Jewish professor proves Cultural Marxism exists while trying to debunk

The Alt-Right’s Favorite Meme Is 100 Years Old
‘Cultural Marxism’ might sound postmodern but it’s got a long, toxic history.

By (((Samuel Moyn)))

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If you agree with the following paragraph you are DELIRIOUS!


Samuel Moyn (@samuelmoyn) is a professor of law and history at Yale and the author, most recently, of “Not Enough: Human Rights in an Unequal World.”

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I don't understand how the best they can manage is always vapid word salad. Like this was a poor attempt at even being subversive I am mind boggled.


When you're short on facts and moral high ground there's always filibustering.
Baffle them with bullshit.

Are we talking about cultural marxism, protocols, or international jewry here?

Moyn has no argument because he knows Cultural Marxism is real and he is actively participating in its promotion.

This article is a slight of hand for the unaware goyim and a dog whistle for his fellow Jewish Suprematists.

The whole word salad just fleshing out the article to make it seem scientific.
They key programming terms for the NPC are 'cultural marxism doesnt exist'.

So when the NPC learns about cultural marxism they will just dismiss it as something that doesnt exist.

It’s just like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
It’s a forgery goyim even reading it is antisemetic.

Why do they call it a forgery? Doesn’t forgery imply that there’s an original? Hmmmmm……

Every headline these days is “TRUMP CLAIMS, WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE, OF (fill in the blank)”

So no need to read the article goyim, go back to sleep.

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Aren't they pretty much the same things with different facades on them?

Either that or:
No we arent going to tell you who are sources are just trust us you morons

This guy is just doing the same old useful idiot trick of trying to argue that X does not exist.
"X is not real because political authorities of Z haven't acknowledged it's existence, and scholars A, B, & C haven't seen any evidence. Therefore by as a layperson who is totally not trying to push a personal belief I can declare such a thing does not exist, as there is no evidence."

Last part is key, arguments that try to close along the line of there is no evidence could also mean the author did not find any evidence or doesn't meet their own personal standard.

You got my point


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i hope no one goes to yale and shoots him, that would suck for optics real bad

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Oy vey please dont do anything to hurt the optics! You're going ruin the 1000 year plan for the slow creep of national socialism into the government! It wont accomplish anything goy!

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You better respect those damn optics you filthy 1488er hitlerist wignat sperg terrorists

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hard to imagine someone being so Jewish they attack their own race and laugh it off

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YAWN. No one cares what fucking jews have to say about anything. This moshe motherfucker is just filling up space for his fellow hebrews to queef on twitter about something. Soon they'll all go in ovens.

I… Fucking what?

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its real Schorst a jew stole it from one of their kike lodges. Justine Glinka purchased it he pulled a Madoff they are disturbing low IQ liars.

That's not what forgery means, retard. To forge a piece of writing is to create something fake and claim someone else wrote it. How did you find this board while being this illiterate?

I'll just leave this here.

Replace anti-Asian with anti-White.
Unz admits his article wouldn't have gained so much attention had the article emphasized anti-White bias at the hands of kikes rather than anti-Asian bias at the hands of "(((Whites)))".

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It's just to give their work a professional formal image. Image is all that matters to those types.

Their shtick has been for them to make you deny the blatant favoritism that you observe as "delusions". They believe that we derive our worldview from that reading that material first as opposed to using that material as an explanation for those occurrences.

The belief in "Cultural Marxism" didn't come people reading about the Frankfurt school first, it served as an explanation as to why leftist views are given a public platform while right wing views are denied one. Conservative speakers are met with riots and deplatforming, whereas left-leaning speakers are left untouched.

Regardless if it's origins are false or not, it doesn't negate the fact that there is favoritism towards the interests of Jews and Leftists.

And to forge a signature is to attempt to replicate the original so well nobody can tell the difference.
How did you get so arrogant that you think you are the arbiter of language? Are you jewish?
Perhaps they should have called it a fabrication so it was clear, but that would have taken high IQ, and foresight.

The level of logic you are using right now is that one specific instance of something being done can be used to describe all cases involving that action or idea. By your logic (all forgeries are copies, even though the meaning of the word 'forgery' doesn't suggest anything is copied), it could also be said that all terrorism is religious in nature, or that all racism is done by white people, or that if someone buys a car it must be a shiny new hybrid. You do realise people have forged paintings to try and sell them as original art by the masters, right? Why would they copy a painting that already exists to do that? How about the hundreds of forged Shakespeare stories, have you even heard of them?

You're thinking in oversimplying, categorical terms, like a braindead leftist. Next you're going to tell me something about intersectionality, aren't you? Fuck off with your unintelligent rambling.

Nice fucking Reddit spacing, by the way, faggot.

Go away and never come back Shlomo.

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Now that's a PoisonPill. Jews created christianity to control the goycattle. Christianity is why jews still exist in our fatherlands today!


I didn't read that kiked shit past the part about whatever novel Victoria is and how it sounds like a good read.

What the fuck?

The jew cannot help itself. It must constantly kvetch and screech. It's in the very nature of the kike to overplay its hand and kvetch and screech itself all the way into the oven.


It's a shame that this crap actually works to reinforce their message to all the cattle. They aren't trying to convince us, they're trying to make another feedback loop that works in their favor.

You got fucking wrecked, stupid jew.


The fool. Will be used for ages.

Thanks for selling more books.

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Editorializing in the headline. It's bad enough they use editorial biased snark in places like the Jew York Times, but now it's in the headlines for the busy NPC.

Yeah, just like how lesbians supposedly had less child abuse because the (((social workers))) were reluctant to report it.

He's five years too late. They erased the (((Wikipedia))) entry for culmarx around when GamerGate was still new.

The "it doesn't exist, goy, you're delusional" was actually an important redpill on the JQ for me. Don't think this article might also have some unintentional consequences.

Take heed, this is what pilpul looks like. He's saying a lot but it's really all semantics and unfair comparisons, this is a classic Jewish debate tactic.


Yep, pilpul.jpg for sure.

Cultural Marxist claims there is no Cultural Marxism

Our new useful idiot. We could not have chosen better.