Guerilla Paramilitary History Discussion Thread

Now here is a subject that in all my years of old/pol/ pre-cuckening, and here on full/pol/.. and even some on /b/ in the mid 00's, I have never seen discussed. Ive done some reading, I know a fair bit about them.. but I dont exactly have a high amount of information to dump in the OP. Hopefully this can get going and turn into a high quality and productive thread.

Guerilla resistance movements, organizations, whatever you want to call them. People like the IRA who are nationalists, or another example is the ANC and South Africa Communist Party with Umkhonto We Sizwe which was the South African niggers fighting whites, or the ZANLA/ZANU rebels in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. FARC in Colombia is another. Obviously most of these are marxist/communist groups and dont share our ideology but the concept of guerilla resistance is shared in almost every way except rhetorical. Communist guerillas will probably tend more towards a decentralized command structure and cell based anarchic system where as nationalist/right wing counter-revolutionaries will tend to be centralized and have a military command structure.. Communists seem to just go around in a few vehicles town to town and set up rural councils, Im not quite sure what the difference is for right wing ones because they are much rarer and I havent had a chance to do enough reading.
Paramilitaries is another name, its simply a military that isnt controlled by the government.

My personal question and interest in reaching out for some help is that Id like to know more about the traditional struggles between a people when they desperately want change.. but they have a "hawks and doves" scenario where half the people want to brutally slaughter the enemy and the other half want to act like Gandhi and pretend its not okay to fight back. I want to know about what makes the hawks win out. I want to know about tipping points when groups voted to agree to take action, the only one I really know about is in South Africa where they set up a group beforehand and then waited for some police to kill some violent protesters who tried to advance on a police station to attack the cops inside - to declare they "have no other option" besides violence. It seems like we are in a similar situation right now. It seems like were in an obvious genocide, were being exterminated.. the enemy is easily visible.. its not a secret. They admit their intention is to brown us out and eradicate whites. Still, many people seem absolutely intent on doing things like relying on non-whites to vote with whites for some kind of indian settlement plan or something. Cant they not see that it doesnt matter what the enemies think of our chosen tactics, but only that we win? We will never win with what they propose. We can never vote to stop white genocide.
So what are some more examples? More examples of right wing paramilitaries, nationalist guerilla groups etc. Hard information on their history, not just generalized overviews. Surely between us we have plenty of people who know about these things.

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Also I should probably get this out of the way before the people claiming the IRA are marxists and derail the whole thread show up.
Not what this ones about.

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BBC panorama 1976 on Armagh which was pretty much the most intense fighting, they couldnt even move around on foot and had to resort to transport only by air. Then their helicopters started getting shot down with heavy machine guns.

It's unwise to discuss this topic and similar ones here, you should do it on Tor and various Onion services.

A variety of government agencies are watching our every move here but security should be better elsewhere.

Various footage, patrols and such.

You can be damn sure they are watching here, its completely legal to talk about the history of guerilla warfare however from an interest perspective. No ones saying go blow things up or anything.

same as this one, part 2

You might become a victim of MKULTRA or COINTELPRO.

Dont be silly, what, do you think Kaczynski did bad things?

I guess I clearly left out the groups like the UVF and UFF which are on the opposite side of the IRA. They are the Ulster Volunteer Force and the Ulster Freedom Fighters, unionists who were generally more brutal than the IRA and had no problems targeting random people as a primary target. Theres also endless splinters to the IRA like the INLA (Irish National Liberation Army) who were probably actually more marxist but still fought with the actual marxist Official IRA. Theres the Provisional IRA, the Real IRA, Continuity IRA, Oglaigh Na Eireann which is Warriors of Ireland and its own organization. The New IRA, which just calls itself the IRA… thats the one around right now. Theres RAAD (Republican Action Against Drugs) and all sorts of others. Republican Sinn Fein, 32CSM, various political arms to the actual guerillas.
All these are British government propaganda or similar, so be sure to put on your bullshit goggles and pick out the obvious smears.

When will Ireland become an Island?

Guerrillas never win wars, but their adversaries often lose them. A guerrilla army cannot stand toe-to-toe with a well trained and equipped conventional army. Instead, it can weaken and demoralize that conventional army. This willl often cause the government supporting the conventional army to collapse or make political changes that the insurgents demand.
Resistance, rebellion, or civil war begins in a nation where political, sociological, economic, or religious oppression has occurred. Such discontent is usually caused by a violation of individual rights or privileges, the oppression of one group by a dominant group or occupying force, or a threat to the life and freedom of the people. Resistance can also develop in a nation where the once welcomed liberators have failed to improve an intolerable social or economic situation. It can also be inspired deliberately by external sources against an assumed grievance.
Resistance may either be active or passive. Passive resistance can come in the form of smoldering resentment, which needs only leadership or means of expression to mature to active resistance.
Some people join a resistance movement because of an innate desire to survive. Others may join because of ideological convictions. Regardless of initial motivation, all are bound together to fight a common enemy.

Star Trek says 2024.

In addition to motivation or purpose, a population must feel that there is a chance for success, or no effective resistance movement can be developed. Active participation in any resistance movement is influenced by its chance for success.
Mao said that the population is to the guerrilla as water is to the fish. The success and survival of a guerilla force depends on continual moral and material support from the civilian population.
The local community is usually under intense pressure from anti-guerilla forces. Punitive measures such as reprisals, deportation, restriction of movement, and seizure of goods and property are conducted against supporters of guerrilla activity, making support dangerous and difficult.If the local populace has a strong will to resist, however, such enemy reprisals cause an increase in underground activities.
The civilian community may assist the guerrillas by furnishing supplies, recruits and information; giving early warning of anti-guerrilla operations; supporting evasion and escape; and other activities.
After the guerrilla force has established itself and is sufficiently strong, it may need to exert force upon certain elements of the civilian population to command their support, i.e, coerce indifferent or unresponsive portions of the population into supporting the movement.

This is some kind of psyop. Sage

Guerrilla warfare has been described as being more POLITICAL than military in nature. It is military in a tactical sense, but it is also political since guerrilla movement stems from a local power struggle. It often has its roots in the oppressive policies of a central government.

