit again

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By inflicting shit tonnes of pain. I think you're splitting hairs. These people are evil personified.

Don't get what they are trying to do tbh, do they honestly think the average person is going to see this as a problem? Them saying why it's a bad thing will only drive more people towards being anti-migration.

No company is going to invest when they know it'll be stolen as soon as convenient.

They just say 'muh retirement' to make the commoner worry about it lad. Someone's got to pay into the pyramid scheme that is state pensions.

Eating the Sunday roast while watching the 1975 Parkinson interview with David Niven. Maximum /comfy/

No Deal Project Fear hits new lows as ‘plans to evacuate Royal family’ in face of riots are leaked

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Mexican drug lords: Are they monsters or just successful businessmen? Join us today on The Zig Forums Questions

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dayum gurl

its a woman presenting that now lad

anyone watched that morning politics show for teenagers or whatever?


It's a dangerous idea to leave your position as head of state and run away from the representatives.

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and everybody clapped

The horror, the horror

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I loves me a power vacuum
Hopefully we'll be able to replace her with Ayatollah Shovediq of Londonistan

the gift that keeps on giving

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to people at the top of the ladder who can afford to live and work in the city see this as an issue

And then the nation divides into factionalism and the party can begin.

Hey man if I was getting a dividend from mortgage repayments I'd want everyone paying one forever too.

We should round up people like Bezos and sell them to Colombian drug lords to make snuff films with and then televise them on Minecraft TV™

Which is funny when they then use the papers to push these things as issues on the common man, when it makes no sense for them to see it as an issue.

bingo bongo lad

Then agian I'm in London so I'll probably be skinned alive and then set on fire with petrol.

The CIA would have an extraction team after him within 24 hours lad.

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I have a wide range of tools lad I just don't see it doing much when you're outnumbered 100 to 1.

Jacob Rees-Mogg Accused Of Going Against Brexiteers With Article 50 Extension Declaration

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lad they aren't going to be just going after you, they'll all be going after each other too

I don't know lad it seems like the prevailing message over media is get whitey first.

Not if we extract the extraction teams first

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There'd be a mass exodus of ethnics as well tbh, the numbers would start to work out more favourably.

Thousands of dairy farms face closure as debts reach crisis levels

Hell if a platoon of wogs with no training and decades old AK's can do it.

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Got about 8 different hammers at work with different weights. It's going to be fun.

based free market.

fascistic economics is the true answer tbh.

I have a vision of you covered in blood with a bandolier full of hammers now.

gonna make meself one tbh

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I might recreate the album cover of The Hounds of Love with me on the bed covered in large hammers

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Indeed it is lad, can't wait.

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Derren Brown is based.

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