The Beautiful German Princess, Butchered by Lenin, Who Became a Russian Saint (Great Photos)

By 1922 the then world’s richest empire was ripe for enslavement. Western corporations, mostly but not exclusively American, flooded in to Bolshevik Russia to exploit cheap land and access free labour. Trotsky, whose real name was Lev Bronstein, was a close friend of banker Jakob Schiff, who boasted of his financial overthrow of Imperial Russia. Trotsky offered the bankers a Baltic to the Bering Straits a plantation of ‘White Negroes’ at his beck and call. Christianity would not be tolerated. By 1987 only 6,893 churches and 15 monasteries remained.

The people of the West were hoodwinked but the hundreds of millions of Russian or Orthodox faith never forgot the 1917 – 1922 martyrdom of Imperial Russia.

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Beautiful German Princess
Beautiful German Princess
Beautiful German Princess


The Romanovs were racial jews who gave jews numerous privileges and their deaths were faked. The Tsar and Lenin even communicated with one another in Yiddish, not German, ffs.

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I gotta say it is very surprising to see russian orthodoxy return as if nothing happened after ~50 years of state enforced communism.

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