By recognizing its own limitations, the guerrilla force can hope for survival and eventual success. Initially, the force is usually inferior to the enemy in firepower, manpower, communications, logistics, and organization. It is equal and often superior to the enemy in the collection of intelligence and the use of cover, deception, and time.
Because of logistical and manpower limitations, guerrillas must never directly confront a large, organized, superior military force in a pitched battle. Instead, guerrillas must initially coordinate their attacks against such targets as isolated enemy outposts, small police units, tax collectors, rail systems, raids and bridges, and other weakly defended installations. This has the combined effect of building the confidence of the guerrillas and forcing the enemy to guard installations rather than conduct offensive operations. It also demonstrates to the population that the resistance is there and is a force to be reckoned with.
The bases of successful guerrilla combat is offensive action combined with surprise. During periods of low visibility, the guerrilla unit attacks, tries to gain a momentary advantage of firepower, executes its mission and leaves the scene of the action as rapidly as possible.Normally, the unit does not operate in one area but remains highly mobile and varies its operations so that no pattern is evident. If possible, it strikes two or three targets simultaneously to divide the enemy's attention and fragment its reinforcement effort. If pursued by enemy reinforcements, the unit tries to have countermeasures planned in advance such as booby-trapped withdrawal routes, indirect fire support during withdrawal (eg. snipers) ambushes, dispersion, escape across a border into a sanctuary, prepositioned supplies, and, if surrounded, a preplanned breakout operation.
If a guerrilla unit is being pursued by an enemy unit, it must avoid obvious danger areas such as roads, trails, clearings, and especially water because the enemy will try to keep these under surveillance.

I can type up some stuff on psyops if you want in a bit lol its in the same book Im pulling from.

Why not?
What do you think will happen?
Will the CIA show up at my house and arrest me? Will my bank accounts disappear?
You know, I have discussed this kind of thing many times and have never been killed.

I believe that people like you are paranoid cowards. Essentially, you are exactly the kind of person William Pierce talked about
You can hate me and call me a kike and throw a temper tantrum from the safety of your computer screen. But you are a coward.
You're so racked with fear that you won't even discuss perfectly legal things on an anonymous image board.

I don't think radical politics will be effective in America unless things get way worse than they are now. But should we ever actually take up arms against ZOG, the IRA is the best role model to be found. The "state within a state" structure of Hezbollah or the CCP are also things to look at if serious power is ever actually realized. I think the ability to wage an institutional war against the left and the government itself would be big. Just imagine how quickly Americans would stop sucking democracy's dick if there were another non-government entity that was able to act in an official roll.

The biggest problem is that both of these require support from powerful people, or require the enemy to be so bad that we're just a natural reaction to them. I think we're still quite a few years or decades until the point where trying to work with conservatives within the republican system is fruitless. The fact that most people are middle-class also contributes to the amount of cowardice you find in the American right. It's kind of sad that the left gets its own domestic terrorist organizations before Zig Forums does.

The U.S Army Special Forces defines three phases in guerrilla warfare. In the first phase, preparation, organization, and initial operations are conducted. In the second phase, the guerrilla movement is mobilized into a conventional force. The third phase is demobilization, when the guerrillas are disarmed and prepared to be loyal members of the population.

Preparing the population is primarily psychological (PSYOPS) Sometimes the enemy does this for the insurgency due to their policies and actions.Sometimes propaganda and other measures are necessary.
Because of the strength of the enemy, security is of prime concern during this phase, The resistance should try to remain secret at this time so it can infiltrate governmental agencies, organize and establish intelligence networks, align and train various factions, and choose initial targets.
If a foreign power is to provide any time of aid to the resistance, or if the resistance is trying to obtain such assistance, this planning/organization phase is critical. The potential sponsor will be concerned about the potential for political embarrassment, compromise, and the chance of success. If the sponsor does not recognize such things as good planning, training, and organization, it will likely not give assistance.
.If there is a potential sanctuary in another country, often times there will be members in the government of that country who do not support the resistance nor agree with its cause. Hopefully they will be in the minority, but if that is not the case, these people must be dealt with or somehow be made ineffective so they are not a threat. Identifying these people during the initial stage is important so that plans are made to accommodate or otherwise deal with them.
Sometimes political struggles in the potential sanctuary can be exploited. Those friendly to the resistance or the undecided need to be cultivated.
Initial Operations Phase
Combat operations are begun during this phase. The types of targets chosen are those that almost guarantee success. Examples are unmanned targets with no enemy forces near, lone policemen, tax collectors, and small, isolated enemy outposts. Tactics include sniper operations, assassinations, and the use of easily placed explosives.
During this phase, PROTESTS against the government CAN be organized. Any action the government takes against protesters IS USED AGAINST IT as propaganda. Governments often react with harsher policies and restrictions, WHICH CAN BE EXPLOITED FURTHER.
The guerrillas enhance ties with the local population by giving what they can spare in the way of food, medicine, labor, etc.
The desired effect of these operations is to give the guerrilla units experience in planning and conducting operations, instill confidence in the guerrillas, and show the population that the resistance can conduct successful actions against the enemy, this providing encouragement to those wanting change. This also helps but teeth in the psychological operations and helps in recruiting.

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Waiting until were the minority is a sure fire way to get exterminated by a non-white majority.

Also that in no way should be interpreted as encouragement to engage in the subject of this thread, "radical politics" are completely legal and were the subject of discussion there.

If the enemy is concentrating its resources into one area, guerrillas in other areas take the opportunity to take savage action against lightly defended or inferior enemy targets and lines of communications. This makes the enemy less likely to concentrate its forces for extended periods.
If the guerrilla force is threatened by a superior enemy, it withdraws. If need be, it breaks into smaller units and disperses or attempts a breakout plan in case it has to disperse.
Here is an example of a preplanned defensive operation. Assume the guerrilla base is in very rough, heavily vegetated terrain. The guerrillas get early warning of an enemy offensive in the area. The enemy moves in artillery, armor, and a large number of troops.
The guerrillas move out of the area after caching supplies and leaving behind recon teams. After the enemy moves its elements in, other guerrilla units destroy bridges, mine roads, set ambushes, deploy snipers, attack with mortars and use diversions, hit and run tactics, and booby traps. The enemy is forced into defensive positions but cannot get a fix on the guerrillas. Every time the enemy sends out patrols, it suffers casualties. The enemy tries to resupply/reinforce, but his supply lines are harassed constantly.
The enemy has to choose whether to withdraw or move reinforcements and supplies in by diverting large numbers of forces. If he does withdraw, he is harassed by the guerrillas as he leaves. The enemy has trouble removing his heavy weapons and personnel because of snipers and indirect fire, blown bridges, land mines, ambushes and actions of auxiliary forces that blend in with the local population.

