Hey guys, I have a question that some of you might be able to answer; If one were,hypothetically...

Hey guys, I have a question that some of you might be able to answer; If one were,hypothetically, curious about the chemistry behind high explosives…

Where would one go to look for more information on the subject?

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Zig Forums I think or local library; chemistry section

Zig Forums has far fewer hits, and 4/k/ isn't nearly as good.

Did you really need to make a new thread for this dumbass?

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So you will have to learn it yourself using Chemistry manuals. {shrug} doesn't seem so bad, look forward to the challenge of discovering something new rather than just following a recipe.

user, I'm not going to answer your question here and I advise everyone else to also avoid answering your question.
You should have asked this in QTDDTOT.
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TNT is an old recipe, no matter how much (((they))) try (((they)))'ll never be able to censor each and every copy of the formula

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Have you tried research articles? Are you a student? Take a chemistry class if you want to learn. Making shit is going to be more dangerous than you think. Good luck blowing yourself up you absolute idiot. You don't have the education, materials or equipment to do this and you know it. There's a reason all insurgencies have dedicated groups supplying them. You usually need a chemical engineer to set up production of such things. Sure, you can do some cute shit with fuel tabs for camping stoves, but buying enough of any material for such simple processes in a first world country might as well redirect you to the fbi. Which it should. I am so sick of you fucking siegefag, terrorism promoting glowinthedark faggots shitting up this board with your shitty, low effort threads. Zig Forums is a board of peace. Here's how you make RDX, dump fuming red nitric acid into a liter of benzene in a small enclosed space and have someone lock the door from the outside so we never have to see you post here again (this might actually make a little rdx before it has runaway nitration occur and fucking explodes while emitting poisonous gasses, good luck you fucking dumbass, you have no idea what you are doing you fed fuck).

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I'm a masters student in the sciences, just not chemistry. So I'm more interested in how one would, hypothetically, purify materials that I can't put on my grants, than I am interested in the mechanics of the chemistry. Most of that I know.

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Chemists do chemistry, you can't make crazy concentrated acids look benign. If you are seriously saying that you are in the sciences and can't look this shit up, you are a fed.


Fucking read.

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b-ok. xyz has hundreds or even thousands of chemistry textbooks on every niche topic imaginable. pludls tons of military manuals and textbooks on rocketry and nuclear physics. old military manuals from WW2 are great because the fundamentals have changed very little since then, and there is so much info from that era simply sitting in the wide open public. best bet is to also scan footnotes for references to academic papers, then look those papers up on sci-hub.

use Tor for both b-ok and sci-hub. wouldn't want to just give away your search history to NSA's XKEYSCORE. at least make the Glowniggers break a sweat to spy on your harmless research done purely out of curiosity to help improve the world. as a bonus, if you do grlet caught, then that tips us off that NSA is bulk decrypting Tor, since how else would they know what you were reading?

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Hello my glow in the dark friend. I see you post on Zig Forums as well. ha ha ha. I hope the pdf allows you to laugh out loud (LOL) I can't even remember where I found it, I think it was /diy/ or some kind of pony forum, but I would still argue that n.glyc is not to be messed around with and I assume you are merely a writer gracing the chans for some inspiration for all those hypothetical stories you spoke of.


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