How do I connect to a SOCKS proxy from C++?

How do I connect to a SOCKS proxy from C++?
I need it for Tor hidden service shenanigans.

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The spec isn't very long, and it's very readable. Create packets of the necessary format, and make the requisite send system call. The same way you'd do it in C.
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Oh, lol. I had already seen that page, I just got threw off by the "server" word in the description and thought it was a SOCKS server.

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Because c/c++ retards should not be rewritting everything from scratch every fucking time like everyone seems to think is a normal.

Just what the world needs. Another shit programmer who can only accomplish simple socket code by using someone else's library. Next time stick to advising people in Java threads, all you did is Google for a library and say you're welcome.

I saved the world from one more dumbass implementation. Last thing we need is more broken implementations of trivial algorithms / protocols because c faggots think rewriting sort is a good idea.

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It's better just to push retards like that towards python. If he's not comfortable with a simple wrapper protocol, how many other things is he fucking up in C++?

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Sorry, I don't touch any language that doesn't give me an assembly output.

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Consider the Go language then. It's literally designed for people like you, and it produces native binaries.

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No matter what you touch it is going to be a shit show. You are totally unqualified to make that judgement if you cannot figure out a basic fucking protocol like socks5

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Where is the code, LARPer?

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SOCKS5 is piss easy and Tor's proxy doesn't need the authentication parts. Just implement it from the spec, I recently did the same thing.

Use libcurl.

- set CURLOPT_PROXY and CURLOPT_PROXYPORT to your Tor host and port (e.g. "" and 9150 if you use unmodified TorBrowser as a proxy)
- set CURLOPT_PROXYTYPE to CURLPROXY_SOCKS5_HOSTNAME. This will let the proxy resolve hostnames (domains), hence prevent DNS leaks.

If you want to use Python instead then use pycurl with same curl opts.


Then use cython if you're that autistic.