There is no chance in hell of a successful insurgency in the United States. At least not under the status quo. That should be obvious to any non-LARPers or hobbyists. Hitler and Mussolini came to power through populist political maneuvering.

I'm not even denouncing politically motivated violence. Although I know for a fact that you're the type of person who would just call any IRL organization controlled opposition, and would never engage in real world activity. Just look at you're so caught up in fear. You're saying that peaceful politics is completely pointless, yet simultaneously showing that you have no backbone against the ZOG. How disgusting. Grow a pair, and think about what's the most important thing in your life.

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You clearly dont understand the point in someone openly discussing things everyone else is afraid to discuss and yet that they could learn from by observing. Advocating guerrilla activity is still illegal, were a board of peace, remember.

First of all, nice dubs.
Second of all, assuming you've been here awhile, you may remember a series of threads dealing with this topic. I discussed three European nationalist "terrorist" organizations, their failures, their successes, and what we can learn from them. A fourth thread was an overview of all three. These organizations were the IRA, the FNLC, and the ETA.
Anyway, while I am by no means an expert on assymetric warfare, I have devoted a great deal to understanding it.
I make no claim to have any first hand experience in assymetric warfare and have nothing to do with any violent organizations.

Here is my best answer for your questions.
As has been pointed out, it often boils down to whether or not the people being oppressed possess or believe to possess peaceful means of redressing their problems. The reason why violent Hindu nationalists did not take preeminence over Ghandi's peaceful movement was because the British were a declining power and clearly were willing to concede to demands peacefully. Contrast this with how India handled liberating Gao from Portugal. The British were willing to submit to pressures. The Portuguese were not.
Of course this is an unfair comparison as by 1961 India was more powerful than the Portuguese paramilitary organizations in Gao.

However, this is not the entire picture. The idea that hawks and peace-niks are in some sort of battle of ideas and whoever wins gets to decide how an independence struggle plays out is a mistake. Even the idea that 50% of the people think X and the other 50% think Y is incorrect.
Instead, most people are merely lemmings who inhabit the political landscape. To over-simplify, 90% of the people are NPCs.
In Corsica, there were a small group of nationalist revolutionaries who operated in an environment where many but not all Corsicans sympathized with their goals but did not take part in the violent struggle. The same is true for Northern Ireland. However of the sympathetic population, a small percentage with connections asisted the revolutionaries in non-violent ways. Most simply donated money to their local terrorist group representative. Others provided material things like land to practice in and prepare to attack the enemy, supplies, shelter from police forces, information, and other essential things.

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The ability of auxiliary forces to manipulate large segments of the neutral population is enhanced by the demonstrated success of guerrilla forces.

Combat in the Guerrilla Warfare Environment
Guerrilla warfare is characterized by constant change. There are no fixed lines between the opposing forces. Maximum effective results are attained by the guerrilla force through offensive operations. Normally, the guerrilla force is primarily interested in the interdiction of lines of communications and the destruction of critical enemy installations.Except for those instances where the tactical advantage is clearly with the guerrilla force, no effort is made to close with and destroy the enemy. The enemy, on the other hand, must provide security for its critical installations and seek contact to destroy the guerrilla force.
Guerrilla forces are rarely concerned with seizing and holding terrain. They are concerned with controlling areas, however. Controlling an area offers greater security and support for the resistance, facilitates operations, and provides a location from which a political stance can be voiced.
Area control is classified in two basic ways: area superiority and area supremacy.
Area superiority involves temporary control of a specific area by the use of the principles of surprise, mass, and maneuver. Area superiority is maintained only for the period of time required to accomplish missions without prohibitive interference from the enemy.
Area supremacy involves complete area control when the enemy is incapable of effectively interfering with guerrilla operations. Area supremacy is seldom achieved by a guerrilla force until it progresses to the conventional warfare stage.
Guerrilla area superiority is more easily achieved in difficult terrain that restricts the enemy movement and observation. These factors reduce the enemy's ability to find, fix and maneuver against the guerrilla force. Difficult terrain also allows more time for the guerrillas to escape enemy assaults, thus avoiding fighting a defensive battle. Areas of sustained guerrilla superiority are best located away from critical enemy targets.
The enemy is usually free to establish superiority of any area it chooses as long as it is willing to commit sufficient forces to do so. However, because the guerrilla force is comparatively free to select the time and place of attack, successful operations against targets are conducted despite this enemy superiority.
Between the areas where guerrillas have strongholds and the enemy has installations is a twilight zone that is never under complete control by either. Because of the mobility of the guerrillas, their detailed knowledge of the terrain, and their ability to choose targets selectively across widespread areas, security of this twilight zone by the enemy is impossible.
While the enemy and the guerrillas compete for overt control throughout the twilight zone, guerrillas cannot hold any specific area against determined enemy attack. The enemy holds those areas which it occupies by force, and the guerrillas conduct operations in those areas where the enemy is the weakest. The auxiliary is more effective in the twilight zone than it is in the enemy dominated areas. Intelligence organizations report everything the enemy does in the twilight zone. Throughout the twilight zone, the enemy is made to feel it is in hostile territory - it may control a small portion by force of arms, but it can never relax its guard lest it be surprised by the guerrillas.
Guerrilla operations and intelligence activities in the twilight zone aids in the security of the areas of guerrilla superiority because it occupies enemy forces, often allows the resistance advanced knowledge of enemy movements, and places the guerrillas in areas where they can undertake offensive operations against targets left vulnerable by the enemy. When the enemy does attack, the guerrillas usually do not attempt to defend - rather they withdraw, create diversions, and attack the enemy's flanks and rear areas.

No, I missed your thread which is a shame because it sounds like something Id be interested in for sure. Im pretty much assuming that Im burning myself in order to break the ice here.

