The Zucc Testifies Live Mega Thread #2

Manlet Facebook CEO live before Congress Mega Thread #2

The one and only robot lizard meme machine awkwardly drinks water live! Don't let your memes be dreams!

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Did that cunt ask facebook for gibs?

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It's late here, good night brothers.

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No shit.

pls gib fiber optics


Just tuned in, and first impression: this supposed 'grilling' is way too chummy.

Sleep well knowing facebook will soon have an AI god not taller than a common toddler.

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Can't stop those "campaign donations" from coming in.

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It's similar to the 8th grade level, stage managed faggotry one used to see at Presidential debates.

They're concerned about him collecting data, it getting out, and they want people like him access to everything their constituents do on the internet.

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the only good one was the lady that brought up the real shit, Total information awareness.

I just got here. Is he actually being questioned or are they just sucking his dick for more money and data?

he just nodded there
and didnt say yes

A lot of it depends on who is asking the questions. Some senators are throwing softball questions because they don't want to alienate their constituency while others are softballing it because King Zucc pays for their campaign.

You have to really dig in to find the meat and potatoes.

Never forget. Obama and Hillary did this all far worse. (((They))) are mad Zuck failed them by letting their weapon get into Trump's hands.

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A little bit of both tbh

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some pretending of the first but mainly the second

Noticed that, too. Not to mention him looking entirely uncomfortable. Softballing faggot didn't even push him with 'was that a yes?'

Yes satan, there have been a few good exchanges.

Didn't hear a
What a lying piece of shit kike. God damn this whole thing is filling me with rage

top kek



He's not under oath. He can say/not say whatever the hell he wants. It's a dog and pony show.


I'm convinced kennedy still there because he simply has nothing else to do


they get paid for this by the way. Meanwhile we're here doing it all for fun

notice how half of them even fucking left or are texting on their phones



Who is this fat fuck questioning him?

oh shit

it's lacking a good ol neckbeard reeeeing about deleted meme pages tbh

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do you find Mr. Tester testing?



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Tester was a real nigga

I mean, just put Christie Kreme on there and it'll do the trick

Why the fuck are all these cunts acting like this is just some big chore for Cuck?
"oh sorry we had to drag you out here,please forgive us for keeping you here. is your seat cushion soft enough sir? would you like a backrub while we proceed?"

Kill it with fire.

holy shit. They panned out and there's like 4 of them left

Are you fucking retarded?

He donated to nearly off of their campaigns.

off all


The more he talks the more tech illiterate I think he might be, sounds like he's been reading from a script and just memorized shit overnight.

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Oh god this ought to be good the guy is a total sperg he will crumble under the pressure.

Would've been great to shitpost in a livestream thread while Howard Hughes rapes corrupt, retarded Senators.

I feel like he remember his "human looking classes" sporadically, it's killing me

Not any of that here

He isn't actually processing the questions. He has a bunch of canned responses that where written by FB legal. He just selects and plugs in the best canned response like a tech support bot.

The fuck is this old timer babbling about

Hearing this old fuck makes me afraid death

I never realised how much of a manlet he was. Even that gook in the background is taller than him, I guess that's why he married (an ugly) one. He cannot stand next to the average jewess or white woman.

old guy is boring as fuck lol

Reptilian is supposed to be a meme but I'll be damned if Zuckerberg doesn't look like the embodiment of an albino lizard person.

Please help us change public opinion, Mr. Zuckerberg.


I legitimately have no idea.

Did the geezer just spit on himself?

I demand at least six gorllion babby seat zuck maymays

That was pretty cringey.


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He's just remembering the 40's

It started out as a question about political bias, and then descended into complete waffle.

That had to be the longest blowjob I have ever seen.

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"How many people have been blackmailed or extorted from data you've collected and given to others?"

Wait no the Comey hearing was a bit longer.
Was one of them just trying to celebrate with Zuck?

even his hair looks like a yarmulke

He IS a reptilian just like the rest of his tribe. I mean, have you seen his TIME mag cover?

YO, lemme git dat yam-aka cut nigga

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I wasn't the only one that saw and heard one of the speakers go up to Zuck and ask him for over for a cocktail right?

Why are you surprised? He helps fund most of them.

Reminder about the committee chairman, he was paid off along with many others

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I'm just surprised they would do it while the cameras and mics are still hot.
They could at least pretend this isn't just bread and circus.


They're desperate and afraid, and their various shit schemes are getting found out. Their main turn and hopes are on mueller, and clearly they stupidly just revealed in transparency their intention of influencing any and all elections in their interest, meanwhile trying to censor the "hate speech".
If this tells you anything, it should be that: They're terrified. They're slipping up and making mistakes over and over in their panic.

That's exactly what is happening. Trump is the best thing to happen to America in decades simply because he terrifies the (((establishment))) so very much.

I never thought when I was learning about how government work, 30 years ago, that all it really meant was open and unlimited bribery by evil corporations and fanatical billionaires.

Term limits and banning bribery? Hell no, that would be common sense and might actually be the way to not have the US disintegrate like the Roman empireā€¦. just shows how bad things are that this sort of thing is just the accepted norm. And they're still pushing the envelope for more degeneracy.

The dead can torment no one.

They pierced my hands and my feet, I may tell all my bones.

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How about we just FORCE FB to crash.

Way too soon after getting his human mask redone. The eyeholes aren't quite fit on correctly, and the hair hasn't been fully implemented.

Please tell me someone made an mp4/webM of Grassly's closing statement where he is begging Zuckerberg to help Congress control the goyim better, and the Jew behind Zuckerberg is practically breaking down in tears during the whole thing.

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