Think about it

The pursuit of power only leads to death. The pursuit of peace shares a similar fate. The pursuit of balance leads to freedom and freedom for those who seek power means death. I want those who seek power to stop so we can seek balance.

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So? What are you going to do about it?

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I didn't say that… don't misquote me faggot.

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It's funny how your and everybody else's rational and logical balance just happens to be whatever is in the ideological middle ground of the zeitgeist you find yourselves in. It's almost as if you don't actually have any beliefs and are just pursuing a conflict avoidant/hedge betting survival strategy.

refer to the meme.
Still, we need balance, not power.
It was part of a sentence.


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You'd be wrong about that sonny boy. I believe in God and the pursuit of bettering ones self is set upon being less selfish. If a conflict does happen, I'm all in.

Yeah, that's what we want. At least 6 billion people will need to be exterminated if we are to fix our country.

Neat numerals hereby confirmin'
God gets the Jew boys squirmin'

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I am checking

How so? Please elaborate. I'm curious as to how you came to that conclusion.

I had no idea… maybe chaos is with me and not you?

I see you!

Nice get.
Also I think he liken that to the Ring of Gyges from platos republic .

the act of being alive leads to death.

Nope, that was just fucking common sense bro.
Never read the Ring of Gyges from Plato.

If all we have to look forward to is death, then, what do have to look forward to? Don't be so damn nihilistic.

Making a name for yourself that is remembered and carried on, making you truly immortal.

Balance means being both, or in-between absolutes, which isn't possible. Theoretically the only way to be balanced is to break free from the duality that rules the universe, but that's impossible. So, double nigger, choose a side to play for, team life, or team death.

So, being famous is your measure of immortality? Dumb ass. How did Hemingway die again?

Uhh well it's subjective but one form is offspring, another's history ie remembrance.. values … what you accept really

Seriously found the jew. Truth be told, we stopped fighting and when that happened we let jews install a central banking system (when (((Abraham))) Lincoln and JFK tried to stop it, they were murdered). Tell me more Moshe.

You're talking about a legacy, nigger… tell me! What is Nikola Tesla's legacy?

Hey, so 00b609 gets dubs, calls you a double nigger, then you think you found a jew? You are as fresh as they come. Ironic shitposting was a mistake.

Cute repeaters.

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The fact that you know of nikola tesla is his legacy .

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It depends on how you interpret it really. One could say that fighting on /ourside/ could count as fighting for team life, but, there are some absolute truths, so this implies there are limits as to what can be considered as team life or death. The answers can all be found in the natural world.



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if script, nice. share plox
if handcrafter, honorable, but make it a script

Here, have my black sun gif I was saving for a special day

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t-thanks user

Don't you mean objective truths which associate as absolute ?

How the fuck will we ever know until glow niggers allow us to? I mean the fact that a company exists in his name isn't enough… eat a fucking electric sandwich retard.

Calling me "fresh", is that the jews trying to appropriate "newfag". Eat another foreskin Moshe.

The fact that most people that do about Niki boy and think that he had a love affair with a pigeon speaks volumes of a man that was trying to transmit electricity for free across the world but he died in obscurity. BTW dudu head… his towers are now being tested Texas.

Good shoutout bro!

This but unironically.

If you push someone down, they will have a reason to fight and push you down. Then you feel resentment for being pushed down and attempt to push them down. Repead ad infinitum.

Congrats potato… you know how to link.

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Language is alive. Keep your fat face out of it, fart eater. You do realize the star of david is a prision made of words to keep you from stirring action, right? If you aren't making new words and being creative with your linquistics you are trapped in their mindgame.

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From the get go… I got a jew to post first. use my meme.

Basically yes

You do realize I did that with my OP meme stupid. Wanna try again? "In the beginning there was God and God was the word". Hey, kike… you disappoint me.

Truth is never objective. Don't be obtuse faggot.

You do realize you literally said "I want those who seek power to stop" then denied it the next post. That is text book definition of Jew. Nothing you say can convince otherwise. Your only hope for redemption is to report your own thread so mods delete it in pity. Sadski

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Oh the cycle

You read any good hermitic books lately ?

So it's subjective then, bias on your choice unconscious or conscious ?

I don't think you get the meme. At least you're trying. I'm a fat greasy jew. Good job broski

Ooh, I like that question. When does it become conscious?

Ya, this one in pic related.

Why don't you go call someone a faggot? You know, a bundle of sticks? You know, the word derived from fascist?

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LOL a bundle of sticks is fascist? Now you want me to come to you so I can expose myself? You people have no honor or any sense of loyalty. You'd attack my family, my friends and anything you could get your hands on… KYS

I'm going to response with when it is needed. Because if it's was what is to follow doesn't that make it as it is, which you see objectively.That you would follow it unconsciously naturally?