Do you or anyone else have those archived btw?

And yea sorry for triple posting but if you have any books or anything on subjects such as these, Id appreciate it. Ive never heard of Portuguese paramilitaries in India before, IIRC Gao is that tiny little dot on the western costal section of India.

I just said that guerrilla activity is incredibly pointless under the status quo. I even say that institutional warfare and engaging in democracy is a much better strategy for us. Anyone who's scared to even discuss this subject is a worthless fucking pussy. Even the coward conservatives will at least say "You can pry my guns from my cold-dead hands" even though we all know they'd cuck out the second the police knock on the door.

Well thats not really what the thread is about but obviously when whites dont vote 100% together and America is only 56% pure European white.. and deportations of non-whites with citizens being illegal racial discrimination, you cant achieve jack shit.
Anyone saying vote is a civic nationalist by default and this is not a civic nationalist board. You will never vote to stop white genocide and guerilla warfare is actually the only viable option to stopping white genocide. Anything else is simply capitulation or compromise. These are our countries, anyone else would be saying you cant have them at this point. I really dont give a flying fuck if 40% of the country says whites should die off, they need to get out, not us.

Just finished reading the art of war with my son this morning at breakfast

33 strategies of war is a fun read, the same series as 48 laws of power.

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I simply do not see any possibility of success for a guerrilla organization, for the next several years at least. Whites aren't going to magically go from total cucks to giving money to terrorists just because you shoot a lefty mayor or two. In fact most white people will probably hate you. I think America should look to Fascist Italy rather than National Socialist Germany. The Italians knew that their National Syndicalist ideas wouldn't work, and they also knew that a heavily racialist program wouldn't be very effective either. We need to look at what Americans actually want, and try to deliver that to them. Preventing the further demographic decline of whites would be great, but you're basically acting like those communists who act surprised when the working class hates them. There's a bit of a smug "I know more than these people. They just need to be awakened." attitude among radical politics of the left, right, or third position. Once the leftist philosophy in America is shattered by a fascistic movement then it will be much easier to go full 14/88 by the way. We're literally a single constitutional amendment away from re-instituting segregation, banning miscegenation, and deporting a hundred million non-whites.

Yes. You'll be accused of datamining and being CIA and whatnot because many people here are cowards. And please do listen to the William Pierce video I posted. Listen to everything he said.

In my opinion, the factors that turn relatively peaceful political struggles into violent struggles are a perceived lack of political solutions coupled with a well organized opposition to the perceived oppressors.
This is why many nationalist organizations claim to be left wing.
The left wing has managed to claim to support the underdog or the oppressed in struggles. There is actually little left wing ideology involved with the average FLNC or IRA or even ETA supporter. All of these organizations want nationalism for their Volk and socialism because true nationalism rejects exploitive capitalism for obvious reasons.
So ironically most so called leftist nationalist organizations were nationalist-socialist in nature.
In addition, these organizations court leftists because leftists have historically been more likely to support them. This short sighted decision has crippled them today. The left betrayed all of the afore mentioned revolutionary movements. Now look at them!
However this is changing and it is likely that in the future, nationalist organizations will court the ascendant right.
I can elaborate on why I believe this if you like.

Anyway, the unfortunate thing is that very little is written about how these organizations (especially the lesser known ETA, FLNC, EOKA, and others) organized and won the propaganda battle as this is a secret I suppose. Here is a great article on the IRA.
It's not exactly what you asked for but it does touch upon the subject of propaganda, which is the key issue to understand when talking about revolutionary organizations. Bombs, assassinations, threats, kidnappings… all of these things are secondary next to the issue of propaganda. As some call it, "winning the hearts and minds" of the people.
Actually it is more accurate to say, "keeping the public and the environment meaning the battle arena in a revolutionary atmosphere"
The FLNC and ETA lost their control over the environment and thus were forced to cease activities. It was not state repression that defeated them. It was a waning of revolutionary atmosphere in Corsica-France and Spain respectively.
Once you lose this atmosphere, you lose control over the situation. As Mao said, the guerilla is a fish and he must swim in a sea made up of the public.
If the public is not willing to support revolutionaries, they cannot operate.
At that point they become bandits or modern day lone-wolf terrorists.

This is essentially death for a revolutionary. Lone wolf terrorism has never accomplished anything other than strengthening the System.

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Plenty of whites are just waiting for any group to join and you underestimate how easily things spiral out of control when the power and internet turns off, tit for tat violence starts. If you read the stuff I already posted in the thread it pretty much says a guerilla force is self perpetuating once it starts taking action. Successful actions on unmanned targets give the population a feeling that its a viable rebellion, that they are successful, and it allows the auxiliary to manipulated the rest of the population. As someone else pointed out, almost everyone is an NPC is these types of things. Whites are being exterminated and the appropriate response throughout the ages to your people being wiped out is extermination of the problem.

I cant find the meme I wanted but its the one about how America cant kill off a bunch of towel heads with aks and trucks after like 15 years, because thats how insurgencies work.

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Oh wait, that was it at the bottom.

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You don't even know how I live or what I do in real life. This website is not safe for discussing any real life tactics for violently resisting a government, read up on the history of Zig Forums, specifically Zig Forums and it's moderators, how they've behaved in the past.

A revolution won't be planned on the open web where the public sees everything and the government is laying in wait ready to pounce and have you sent to a black site, but rather over ultra - secure channels behind multilayered and very tough security.

It's not cowardice, it's acknowledging the reality. Discussing this here makes the government dredge you out of their gigantic dragnet, in which you're already being given special attention for being part of the minority who post on Zig Forums Zig Forums. The gov knows you are a potential agent of resistance and the massive state apparatus is never going to stop watching us now.

Ill listen to that one, Im pretty sure Ive gone over it before. As for the National Socialistic nature of these Nationalist groups, I made that connection on my own. Its just about stopping foreigners from owning your land pretty much, which you cant have in a free market society.
Im plenty aware that guerrillas require public support, I think the support of whites for opposition to white genocide is obviously only going to grow.. because the problem gets worse and worse every day that goes on without a solution or even the politicians willing to address it.

