RISC-V thread

Discuss RISC-V. When the fuck are we getting RISC-V workstations?

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>we put in no overflow flags because dude weed speed lmao and nobody checks for overflow bugs anyway lole
RISC-V can fuck off and die for that alone. It's like they actively tried to find more ways to get retarded programmers to justify dumb shit that causes security issues. I can already hear some self-styled expert programmer C fanboy spout shit like

Is there any reason besides freetardation which is mostly marketing in this case to care about RISC-V? To me it looks like a corporate ploy to lower spending on ARM licensing fees.

Workstation? Quite a ways but there are enough small to medium endavours to bring non x86 consumer machines to live so they could go for either a small form factor ala rpi or an armbook.

If you want something more free now just go with a talos machine.

So how powerful are the affordable Risc-V products?
Good enough that a autist with a optimization fetish could get the equivalent of a Altair 8800 running on it?

Literally better than processors manufactured in the USA or Israel, yes I'm talking about Intel.
Performance, not paying millions of dollars for a license.
Mostly is a good word here, because although Risc-V made it cheap to make proprietary botnet processors, it also made it possible for independent developers to make processors, for example this one:
It is hard to develop a libre core with Risc-V, because you can't communicate at all with Risc-V developers about things that are not yet official Risc-V specification, but it's doable.
Is there anything bad about not paying money to big corporations exploiting everyone by making botnet?

Forgot to add a link to your post.

The "doing less work than required and making everybody else pick up the slack" school of performance as I outlined with the overflow checks is something I can honestly do without at the hardware level, it's bad enough in software. Is there some other performance point?
That's nothing RISC-V-specific, MIPS's stuff expired years ago.
No, but it also doesn't mean I should pay money to whatever first thing that gets shilled as an alternative.

It's not like you're doing anything highly performant with your machine anyways.

It's a super expensive Arduino at this point. You're better off running RISCV on emulator under qemu.

I've been thinking about implementing a RISC-V core as a project, but I haven't done any logic design since college (basic 5-stage pipelined RISC). What cheap FPGAs are available that would handle this? Something that works with free software tools would be a bonus.

The fuck do you mean? The ISA has been completely free & open from the start. Nobody promised you free hardware, if that's what you're talking about.

That's exactly what its fanboys pretend happened though. An open ISA isn't much, again see MIPS.

Year of the MIPS desktop when?

Consider RISC-V another escape hatch if x86 goes full retard, runs into unsolvable problems or Intel/AMD begins serious market abuse. Lowering competitor price is also a reason. Open development model is there to safeguard against intellectual property issues.

So no, right now there is no other reason to care about RISC-V except freetardism but still it's a good move in bigger scheme of global market economy especially in business dominated by only a handful of corporations.


Some criticism of RISC-V from a former execution core verification engineer at Arm Holdings. It is unclear whether this was just a personal document or a published internal note at Arm.

This "Engineer".

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B-b-but I'm sure it'll ship any day now. It's just been rescheduled for the 20th time or so.