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Donald Trump to visit UK in December for Nato summit

May to woo Labour with law giving UK workers same rights as in EU

Brexit risk for UK aid as Swiss cut off from EU funding

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something so aesthetic about fur cladding otherwise naked heroes tbh

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u better be a lass.


Why? Do you think this statue was made for lassies alone?

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woah that's beautiful. Have a video where it is used outside?


It sounds so animalistic.

open this in 10 duplicate windows and crank the sound

you can hear where the saxophone and the trombone came from

Isn't it meant to be a war drum style thing? Seems weird to try to get a proper tune from it and play it as a purely musical instrument.

imagine like a hundred of them screaming or something smh

Yeah. imagine being a Roman soldier marching through the countryside on a misty morning and then hearing that sound in the distance.

Love it tbh. It does sound terrifying and associating raids and warfare with it would make it even more so.

Obviously it could be propaganda and they might have used it for signals and stuff like that as well.

It's just feels lad, makes me sad smh


I'm asking why it made you sad

Even though he has few scenes, he produced kino with Lynch

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the doggoman creeps

To have an obedient gf that does everything you want and has none of the bad sides of thots yet she is evilly destroyed by Luv smh. It produces intense feels

especially since the celts were pretty serious forces until around the 100s, most militaries made use of them yet dafties fixate on g*rmanics

♒︎♏︎ ⧫︎□︎◆︎♑︎♒︎

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Smh just almost cried when Lula and Sailor embraced each other in the sunlight

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I don't know what it is but Lynchkino is one of the few things that can make me cry

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Saw a giant taigi degg in the city. Never seen a BIG DOG like that in real life before. The lad driving with me wasn't impressed. smh

but she was literally programmed. it wasn't real, and the feels scene, pink face reaction image that everyone posts, is where he has this realisation. smh. the point that she pauses while the phone rings or whatever earlier in the film also makes it really awkward.

control your emotions lad this isn't group therapy

irish wolfhounds are very strange looking degs. they are also ancient breed. I think if you learn about european deg breeding the original doric grecian warrior tribes brought the molossor hound into existence and brought it the greco-roman world and then it came north with the romans whereas the celtic wolf hound is a different type all together

Throughout all of his work he perfectly encapsulates good and bad. Heaven and the hell. Human good and human bad. It makes me so sad. Twin Peaks Season 3 especially makes me tear up

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poor man's Terrence Malick tbh

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Crying feels good, lad, stop yourself from doing it tbh.

interesting tbh. And then you have that little Mexican degg.


wait there are different kinds of cryin nvm lad

lol @ the vagina stick

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ah the irish wolfhound is a sighthound not a molossor

this fellow looks scoobydooish

Assyrian christian

smh, Wild At Heart is making me cry

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oooOOh look at dat jump

man thats a____ u data ,

man dat muskrat ain't goin'

ooOO de-he ain't runnin'

look key-is_oOO n'a dat got em neen

Tbh I think Lynchkino only affects autistic people. Everyone else just laughs at it smh

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Speaking of degg evolution, very beautiful film even if it's a very standard story. The best parts of it are when the tribe is around but most of the film it's the proto-degg and boy.

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I see your Lynch and raise you a Lynchian

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was this really good? i was thinking about having a look a few weeks ago but really wasn't sure.


As I said very standard with most of the "story" just following the boy and wolf. but some beautiful shots of nature. Also the tribal feels although that is only a small part of the film.

Don't even try to make a muskrat goin' brother. HH

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So sad to see this in the place where I deliver newspapers. All these same names keep coming up, Mossing, Grende, Grane, Husby, and then you notice all the polish names on the letter boxes that has popped up recently. Saddens me tbh. My ancestral island is even worse. Of course the farms are inherited by family, but because of a factory on the island with jobs that outnumber the number of farms there are now more foreigners on the island than there are W-Welsh. And you hear Lithuanian spoken whenever you take the ferry. Lanky dark-haired people with foreign faces.

If that muskrat could face literal death in the form of a pitbull that even i'd be pretty scared of, why do i even bother taking any shit from anyone in life?

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Because you don't want to be killed by a rabid dog I guess

Psychic vampires have domesticated and declawed you


Also known as human breeding by the wealthy elites. It really happened.

Nobody's listening, tell us your secrets, lads.

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how can elites control who breeds lad?

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sined A Paki

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suspicious logo tbh
allahu akbar

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better than eminem

Is the labour split ever going to happen? It's been talked about for years now.
It's like an endless crescendo with no payoff.

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why was she in the back seat of a car with him in the first place?

Might have been trying to earn a fiver

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*opens internet and bulk orders Nike Allahs

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how intolerant

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Any of you lads got anything decent during the Chinese new year sale on Steam?

It's weird how the chinky moon holiday sale is literally better than the Christmas one.

tragic news lads

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He has a daughter.
He needs a slap

oh dear

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>"grrr why do we still have these sexist standards!"
They don't get that, if we don't, women don't buy the stuff.
The pro-fat models and modelling makes very little in the way of sales, where the old standard models still do. Despite all the complaints from feminists and whatnot there is very little change in what women will buy based on.

There is an an ‘online community’ called LGBTed for gay teachers to discuss influencing the teaching of LGBT to children in schools

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>"we're not forcing it on the children you bigots we're not forcing it on the children you bigots we're not forcing it on the children you bigots"

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Wish there were more angry parents out there tbh

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good lad

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I hope and dream the army are only doing it so they have plenty more to bully and use for live bayonet practice

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Going from 3 applicants to 6 is not impressive, and I doubt it has much to do with these shoddy ads.

ppl believe government stats topkek

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