Obviously not

Reminder this thread is not discussing how to overthrow the government, as the title says, its discussing guerrilla paramilitary history and aspects of guerrilla warfare from an academic perspective. For academic study only, it says on that book.

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This is a data mining thread for some CIA spook nigger

The point is that Ive been on Zig Forums through pretty much all of it and this topic doesnt come up. Ive read about it myself a fair bit, I had a question which was partially answered by someone else. Im surprised to hear he had made a series of threads which I missed.
You dont need to post in this thread, Ive already posted a wealth of information that you can observe without any risk. Now go, and talk to other white people about the concepts you read here. When enough whites understand that you dont instantly get droned…. planting seeds.

I've been here for a long time and know exactly how the mods behave. If you're afraid to be banned, consider yourself lucky. You have few worries.
As for talking about specifics, no one is even suggesting doing that.
This subject is not even close to planning a revolution. This is discussing revolution in general
Just listen to "Cowardice and Individualism"
I hope that the government wants to try and monitor the thousands upon thousands upon thousands of online revolutionary groups. That would quickly exhaust the treasury and THAT is the key to defeating the System.
Pray they're that stupid.

All governments operate on a knife's edge. They never have enough money to make ends meet. And in a multicultural society, the problems are multiplied ten fold. Fear is what keeps us peasants in line. Fear of the omnipotent government. The magical CIA that sees all and knows all. But are they really as powerful as all movies and TV shows have conditioned you to believe?
Think about that.

This is true. The good news is that as things deteriorate, the already overstretched repression apparatus will break down.
Unfortunately there is a lot of work to do. Whites still do not see themselves as a group. You need a common sense of oppression in order to resist and so far that is not yet here.

I might type some more but it was hurting my back to lean over this book looking back and forth. I got out the important parts about the twilight zone that is uncontrolled and the concepts of a weaker force being able to survive. Thats what you should notice.

When tit for tat violence breaks out and theres a pro-white group doing self defense patrols in no-go areas/security vacuums, whites will know who is on their side and who are the nutballs killing them off.

Yea, Ill make a whole thread on the psyops section, its related to simple propaganda tactics we already engage in, spreading posters and slogans and such. That book is worth reading.
Its on PDF actually, I forgot. I think its even on /pdfs/ but I dont know where if so.

A tribal world is a beautiful world.
The issue is getting from here to there.
The explody-box guy was not a revolutionary. A revolutionary would be sending packages to power-plants, distribution centers, and fuel depots. Not random niggers.

Thank you. Will read next

Yea, he strikes me as just some guy taking his problems out on random people for fun but maybe Im wrong. They do cover up actions that people take and pass them off as nothing to be concerned about in order to diffuse their political weight. They said hes very troubled but it wasnt related to hate.

News flash member of CIA or NSA or whatever agency you're a part of, it's quite obvious.

Denial of the massive NSA surveillance system and gov monitoring of the simplest little code words in a search engine? CIA disinformation.

Governments not having enough money to make ends meet when they themselves create money from basically nothing and can enact price controls, even currency controls?

The United States government is absolutely tremendous and has dedicated funding for publicly unknown and or classified sections of the government, probably entire sections nobody without high security clearance knows about.

The CIA is more powerful than most of us think. You're maybe even a part of it sent here like the others to lull us into a sense of calm and ease, forgetting about the constant threat of being abducted by a bunch of goons and taken to an offshore prison boat aboard a helicopter.

Come on now. It's obvious at this point, blatant denial of the U.S. government's absurd amount of power over all of the world especially citizens of its own country.

MKULTRA wasn't declassified until the gov declassified it. For all we know it's still going on in a new phase.

I certainly hope that's the case. If he was one of us, I'd be embarrassed for him that he would be so stupid.
But I doubt that.

wasn't discovered until

Lol this guy obviously is not from around here. Reminder not to tell him what gives him away.

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Responding to yourself is rookie. Probably not CIA but possibly from some middle east country like Israel.

Called it
This is why I called you a parianoid coward. It's what you are. And people like you disgust me.

Simple logic dispells the myth of governmental omnipotence. It's a trick. And once you study it further you will see through it and agree with me.
But that comes later. Now you are sure of the omnipotence and omniscience of your government. But in time. Maybe in only a few years you will come to a gradual realization that that guy you think is "luring you into a false sense of security so the CIA can kiddnap you!" was right.
Anyway, continue your study of the world

I respond to myself all the time tbh, when Im chaining posts together. Thats all it means. I think youre talking about the other guy who just did that a couple posts back, though.

Reminder the real CIA shills are those like Anglin and Azzmador who are overtly shilling against a race war now while pushing civic nationalism.

Actually, I want to expand upon this subject but I will do that tomorrow assuming the mods don't delete this thread.


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Reported for obvious FBI honeypot thread. Any attempt at enticing Zig Forumsacks to physical action is banned here. You may not tell anyone to ever do anything about the jewish leadership of the world.

Except I explicitly said thats not the purpose of this thread and whats going on here is 100% legal.

Thanks for this post OP. I had just this argument today with Varg Vikernes and felt demoralized as fuck. Now I see your thread and remember I'm on the right track and also remember what god literally told me (I asked him should I fight and to give me a number between 0 and 100 to indicate how much I should fight, he gave me 88 I shit you not).

I think tor user is joking with you.

Made this just now for the thread.
Harold Covington on Guerilla Warfare. Reminder that he is shilling the Northwest idea as always, and is talking to the casual 8 years ago.
Still insightful if you're into this stuff.

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Yeah, guerrilla armies are suited for terrorism and attrition warfare against a proper army. They don't have the resources or the support to engage in conventional warfare.

cowards btfo

Pretty sure Trump is going to be out of office, either impeached or his term is over, or he does the full two terms; and when that's over and he's out some militias are going to be activated and going to lose their shit. So really we're only like 2-6 years away from war at most. I train literally every single day now.

When the fuck did Anglin cuck out? I got to go contact him and talk some sense back into him.

He had legal action brought against him for encouraging violence, not sure what happened with that case but I'd bet that the change of heart isn't particularly genuine and is more about escaping punishment.

CIA right now is too busy trying to cover their asses to make sure they retain control over drugs and human trafficking and FBI is wasting time investigating muh Russian collussion and NSA is badly understaffed and unable to keep track of everyone oh and on top of that they are ridiculously incompetent diversity hires.

