Alaska Airlines pilot accused of rape sues co-pilot, carrier amid 'false #MeToo claims'

Alaska Airlines pilot accused of rape sues co-pilot, carrier amid 'false #MeToo claims'

By Janine Puhak | Fox News

Officials at Alaska believed that the pair may have violated the airline’s ten-hour alcohol rule during the work trip, which prohibits pilots from consuming alcohol within ten hours of duty.
Pina’s false claims defamed Engelien, invaded his privacy, decimated his life and career, and caused him severe distress,” Engelien's lawsuit states, arguing that Alaska’s human resources advisor lead a “negligent, flawed and pretextual [internal] investigation” regarding the claims.

The lawsuit also states that Pina was previously involved in a similar incident during her time working for Alaska in May 2017, during which she reportedly “drank too much, blacked out, then later blamed others,” the Times reports.

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Comments section must have been rich. Seattle paper goodified it.

Seattle Times news researcher Miyoko Wolf contributed to this report. Lewis Kamb: [email protected] or (206) 464-2932. Twitter @lewiskamb

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Typical lying cunt destroying a man's career and ruining his life.

NEVER fraternize with women in your workplace. If you must have any type of interaction with women, make sure it's on camera or at least recorded. Never be in any office alone with women. Keep a log of everything you do at work and the times you do it if you work with women. This sounds paranoid, but once you get hauled into court by some lying cunt or hauled in front of HR, you'll be glad you did all this…and it WILL happen to you.

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The trick is that the pilots' cabin is filmed AND recorded 24/7, with all of it stored in the plane's blackbox. But of course, some kike judge rules that the blackbox is not to be opened.

He made the mistake of going to the crew lounge in the hotel.

Don't hotel lounges also have cameras?

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If they have it in a suite, then no. Since she's manufacturing a date rape accusation, she's obviously assuming they don't have any footage. If they have any footage, then obviously his attorney needs to get it.

Even if there is a camera and no evidence the captain spiked her drink, he still made an enormous mistake by going to a room with her. The best advice is avoid all fraternizing like that. Now his life is destroyed.

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One begets the next

They're ALL simply women who drank too much and subsequently find themselves needing an excuse for behavior perpetrated under the influence.
This is, by the way, the same dynamic which drives FALSE RAPE ALLEGATIONS. A need for an alibi.


I have never even seen a female airline pilot in my entire life. Thanks for letting us know not to ever fly with Alaskan Airlines.

There's a reason for that.

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Best comment I have read so far;
"…If no criminal charges were filed on the pilot by her…" How is Alaska Airlines responsible for the alleged raped?

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