Girlfriend? Just need a girlfriend?

Give me a best advice how to get gf and she should be and meet 5 requirements.

1.) atheist.
2.) An awesome.
3.) Bigger and stronger also very tall.
4.) Should have a job
5.) She must able to dominate me.

I will have gf not just for sex but for talking too.

How to get it in a simple way?

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Most Indian mom should be in forced labour camp and get gassed because they are defective and a conservative.

Sometime Indian dad can be included in case of both.

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lel, kill yourself. I can already see the steam of yours is running out as a starving commie rat.

My favourite 1st crush

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I am not a commie you piece of shit

2nd crush 19 years old woman

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Another 3rd crush

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In 06/04/18 i was in fucking street.
In 27 March I was in street
You won't even fucking know which Cities I live

Cry more, faggot. These threads are as disappointing as your previous failures. Why not reflect on your life. Oh wait, you don't have one, because this is all that you have left.

I don't cry. I need gf

Man, I can already hear you hitting the keyboard furiously like a first class asperger. Here's a hint to you, it all end with everyone forgetting about it.

Lmao you are far away and can't even heard me.
I need gf.
I will be businessman and won't be forgetten

Kikey even these threads won't hide the fact that this board is dead.

This board is not dead.
I need gf

wew, none of this is really you. What a bathetic excuses you are tying to bring up now? More of your autism and embarassing yourself again?
Or are you really trying to call this as your hard work. Don't make me laugh. On second thought, you truly are a fucking joke.

As shitposting goes, this is the weakest to have afflicted Zig Forums. What happened to our standards? Sad.

I know this is not a hard work.
I do hard work
I need gf and I prefer awesome woman than dumbass.
I will have gf not just for fucking sex.
I am not a joke.
I am perfect

Deal with it because I am not getting gf that why I am doing this.
I need gf

How about making something "original" that suits to your standards and taste. Something that reflects your life.
I got it. How about using frequently the word "cumskin". That will truly make you look funny and witty.

The only chances you have are with Cyanide-chan or possibly 9mm-chan. Make your first kiss the sweet kiss of death. Wizards don't accept retards anyway.

Wizard don't exist in real life.
Why Will I kiss to death?



Asking stranger woman I will get slap dumbass.
In India it is difficult to get gf and woman won't be open minded due to society pressure

better than being a shitskin

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I don't look like him.
I have olive skin and it is cool skin.

I don't have shitskin.
I look beautiful

As obvious as some antifaggot shilling his dead commie ideas in Steve Huffman aka "Spez" is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal, owns reddit. Begging people to keep his insignificance afloat.

Then go somewhere else with open minded people

You are Indian, your skin is covered in feces

I am not commie and nazi.
I support capitalism and socialism and will not support extreme of ism.
"Steve Huffman"
I don't even know him
I am not rapist.
Remember I will fuck woman with her consent.
She say no to sex then I won't fuck her
I am sexually frustrated doesn't mean I am rapist.


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It is difficult in India you don't know

I didn't ask if it would be easy or say it would be easy.
Do you want a gf or not?

You are a jew

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Yes I really want gf.

I am not jew.
An atheist therefore an Ex Hindu.

Where have I seen this image beforeā€¦

By the way, what a skinny faggy arm that is.

You posted proof you are a Jew , right here

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Then go somewhere that has approachable people.
If people where you are don't want to talk, why are you still trying to talk to them?

I eat meat.
However I eat less
Remember I look beautiful.
I am stronger.
I can afford food dumbass

You edited the photo.
I am not jew

Go where.
I don't have friends.
In India female in bar most of them are criminal and wanna trap man.
You dumbass.
I wish I never born in India

No wonder you type like some wimp. Threads are weak, posts are weak and the very attempts are weak.


bone skinny, you can't afford any food

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No I won't kill myself dumbass.
I need gf

I can dumbass.
You dumbass.
Skinny and beautiful.
I became skinny due to my genes dumbass

Nothing is weak

That's not how genes work

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You're asking for a shut-in to do something which he already does, but it's a slow process.

Don't worry in the future skinny will be gone but I still look beautiful.

What big boy??

Need gf.
Where is the advice?

He really has that mindset

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He's skinny because all he could afford is rats

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No advice only shitposting

speaking of ugly commies.

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faggot has the nerve to call his mom defective cause shes conservative XD. If you want your atheist lover in niggerstan , the only atheist lover you will get is niggercock is stupid fuck.

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My mom can be conservative sometime.
Although sometime she is little bit defective.
Dad also conservative

Boo fucking hoo.

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Conservatives are smarter than you. Enjoy being a Jewish atheist and having nothing in common with your fellow countrymen. Retard

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Conservative and stupid liberal sucks.
I need gf.
I am cool liberal.
I am not jewish atheist or a hindu atheist.

I am just an atheist. Dumbass

/Leftypol didn't give me any proper advice.

reported and deported

ask r9k

Lmao what a joke.

I need gf

R9k sucks too.
I ask in r9k and they still didn't give me a proper advice.
I need gf

my, my~
Losing your touch already? And it doesn't have 100 replies already. What a disappointment.

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Sounds like you need A SEXCHANGE. Go ahead, if you're not uggo, nobody cares.

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What are these threads? Why is this faggot still here?

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I don't need sex change.
Dumbass I am proud to be male but I don't mix well with boys.
I love woman

I am not commie.
I hate left and right wingers

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I am not faggot.
I need gf

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Thats not beneficial , that would mean the sex change would make him a man.

It is a new pajeet AI. It used smaller boards to gain data, and now it uses those imput to take revenge on Zig Forums for making pajeet jokes.

It's a faggot who thinks that he's funny and original.

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I am not AI.
I don't know how to program a shit.
You dumbass.
Fuck you.
I fallen asleep
I need gf.
I am not pajeet.
I look a most beautiful

I really need gf.
It is not funny that I don't have gf

Cry more.

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I don't need a fucking sex change.
I am male but don't mix well with male.
I like female

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I won't cry.
I need gf