James Mason addressed these matters in Siege.

The biggest threat actually is just some nervous coward here on Zig Forums reporting us and trying to turn us because he thinks if he doesn't the government will go for him so he throws one of our own under the bus.

Funny thing is the alphabets get so many reports every day they pretty much just ignore.

tl;dr get on a proxy or a vpn or tor and go wild, not even the oppressive UK government is stopping British anons right now from posting on here

Ah. In that case he probably conforms to the word of the law but not the heart of it
(not sure if I'm using proper term here).

MK Ultra IS still going on. Sheesh spend some time talking to psychiatric patients and homeless and vets and agents. The main focus has changed if you wish to know to the "total sub" a kind of slave that eats, shits, fucks, and kills on command with no ability to resist. They also got people they've conditioned to act out some role but switch personalities when needed. Oh btw, my grandfather had dual personalities, and one was very violent and very unlike the other.

As someone who knows better, they're only there to grow opium for the CIA controlled drug trade, to fund black projects. If they seriously wanted to defeat them, they'd have done so. The problem with fighting ZOG is that the ZOG will act to exterminate every last one of us. Whereas, those goatfuckers are a resource to be exploited by ZOG, in the form of training them to join ISIS which they use to move against their real enemy in the region, or for drugs and other things; we aren't a resource. We're just something they want to kill off. So keep that in mind. Btw according to James Mason the people who settled down in the NWF have been systematically been getting murdered by FBI agents. Anyone on Zig Forums should already realize they can't have a peaceful life, ZOG is going to come, and they have only the choice to roll over and die or to try and put up a fight for whatever slim chance of survival they might have.

Unfortunately, we can't engage in institutional warfare either. The usual suspects perfected democracy in most Western countries. You have to be as kosher as Christmas to get elected now. That's even more true for nations with two party system in place. Maybe, nationalists can peacefuly gain power somewhere in Eastern Europe, due more fragile democracies there, but shit like that doesn't fly in the West I'm affraid.

How can an entire thread about Guerilla Movements not mention the single greatest Guerilla Movement of all time?


Structurally, ISIS has rewritten the text book about how to even be an effective Guerilla Movement and will be studied and mimicked for centuries to come. Hell, ISIS is so effective we will still be fighting them centuries from now.

Comprehensive World View that demands over throwing the current world order by extreme force, check.

Uncompromising conviction, check.

An original and striking visual Aesthetic that is so alien and so convincing that mere images of it by pass its enemy's neocortex and provoke limbic brain fight-or-flight response, check.

A global decentralized fluid network of members who can marginally participate with little risk of being identified, which greatly increases the perceived number of supporter, check.

The reputation of being the most brutal and the most dangerous militia on the Earth, who have no allies and who have "no borders, only fronts", check.

Several billion dollars and more soldiers and more weapons than most armies, check.

An ideology that is so strict and comprehensive that the usual tactics of D&C, infiltration, subversion and schism won't work at all, check.

And most important of all, ISIS has State backing from multiple nations, and plays them off each other to get what it wants then double crosses those nations, check.

I think if you examine any Guerilla Movements, you'll find they were supported by Foreign nations to act as a proxy army.

Civic Nationalist alt-lite types say "don't do it user, don't goose step in public and reveal your power level and don't encourage violence because everyone is a Fed.

So if you want your Guerilla Movement to not get easilly crushed in its infancy, you have to make friends with Govt to covertly support you.

Make friends with that FBI informer who keeps asking you to meet. Become an informer yourself. Support your local Sheriff. Get a job as a Cop. Join the military.

So you can infiltrate then or counter-recruit them to join you.

Do what Haji Bakr advised when he invented ISIS in his book Management of Savagery.

ISIS infiltrated the police and the military in Mosul. Then when DOTR came, those moles stole the database records of the police.
Then 50 ISIS assassins went to those police officer's homes, dressed as police themselves, and they gunned them down on the streets. 50 killers scared 10,000 soldiers in Mosul to strip down to their tighty-whitey's and flee.

If you're serious about a Guerilla Movement today, that's how far you'll have to go.

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I wonder what the various factions think of Ireland 2040? Anyone care to enlighten me?

You forgot something quite important. ISIS had full support of the American government, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and some other Gulf monarchies. We have not. ISIS was a useful tool for the ZOG to speed up Jewish plans for establishing Greater Israel, while simultaneously flooding Europe with rapefugees. We are an enemy for them. The only enemy that matters really. ISIS high command was / is a mixture of Mossad agents and CIA niggers. The US Air Force provided air cover for their operations preventing Syrians and Iraqis from bombing them to stone age. Uncle Sam gave them weapons while Saudi Arabia provided training facilities and raw manpower. Moreover, ISIS fought ill-equipped, poorly lead, and completely demoralized Arab Armies. They got totally steamrolled the moment they had to face real opposition.

I don't know where you're from but it sure as fuck isn't here.

You mean killing know-nothing normies so the lord and savior big government can make itself even bigger and more fucking useless?
Brainwashed into thinking that if they die for some cause they'll have a better version of existence. Not unique, definitely not new.
Almost like a team of experts on the matter designed it.
Decentralized because that little area they were trying to expand got btfo.
And the winner of biggest edgelord goes to..
Throw some links in please.
Bullshit, if anything it's one of the weakest ideologies there is. That's why it has to be safeguarded and shielded at the level it is in the west, and why it's protectors are so quick to use force. Because there's no fucking logic in there, it's as backwards as ideologies come. If the shields were dropped and it was given the same treatment as Christianity for a year it would crumble. As an ideology it is unable to handle criticism. Any highschooler with half a cup of wit could bait it's most powerful follower into an emotional outburst given 5 minutes of free speech.
Funny that were not at war with the nations backing them.. almost like some sort of.. what's the word? Conspiracy? No.. that's not it.. the t.v told me not to believe anything associated with that word.

Given your last few lines have a few interesting bits. But isis has only lasted this long because it's part of plan. If those fuckwits at the top were serious about taking it out they would, but it's part of the plan, so they won't. Fuckwits.

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non-thumbnail V of the 4th pic please?

