James Fields Trial Thread

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apparently the thread from yesterday got shoahed

Just heard Antifa sodomite Dwayne Dixon had to take the stand and answer for "chasing off" Fields with a rifle, which he admitted himself in a facebook post.

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Owner of spikes is an butthurt asshole that got owner on arfcom.

What is the take-away? Do we support Spike's or not? I can't tell if he was shit talking the supplier of his own firearm or not…

Friendly reminder James Fields trial has started


Spread the word, Antifa has flooded his courtroom and nobody Is there for James… well we are HERE and we can spread the truth that he was set up .


Imagine sitting in a jail cell and do some good works and spread this message

Pasta I caught on 4chins…

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I think they maybe wanted to make it known that he used it to fight off ebil nazi and they should recognize/listen to him about his kike stance. Maybe they didn't like these protests in the past so he is smug about using it. These faggots are all attention whores.

Either way the owner is a smug ass who got told by off PSA when they posted proof they tested their barrels and he called them in so many words a liar. Also fact his logo has two dicks in it and over charging for what you get. Sage for off topic.


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So why exactly are these fags allowed to just open carry but no one else apparently? How did he not get fucking shot by the cops for this shit

Because the cops are in bed with the communists, look what happened in portland for christs sake.
They run around unchallenged attacking people.

I can't imagine what he's going through right now.

The city of Charlottesville has been like this. DSA vs Democrats.
Nothing resembling a conservative or republicuck on the ballot. The entire city is a flavor of socialism/communism



At least the media aren't being biased about this.

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A man who understands the value of a longitudinal drivetrain. I hope his name is cleared.

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Right now is just jury selection I think

Threadly reminder that Fields is a patsy and wasn't even driving the fucking car.
If you were here when it happened and witnessed all of the roadmapping, video collating, and timelining you'd know that.

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Every person who was present at the rally has been flagged and is under investigation by the fbi. The idea of people like us collectivizing irl scares the shit out of them.

Something to look into are the allegations the mayor, city, council and chief of police were in on it. They were supposed to protect the people giving speeches, and instead funneled antifa around in ways to create mass chaos. Another is that this is an alleged cia town, one of many cia towns run top to bottom. Recall the train accident that could have took out most the republicans in congress happened there.

This, also, what's so important that the video from the helicopter AND AUDIO FROM THE PILOTS are still under seal by the court?

I wouldn't say it's a slide thread. It's something to keep an ear out for, but since it's not televised I would agree there's really no point in making a thread until the verdict.

This is the cinching argument. Fields will argue he was trying to get away from the Commie with the gun, and panicked when people started attacking his car. He’ll say he feared for his life. I hope the jury is fair enough to vote accordingly.

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Perhaps they ARE the police?



Why doesn't he show the picture of the professor acting like a Spaz to the camera crews?


20 mins away in Crozet, but yes I agree that is very suspicious.


The jew mayor Mike Signer also called Cville the "capital of the resistance."


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So the way I see it is Dwayne Dixon is about to be disappeared. Reasonable doubt will inevitably be cast on his Facebook admission that he used his AR-15 to threaten James Fields. The jury will then be tricked into thinking that never happened; thus Fields wasn't fleeing any immediate threat.

If dubs I'm wrong.

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this is an important trail. so calling it a "slide thread" is completely jewish.
no its not. fuck off back to info wars boomer, your diversions are noticed.

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polite sage to archive that link

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The helicopter that (( (crashed) )) didn't really crash either. It was shot down by antifa. Ms Geller was very happy to share info over the phone with an user
Bell 407g experienced officers full mechanic ground crew etc. it got footage of the challenger NOT hitting the Ham Beast and was taken down on orders

If the professor refuses to be interviewed, you must.

Show the jury the video and point out that he had his firearm license taken away from him, & he's a known ANTIFA.

The license angle shows that the cops saw him as a threat.

Are there bullet holes?

I remember when the car thing happened and I thought "man, that's just some kid on his way to taco bell and he made a wrong turn"
This wasn't an intentional attack with a vehicle, no way. In fact, he got zero kills and zero injuries with his car. The only fatality that day besides the police helicopter was from a heart attack. A heart attack.

James needs to be let go 100% free of all charges. What can we do to help? To an average person looking at this objectively, this man had a car accident and isn't some sort of political terrorist.

