Which GNU+Linux Distro is /left/ Certified

Alright fags it's been awhile but I have returned after my 4/pol/ hiatus. Either way I've been browsing /g/ over on 4chan and recently started falling for Linux meme.
So do any of you guys and gals use Linux? And if so what type and which do you think is /left/ certified?

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I personally use Debian Stable, myself. I've been using Linux for the past two years now. Finally cut myself off from microsoft's control. This coming from a guy who used windows for most of his life. It was a learning experience, but I learned how to do things in Linux.


Same I've been using Windows all my life, what I'm wondering is what applications are there? I know about Gimp which is cool, used it on Windows because Photoshop is expensive.

I used to be very big on Slackware, Arch and Gentoo, but eventually I realized that a lot of what makes free software great isn't individual control and tweaking like a hobby, as fun as that can be, but the community and ecosystem. So I circled back around to Debian Unstable where I my contributions, even if it's just a little patch or bug report here and there have a much bigger impact than my Mr. Robot eyecandy with USE flags no other human being will ever care about.

Whichever works best for you. It's a tool, faggot. This is like saying you won't use an AR because muh AK soviet aesthetics. It's lifestyleism.

No distro explicitly advocates for a different world where private property doesn't exist and for the sharing of the means of production, so no distro is /left/ certified. In fact, most tech nerds tend to be lolbert autist retards completely oblivious to the fact that their beloved free (as in freedom) software would inevitably get fucked in an ancap system.
The closest you can get to please your utopian thirsty is the list of entirely free (as in freedom) distros.

But if your hardware requires non-free firmware or if you need to use some non-free software then none of the distros above will suit your needs.

Not true

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Not even the North Koreans themselves use that.

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Just because an OS is FLOSS doesn't mean it hasn't sold out, like Ubuntu and their Amazon spyware garbage or Mozilla and trying to hide google tracking scripts on their addons pages. I'd urge anyone to not use Ubuntu.

Install fish for a fast shell. Try out Krita. Also, start file browsing using a terminal. It’s worth the speed.

Ubunutu is run by SocJus types.

Centos 7 is Cuba certified.

I've actually am stuck on gentoo because there are packages that I just need to compile with autistic use flags and I don't feel like grabbing the source and manually compile every time I want to upgrade.

try out void, archbased distro like (antergos or Manjaro)

Maybe , maybe not because I want a libre kernel, Is there a easy way to run the python scripts for every new version of the kernel or no? I might want to try the package manager for that though.

That's fine, but you're completely free not to use that shit. Again, use the tool that fits you best.

I'm still unconvinced. My Openbox file-browsing pipe menu works pretty nice.

Trisquel. Hackers, you will be free.

I use Windows 10 and browse the internet using Google Chrome in incognito mode since I'm not a massively paranoid faggot who thinks the government cares about some irrelevant leftists who get nothing done shitposting on a forum dominated by nazis.

Imagine thinking that everyone persecuted by the state is guilty and that paranoia is the only possible reason not to let google and microsoft profit off of all your daily computing even though they still don't provide you as good of a product as the free and secure alternatives

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Let's see

Consider me enlightened friendo.

Why don't you just pay the US military to hook you up to a treadmill in a cage permanently?

…it's LIKE Red Star OS…
…but with western governments?
Worst of both worlds, m8.


GNU/Linux grants the computer administrator undue amounts of power over unprivileged users. Please consider using and contributing to GNU/HURD to grant users as much freedom as possible.

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Finish that fucking kernel already and I will. Linux is in an increasingly precarious position these days.

Year of the Hurd Desktop when