Accelerationism never works. People can stay bluepilled till they have nothing left and are about to die and their last thought is that at least they aren't racist. You need as many people as you can on your side to better swiftly and with minimal casualties, fend off the jews, their servants, and their shitskin hordes.

You have to redpill people in order for those people to see who is doing the raping, who is doing the betraying and who is doing the jewing. Until they're redpilled, they're blind. If you wait too long, it won't matter if the worsening situation miraculously redpills someone, it will already be too late.

Start now. Don't wait.

Ive listened to a few things he said, a couple broadcasts on youtube but I think the vast majority are not to be found there. I found a huge website with hundreds of broadcasts going back years, similar to what Pierce was putting out but obviously not on par with how intellectual Pierce was. I like what he says but I wouldnt really trust him as a leader.

They cucked our fairly recently, Anglin also shit on Traini in Italy and said he didnt accomplish anything. If he had legal action against him for encouraging violence and it was dropped, he may have been compromised and given a cooperation deal to be used as a fed asset.

Ive read part of siege but not all of it. He advocates more of a single man approach which is more anarchist and not really in line with our ideology. It also fails to do any planning for the post-system which is where you simply get a different, less hindered by law anti-white government… a Ukraine, or the thing that happened in Egypt, or in Ireland. It happens more often than not, plans are supposed to be made for a parallel structure to government to fill the void before enemies, like communists can. Ill either post the intelligence section in this thread or in an entire other thread, it explains the asset/handler/cutout/netmanager system where only 4 people can be compromised worst case scenario. Cell based systems like in pic #2 and 3 here:

As for ISIS in this post:

I dont really know that much about them. I have read about the preconditions for the outbreak of civil war in Iraq, the purpose of their suicide bombing and strategies, some of the background history, some information on Zarqawi and how he was tied to Baghdadi etc… but in general as far as how they fight as ISIS in a war scenario, its mostly a blank on my end. I know their auxiliary wing is the religious wing and they use their mosques as a special religious method of war which other normal guerrilla movements wont have in their arsenal. They use mosques as safe havens, recruiting zones, armories, propaganda distribution, theres all sorts of benefits to muslims in how they specifically organize and fight. The suicide bombings are done by the Sunnis against the Shia innocents on purpose, which provokes the Shia into organizing paramilitaries who then threaten, intimidate or attack random Sunnis just going about their business, like shop owners, people who have something to lose. They take everything from those people in revenge for the suicide bombings and in order to clear them out of the area.. and as a result those evicted Sunnis join the same people who started blowing up Shia, the join Al-Qaeda and fight. Thats how Zarqawi turned random Sunnis into Al-Qaeda.. and its really the same thing ISIS is doing in Europe, except they want all muslims to answer the call of jihad against white europeans, not Shia to fight with Sunni.

Sounds a lot like Canada 20% by 2060.

It is not out of the norm for guerrilla movements to have an outside sponsor, I even included some of it in the text I posted above.

When people start dying in opposition of mass rape and white genocide, there wont be a whole lot of ambiguity about it. People will realize that whites are being killed because they want to stop genocide and atrocities against their own people. Its not a matter of how to convince people to be okay with radical resistance, radical resistance convinces people to support itself. Once the ice is broken, people support those taking action. It escalates everyones awareness, they all suddenly learn about white genocide.

So pretty much Dylann Roof is a white Zarqawi btw, that could be said. Killing random niggers is only likely to cause tit-for-tat violence which results in whites opposing white genocide, in the end.

Yes, however, I'm wondering about the response of various IRA factions to seeing their country flooded with shitskins. To me, it appears like it could impede the progress of reunification as a large portion of the IRA hold almost identical ideals to most National Socialists. We have about 100k niggers from Africa in Australia and they are causing complete mayhem in the suburbs and cities they live in and that's out of an entire population of 25 million. I can't see the ultra nationalists in the IRA tolerating half a million niggers but it would be nice if an Irish user who has his finger on the pulse could elucidate.

Sorry for a triple post but Id like to be slightly more clear on that.
Zarqawi finds people who blow up innocent Shia, random people, markets. This is a recruitment method. But how can you say that? How can being an evil guy who blows people up randomly be recruiting when he does that?
As I pointed out, it provokes an angry response against his own sides innocents, random Sunnis, who then entirely because they were attacked in response to the suicide bombing, they end up as suicide bombers themselves, or guys with AKs in trucks launching mortars or whatever.
When the IRA blows stuff up, the UVF kills innocent catholics. When the UVF kills innocent catholics, more catholics join the IRA and blow stuff up. Its a self-feeding cycle. Once the cycle is begun, its almost impossible to stop.. especially if the problem only gets worse and worse every day, predictably.
White genocide isnt going away any time soon.

I have no actual connection to Irish rebels or anything like that, I merely studied them years ago out of an interest for Irish history and thats the truth. More recently I have taken an interest in their actual methods of operation. I would have to guess that by promising marxist socialism to non-whites Adams types plan to join Irish and Africans together to vote against Britain. Kinda missing the fucking point dont you think? Id rather Ireland be British run than mimic some bullshit rainbow South Africa.
I myself wonder what it must be like, the conversations between them. They havent to my knowledge expressed any outrage over the occupation of their land by non-whites, meanwhile the Italian mafia is saying they declare war.

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Guerilla forces are the ultimate meritocracy; you only fuck up once.
The regimes Zig Forums-aligned guerilla forces are going to be facing deliberately fill a number of sensitive positions with baboon-like creatures that can barely spell their own names.

Ive heard the Swedish army is saying their women are more hardy than their men, then men in the Swedish army are all limp wristed soyboy good goy leg draggers. Just look at that terrorist attack where the French got shit on for being cowards and not rushing the building fast enough or whatever, I forget which one it was. Thats probably what you can expect out of Sweden.

Governments are watching literally everything, and will attempt to monitor personal meetings as well if they deem it necessary. Governments have employed spies for thousands of years. The safest way of spreading information at this point is probably in real life, considering that the entire internet, especially TOR is logged and monitored.