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Too bad it conveniently (( (burned) )) up when it (( (crashed) )) though
I heard .338 lapua but what the fuck do I know?

Waxwings are neat birbs


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Fields doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell. He's going to get the death penalty.


Post memes for good luck.

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Prosecution brought up his Instagram account.

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Kek. Fields better prepare his anus now. He is going to get raped in prison before he gets the needle


The club swing is nowhere near that mark.

concidental … his defense is self defense. Basically the prosecution has to prove that those memes are a sign of predetermination

all he has to do is keep explaining that he tried to get away with out harming anyone but it was not possible.

basically he can use this meme as a defense explaining that it is a joke but that he feels from the looks of things that the car had a way to escape. And that he did not.

I think a jury and a judge would both look right past this as a personal joke not to be mixed with the serious happenings of that day.

It will be the video and testimony that makes this case, of course they are doing character assassination but when he get on the stand if his lawyers prepared him good he will be able to tell a story of uncontrolled mod and no police help. He will be able to tell the story of conservatives and patriots be prosecuted in their own country and no authority doing anything about it.

He might have a civil trial against the state for emotional damages.

Think about what those protesters were screaming at him … probably racial shit. He could make shit up at this point and no one would be able to say hes a liar because it was a mod , it was uncontrolled.

All he has to do is ask "at what point is it ok for me to escape a situation where my life is endanger"

this is a good one folks


That right there is enough to show the cattle that he deserves execution.
I'm trying my best to contact his lawyer(s)? I've been hit by a car as a pedestrian and lived.
I flew 76 feet in the air before I landed.
This should demonstrate that Fields didn't speed into shit, they merely tumbled over the car because he was going so slow.

I bet the kikes at Instagram made this up.

I'm sure this is 100% unbiased information.

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Also, Hayer died of a heart attack from the shock of it all. Turns out being obese on a hot day while wearing black has its disadvantages!

They'll still crucify him because (((leftist))) retards wanted blood, and running into a a protest with your car is still illegal and an equally retarded move. Don't expect an acquittal.

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they're going for domestic terrorism and 1st degree murder with intent. An acquittal is inevitable.

I'm not placing any hopes on the outcome of this trial but I actually think Fields might be acquitted of most, if not all charges if the defense keeps heading down the path they appear to be on after calling Dixon's faggy ass to testify. The state made the same mistake Florida prosecutors did in the Casey Anthony trial and caved to public pressure by massively overcharging Fields well beyond what the evidence could possibly prove. They'd have Fields dead to rights if they had stuck at least one negligient manslaughter or negligient wounding charge on him in addition to the other inflated charges, but no, they decided to take on a trial where they have to prove Fields' crash was premeditated when all evidence points to it being spur-of-the-moment at worst. By calling the braggadocios Fedneck Revolt faggot to account for his claims, the defense might actually have a chance at convincing even a biased jury that Fields was merely a sperg who panicked like a sperg. Literally none of the charges against him would stick if Fields' crash was the result of a panicked spergout. Fucking prosecutors man, I swear they are all retarded.

True, Florida prosecutors are fucking retards. They did the same shit with George Zimmerman, where they easily could have done their job to at least get some form of conviction, but they went for MUH MURDER OF AN INNOCENT BOI WHO DINDU NUFFIN.

It's literally Zimzam 2.0

yea, well we can thank Sessions. Just like in the ZimZam trial the AG and the prez admin are the ones who put the pressure on the local prosecutor to go for that retarded charge.

Checked for Kek, this might actually be the happening we've been waiting for boys!

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confirmed, but I think a massive riot was what (((they))) always wanted

this is a very strange case … because if you dont acquit him then what is the ability for a person to respond to a mod????

basically not only is acquittal an idea with some reason behind it you could say the mob needs to be tried … of course I dont know of anytime a "mob" was under trial

Is there anything like temporary insanity plea … like he was under so much duress that he became temporarily insane and that insanity allowed for a irrational reaction. Overt force brought on by temporary insanity???

Acquittal not expected, but I would take the odds

the plot thickens what a DA fail?


Yea except they cant prove intent and there is significant doubt introduced because of the rifle antifa and the board smacking his bumper antifa, and the brake lights showing he tried to stop. No sane jury in the world would convict him.

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Holy trips confirm for action. Praise Kek for his guidance.

