Immigration vs (((deportation)))

We are a planet of immigrants.

Everyone in this planet has ancestors that immigrated or they themselves are immigrants. Heck, many of us have become immigrants in foreign nations, and established our service for the sake of our persons, our family, and even the new nation.

Kind of going off topic, but I'm curious, how many immigrants are here on 8/pol/?

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False. Immigrants only exist when entering an existing nation.

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European colonization is completely justified then?

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Going to other lands and living there is nothing bad, shooting villagers because your men were stressed after being 4 months on seas is not.

Colonization was good, but murder sprees and acts of genocide was not.

We can solve the esoteric immigrant problem by legalizing them.

Latin American countries as degenerate, violent and Judaized as they are "Americanized".
Latin America is not white, yes there can be white skinned, blonde haired and blue eyed aryan archetypes living out there, that doesn't mean 70% of their populations even come close to that, barely 10% or less actually do.

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>Latin America is not white
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Immigrant is not the same thing as colonist.

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