I know this now… I set this off on purpose. For a purpose. I have my info. Maybe you're better off this way. Lost, sad and alone. Stop playing dead.

Do you want to try that street shit sentence again?

Oo day oo yay eek spay ig pay atin lay?

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at least make it a gif guy.

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You breath air without thinking about it but when you focus on it, it become conscious. Thats when it is in need to complete a desire, in your mind. But when something is unconscious it'll follow without it being in need until the desire or focus.

Kids kids are gonna look back at this thread some day.

touché *smile

Yeah? When you think about what you want to say, who's telling you what to say? You or your inner being (aka your subconcious)? This kind of thing always makes me wonder what Jesus learned or taught in Asia.

The fact that you think this relevant enough to save for posterity makes me feel a sense of fulfillment. We'll see if they can even speak english and understand it enough to understand the words in your "archive". You wonder why latin is dead?

I'm getting that on a t-shirt with pic related.

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Read the Dune series. I generally don't encourage reading fiction but it covers all of this in incredible detail.

Balance won't come from seeking it, but on its own. Without power there is nothing but entropy. Total power would be stagnation. Balance come from the struggle between these.

It is important to remember that we will never 'win', in the sense some of the delusional lunatics on here rant about. If there were ever some point of total victory, an end to the struggle, it would lead to stagnation and decay. In many ways, this is what already happened to us.

This is why we must not despair our struggle, our struggle is necessary, our struggle will only make us stronger.If we are held down for a thousand years it will only be the more glorious when we smash this wretched world and win, and we will have been made the stronger for that struggle.
We are not deserving of the world we desire, not yet, the only balance that exists is within struggle.

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I'd buy one… you should see my shot group. I'll upload it.

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I like what Jesus said about honor thy mother and father was probably onto something. Honor is in harmony, but to what? Who is to honor, character ie you and mother can be emotions and father … logic.

"Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Except for Marcus Auerlius, and that's part of the problem. There's nothin' quite like this guy in the whole of human history.

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Me too. I like what he said too. Honor is conjunction to honesty. Who knows what Marry was talking about. TBH, who care, the truth about loyalty exists. Even to this day, I don't what Jesus' mom was talking about. If she was a jew, I'm pretty sure she was upset that he didn't kill all non jews (gentiles). After, that, I don't know and IDC.

What does power confined produce nigger/kike/jew/stalin?

I will say this… I've read the archive on this and it shows I'm getting tired but the wits about me never left me.

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All the thing I've said, they were all derived from Seinfeld.

LOL yup. Do you know why the left can't meme? Wojak was a weak meme… but he "evolved". "Orange man bad"… "Or is He".

I can say whatever I want… that is the power of NPC meme.

Yes. Glorious.

The biggest buzzword of the decade.
It has to be.
What next? good and evil are equal but opposite forces and they both have legitimacy?

Pro-tip: good can exist without evil, but evil can only exist as a parasite on good.
Good and evil are not relative and neither are truth and falsehood.

Balance, my ass.

Suck it up faggot.

Fuck off kike.
We will continue to seek power because your inhuman tribe has sought power and won.
We're playing YOUR game now and when you are ousted from power and shot, you'll have no one to blame but yourself.
YOU cause anti-Semitism with your actions.

Just freaking don't lie about people. Don't knowingly lie, make a good faith effort not to accidentally lie, try to make right when you discover your good faith effort was muck, and generally don't stalk+abuse people. Everyone is vulnerable someday. I've been there, in both roles, and I'd rather nobody else was. I got the benefit of some of the people who hurt me realizing they made mistakes and doing their best to set things right. I for my own part have made past mistakes, I did my best to set things right, and now I'm not contributing to a world that makes people vulnerable like that in the future.

So have I made myself more powerful or less powerful? Have I made myself more peaceful or less peaceful? Shouldn't take a genius to notice both my graphs moved in the same direction there. Peace and power can be the same thing, especially the power that's worth something: the power to live a better life in a better world.

I mean, there's a sense in which the right answer is, power shmower, everyone has power. You want to change the world? Shoot someone. Anyone. It's gandalfy disruptive and makes everyone poorer.

That's the thing about power. Most power is raw muck. Use it and suffer. Power to make the world a better place is so hard to find, sometimes it involves putting down what looks like power and not using it at all. You're living in the same world as everyone else. Who is on top might fluctuate. Be part of good patterns where people are honest and helpful to each other, and defy the people who hurt others. That's an attractive sort of power that you doesn't leave you vulnerable to the shifting tides.