Holy trips confirm for action. Praise Kek for his guidance.

Kek be praised, you are wrong!

ffs new fag, click, right click, "view image," magnify

don't post anymore until you learn that

wat wat wat!!!

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you're dumb

Oh praise Kek for these digits that I hope show us that a Keksmas habbening is coming!

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my bad, still should be trimmed down a bit so I don't need a 32" monitor to read half of it

and this is called tainted evidence. Are they trying to lose on purpose?

they want a riot, they want antifa to go on murdering sprees while LE sits back and lets it happen. This maybe the endgame they're hoping for.

it's too small
now it's too big!
GTFO you whiny little faggot

What does this WEBM mean!?

First video defeats the claim Fields was already accelerating before his car was hit.

That guy fucked his life up to give some fat bitch a heart attack 4 years sooner.

He truly was a turbo autist.

wew, 'conspiracy theorist' applies even to reasonable misinterpretation of information, apparently. you're not mistaken, you're AOCVNASONUIRPACY THEORSTT..

They're not unhinged dangerous extremists at all

You can't tell me the prosecutors actually said this…

Astroturfing TRSodomites trying to spin their gay CIAnigger narrative don't have a clue.
Fields was literally a kike, too.

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kikes also accuse non-kikes of being kikes and le 'COSNSIPRACY' with retarded/shallow/inconsequential evidence. They especially LOVE to do it when arguing about it means absolutely nothing, and pretending/shilling that it's consequential

Go fuck yourself, for all reasons

Shut up, gay

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the prosecution would have to argue that he intended to get into a predicament like that, but there's no possibility for this, because even if he intended to run people over, there would be no substantive evidence given that he was surrounded by protestors who were damaging his car and possibly be a threat to his life.

Everyone here on Zig Forums knows that he's innocent of the charges and that the left-wing activist judges have no case, but i guess they'll still waste time trying to get him to send a message how long till Charlottesville looks like paris right now?.

mr shill. what you said makes no sense. people on deathrow are separated from GP and are placed in special cells awaiting their fate. You're thinking of jail, which is a temporary holding place until a convicted gets put into another place.

The second image is pretty autistic, but it's a testament to just how jewish the aut-right is that the one who gets arrested ends up being a member of the tribe. The week of Charlottesville, there was probably record low synagogue attendance nation wide from all the yids traveling to get there.

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You're not from here, faggot.


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I think it's this. They want more unrest, which they are praying will lead to gun violence, which will give them justification for more "confiscation orders" or maybe even a constitutional convention re: 2A.

They will just make some false flags around keksmas. I'm expecting the false flags to fail this round, gloriously, with great justice, in Kek's name, by righteous duty in action by the blessed ones. Kalki comes.

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This is your brain on aut-sodomite.

Method of Subversion: Accusing the enemy of being your own.
Example: "X is a Y, here's inconclusive evidence."
How it works: Generally, as with every lie, it reduces the conversation to inconsequentialities.
How it benefits: 1) It wastes time.
2) It can be exploited to suggest you're more powerful than you really are.
3) It sows confusion, madness and pathology.
4) It dissociates your enemy from martyrs.
5) It dissociates your enemy from action.
Implementation: The best way to implement this strategy is by presenting bad or incomplete evidence, so that you're forcing the enemy to disprove a lie. Simultaneously, you protect yourself from repercussion if you're not held to account - either by an appeal to ignorance or being anonymous/unreachable. The best way to take advantage of an enemy's integrity is by questioning it through small lies, since their worldview depends on consistency, especially if in a weaker position - an appeal to 'truth'.
Agitation: Accompanying this method with agitation will provide the benefit of 'hooking' them. Arrogance can also (if done correctly) promote an atmosphere of or validate a culture of pathology - one that exhausts advocates(/enemies) from having to deal with flimsy evidence being treated as 'sufficient enough' to validate splitting or a current split between their best option and an ineffective one, tactically/strategically.
Countering: Generally, bringing up inconsequentialities is a subversive enemy tactic and should be treated/rebuked as such instead of investigated, validated or entertained. In the end, the path of behavior is what ultimately matters - the conclusion led to. If that conclusion is disabling, destructive or inconsequential, then it is not worth consideration. Generally those practicing the behavior will respond with arrogance about this, as that's what's most effective.