What Anglin is preaching is actually not that bad. At least what I have read about his reaction to the explody-package guy.
Essentially he wants to prevent anyone who reads his site from doing something stupid. Which is smart. If anyone from his site or book clubs became violent, the feds might shut him down for good. He'd be arrested and thrown into a prison with niggers so they could shank him to death.
Engaging in a violent struggle against the government now would be a death sentence for everyone who attempted it. There is not a revolutionary atmosphere, nor is there a large subsection of the White population that would be willing to lift a finger to help. Most would just want the System to aprehend the White "terrorists" and return to watching their ball games and going to their shopping malls in peace.


another shill

You're stupid, Niglin is getting sued for harassing women, it has nothing to do with his political views.

Find a better job you $5 walmart rent-a-shills.

implying anyone even reads Niglins site anymore you shill.

What Niglin is trying to do is hijack a far right movement and move it to the left. He isn't red pilling anyone. He's shilling. Pure and simple.

No newfag. National Socialism is beyond your puny left-right paradigm. National Socialism is the Third Position.

Yeah, this is really obvious. You have to be a total retard to believe otherwise. They are obviously funded by (((someone))) to destabilize bad goy countries
vid related:

Attached: Rockwell-Political-Spectrum-The-US-Right-Wing-Picture.PNG (971x502, 257.6K)

I disagree with this boomer left-right paradigm.
Here are my critiques.
1. Anarchy doesn't exist. The concept is retarded for obvious reasons. Even self proclaimed anarchists follow leaders.
2. Communism requires totalitarian government. This is not me trying to be cute. You literally cannot have communism without 100% or close to 100% of people in a society (and according to communists themselves, "society" means the world population) being communists. Which is as nutty as the idea that 100% of people will adopt any belief. Thus communism requires force to compel everyone into obeying the ideology.
3. States rights are more authoritarian than democrats? In What world? Democracy in theory is 51% having tyranny over 49%. In practice, democracy is mass media corporations having near total control over 90% of the population and thus having total control over the government.
4. All these religious groups.
5. I'd rather be ruled by Genghis Khan than jews. At least Genghis Khan didn't destroy your culture if you didn't resist. America has slavishly followed every single command that the kikes issued and they STILL are trying to destroy America.

Of course. He's a bitter old man, more down to earth than Pierce, who has acknowledged that he's not the leader type.
He wants to attract leader types to lead the resistance he envisions, which is decentralized guerilla race war in the Northwest with specific long nosed targets in mind.
He wasn't a big prominent name in Rhodesia or Ireland or anything. The only thing he did in Ireland was radio broadcasts as far as I know. That's his position. To be more of a propagandist type.
The podcasts he does are all on the Northwest Front website.

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They're only a thing because of billions in Saudi, Israeli, and CIA money you fucking moron.

Also scaring arabs is absurdly easy. They're enormous cowards.

I agree that left-right doesn't really apply to questions of compulsion. Communist countries have had by far the most intrusive governments, but they're followed up by middle-eastern theocracies as a close second. Following left-right bullshit, they're opposite ideologies, but in actuality they're almost identical.

The Turner Diaries is a pretty close depiction of how an insurrection would look, but it's not particularly likely. Any active organization would get infiltrated and destroyed, likely through planted evidence and arrest. The Commies were so successful because it was the culmination of a centuries-long march through the institutions.

1. Infiltrate merchant ports through trade contacts and blend in.
2. Create banks, work together to indebt ministers, nobles, and kings
3. Use indebted officials to gain power over money printing / minting
4. Use money to fund puppet governments and revolutions against those that resist. Control of one country will be used to bankroll subversion of other countries.
5. Slowly subvert local culture until control is total.

Steps 1 - 3 are legal, or if illegal they're fraud which is hard to detect. Only in stages 4 & 5 is any physical violence happening, and that's after years of actions by a cohesive group that has learned how to blend in to the populace. By then, they've have years to get people into the political structure, police force, etc. If we ARE the populace, we need some way of ensuring group cohesion, like a shared ideology or religion. The problem is, if the group ideology directly challenges the ruling Jews, they'll make it goal #1 to subvert or destroy it. So the only groups that survive are the groups that are so outwardly banal and pointless that no one would bother to join, and if it's not explicitly clear somewhere in their rules that they are anti-Jew, they'll eventually get replaced or bribed into being pro-Jews. This can be seen by nearly every Christian denomination. The KKK and various militia honeypots have survived, yet GLR was assassinated. Background checks and loyalty tests are important, but they likely won't be enough to stop every infiltrator or turncoat.

Our only saving grace, and it's not much, is that the government is utterly dependent on us to keep running, so a breakdown is inevitable. When people get desperate, hopefully they'll fight back. In-group cohesion rises when the risk of death is near.

Essentially the left-right paradigm is broken beyond fixing. As seemingly every Marxist twat loves to point out, the paradigm originates from the French Revolution where the aristocracy sat on the King's right and the revolutionaries sat on his left. In actuality, the revolutionaries were middle class bourgeoisie but that is neither here nor there.
The issue is that this way of pigeonholing every other ism on the book as either left or right based on this one instance is specious. I can think of a thousand individual examples of ideologies that do not fit with this 18th century political paradigm. And it gets even worse in America where conservatism is considered right wing and liberalism is considered left wing. And even worse considering that liberalism doesn't even mean what liberals think it means.
So you have people arguing over terms they don't understand and positions that don't mean anything using an 18th century political paradigm that doesn't even work.
Most political leaders, "left" or "right" do not rule based on the ideas that they claim to champion. They rule based on what works to keep them in power. And promoting the fake left-right paradigm helps divide people in the same way that political parties divide people.
If people voted on issues instead of on party politics, most people would vote for less immigration, more autonomy, less taxes, and less of everything that harms them on an individual basis. Take Brexit for instance.
But instead you have a bunch of know nothing conservatives who think that environmentalism is bad because they're right wing and environmentalism is left wing. And you have a herd of pseudo sophisticate liberals who hate closing the borders because they're told that that's right wing. Even though open borders destroys unions and collective barganing for workers that they also claim to sympathize with.

guerrila fighting, lik revolutions, work only if you have a majority support from the locals or if youre backed by foregein powers.
the paris commune collapsed in on itself, like the spanish communes.
meanwhile the VC that had full support in vietnam or ISIS that had american and saudi backing managed to prevail against much stronger armies

Assad has mostly won though.