If the only people who have grudges against you are evil, you're doing something right. If you can redeem evil, you're doing something awesome.

Is this the fabled power of retardation I heard so much about?
It truly is astonishing how much I will enjoy seeing the jewish species get eradicated.

Just be careful not to decide your opponents are all evil just as a way to salve your conscience. Sick potatoes (prob not clever but maybe someone will get it) always see themselves as victims, no matter how irrelevant their targets are. Making the evil vulnerable can just be making someone vulnerable if you don't temper it with humility. Not everyone who can be labeled evil actually is.

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Jesus saves, I don't but I'll just take your advice and not listen to some of it.

The pursuit of anything ultimately leads to death. Point?

No. That is not what I said but it is appointed man once to die.
After that, he will be judged.
I don't look forward to that judgement… do you?

When the jews ordered the death of Jesus, what was it for?
When the Romans killed Jesus, what was it for?
*fast forward
When the war of 1776 started, what was it for?
When the war of 1812 started, what was it for?
When the first "world war" started, what was it for?
When the second "world war" started, what was it for?
Cui Bono?- Who benefits.
You just disappoint me.

We will be free one day to experience what God gave us.
We just just have to fight the destroyer of worlds, a man has declared again, he is God.
WE will win because because faith is everlasting. It's just happenstance that whites possess
more faith and imagination than most.
I imagine a beautiful world. Jews use niggers to destroy it. The day will come and as they say
"Winter is coming".
Have you ever wondered why we refuse to die? This the fire that is rising to burn it all down.
In ten years, they will study us, in 100 years they will still wonder how primitive man was able
to defeat liars. Not once did I mention jews and that is because they don't have a monopoly on
Peter said it right and he was righteous. He never betrayed Jesus. I dare the people reading this to read this
and research and learn.
Then again, maybe you're too weak to understand and you're better off this way. You fucking disappoint me.
My point: we will die one day, don't fear it. Embrace it. See it because you either die gloriously, or
die in silence, or you die with a whimper or you (just maybe) decide how you die. I have decided how I will go.
My ancestors won't be disappointed. I have time left and it is appointed unto man to die once… I won't waste it.
I leave all of you with this. Pic related- get on my level.

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I'm not an idiot… if I were to kill anyone it wouldn't be a shitty SINagogue. Did i just put myself on a watch list?
I hope they have time because that's all I have and I am watching them and WE are taking names. To be more succinct… I mean no harm to any man that means no harm to me.
Now, I'm talking to you FBI/CIA, prepare for a perfect enemy. We are coming.

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To the jews reading this… pontificate more on this site. Your time for honoring yourself is coming to an end. You came for our children. A line you continue to cross. The day will come when you won't have a chance to regret it. *big ass smile while you scream in flames

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All brown people on earth will need to be killed, along with all white leftists.

I'm on a good one my son. I don't need his angels on this one. We are amassing.
It's going to be a terrible end for those who oppose us and to those who capitulate…
no mercy will be shown. Not this time. NOT THIS TIME!!!

Race war is the only path to balance. Only when whites remain can we progress. The only humans are white. The rest are malignant tumors that need excising. All human achievement can be mapped to when whites were separated and allowed to advance science, art, culture, and everything in between. Mohammeds invasions prevented advancement and nearly ended the world in the Dark Ages. Battle of Vienna was the single most important battle to date. All would be darkness if they had failed. Only after repelling the mudslimes did the renaissance and enlightenment uplift humanity. Everything has been stagnated and stymied by the subraces since the end of WWII. Casting off the anchors and deadweight is the only future left to us. If we fail, the world ends with us.

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Usually kill people, snuff their kids, and burn cities to the ground.

radical beliefs that don't work, yet incels follow anyways because nogf?

hard to find gf when their all trafficked or prostituted out of the country.

A war requires combatants. Niggers and leftist retards are a moot point. Personally, I don't consider myself wholly white. But my DnC bro… you didn't name the jew and neither did I. You need to understand and read again about the enlightenment and also, DO WAY MORE RESEARCH INTO THE DARK AGES! See what the monks did in regards to science.

Hey, newfaggot pos motherfucking caddy wompus bitch… the candy to get you in the van was a joke. Take your pussy power somewhere else or you can stay here and get raped HC mentally. Show your fucking tits or GTFO.

PS. Here's a coloring book pic you can color.

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I'm not allowed to talk to you but you're on the right track.

It sounds pretty crap you know
I don't care what I am seeking, the power is important

Interesting. What makes it so you can't?

Yes and no. Power is what you decide it is. Power can be a weakness (ie family, friends, your force fed
ideas). I'm deciding my voice is my power and my fucking gun enforces it.

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