Eradicate the sex instinct?

George Orwell says in this "final warning" that in the dystopian future they will "abolish the orgasm;" I feel like everything else he says here has merit in regards to blind ideological tribalism and lust for power, but the way things are right now, sexual perversion is at an all time high. Do you think he missed the mark on this and the reality is the abuse and misuse of the orgasm is a means of dulling the herd? Easily accessible porn; sex dolls / robots; VR, etc…. I'm not sure I buy the whole "superpowers" line the NoFap guys push, but I do believe that semen retention is beneficial both physically and spiritually. What are y'alls thoughts?

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Aren't most women purportedly already there? Supposedly only a third of them orgasm, and jews with their dick mutilation and chemical castration working on doing males in.

True, I hadn't thought of that. Women seem to use sex as a means to an end because it's still so valuable to men. Tell me more about this chemical castration; are we talking basic drinking water and food industry fuckery?

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At this point the desire for sex is just a ruse. It's only the gratification of pleasing others.

What's really going on is a complete hijacking of the need to be selfless, where being selfish is now presented as being selfless.

And being selfless and trying to ensure a future for your race is seen as selfish

NoFap is unhealthy. It should be NoPorn instead. It is normal and healthy to satisfy your sexual urges, but it is not normal to do it while looking at hundreds of women online every day. If you ignore your bodies needs by doing NoFap you will have no libido and your dick will barely work. Use it or lose it.

Less and less people are beginning to practice circumcision in the west. And the technology to restore foreskin is getting closer and closer. Look up Foregen.

Pornography educes impotence.

These are interesting points. I think one of the biggest contributors is the fact that our whole culture in the west is built around the pursuit of comfort and happiness rather than virtue. Suffering is inescapable, but they try to do everything to make physical comfort universally accessible so that all of our suffering becomes psychological / spiritual. Examples of this are the new laws against spanking children as a form of punishment; equating discipline with abuse. Thinking that it's wrong to teach a child to associate bad feelings with bad actions which is a necessary training of the conscience. The main goal in eradicating discomfort is that discomfort and suffering is the manure which fertilizes sympathy and compassion, and the powerful want us to isolate from one another rather than form strong, local communal bonds.

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Sure, I think you might be right in some respects. There are aspects of both Orwell and Huxley in the world today, and the latter was far more about using sex as a means of control. I don't think the prevalence of porn is part of some conspiratorial scheme though… it's just a freedom + demand equation. We can have it, and we want it. But like others have said, it's like fast food. We want it for irrational, evolutionary reasons. And we have to exercise self-control.

Brave New World terrified me way more than 1984

So does (((Birth Control pills))), to get results in biological systems its never "one" thing which is done but a stack and myriad of things to produce the desired result.

Removing the idea of virtue would have made sense, but they actually abuse it to get libtards virtue signalling so hard that they'll invite hordes of third worlders

How new are you? Porn is so kiked up and pushing blatant fetishes; first it was interracial then cuckoldry but along the same time incest with large age ranges and paedophilia

The state government learns from BOTH Brave New World and 1984, as we know, both kind exist in real life:
- sensory overload (VR, TV, music, headphones)
- information overload (each day there's so much news that you just view but cannot react to, ranging from celeb taking a shit to military casualties)
- censorship (only the good news source can overload you with information, bad news source bad)
- doublethinking (the re-definition of word, political correctness).

It is now, OUR society, that is the scariest for truth is hidden behind a metric ton of lies.

This is largely due to the fact that circumcision removes one of the many functions for regulating sex, as the foreskin slides back and forth between thrusts it not only helps delay the man's orgasm but brings women to climax faster between the added girth and extra rubbing against the woman's g-spot.
This was documented as far back as double digit AD, and was the main motive behind making it standard practice in america with it's highly puritan values and parents thinking the mutilation is worth saving the eternal soul of their children from damnation.

I hope your broken brain gets better one day

Where do you think you are kike?

Is it the jungle?

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1984 was wrong, Brave New World was right. They envisioned different dystopias.

Read this: zerohedge com/news/2014-07-30/aldous-huxley-vs-george-orwell

Wow 4cuk down again?

No you absolute mongloid. As I said, fetishes being pushed like interracial then cuckoldry, incest, paedophilia, etc… They aren't evolutionary, they're there because of conditioning, indoctrination, etc. Hollywood itself is powerful enough to change the entirety of culture

Nope, they used both, see

Yeah idk nobody wants to hear about your personal struggles with weird porn. I don't know if you saw the thread about the pornhub statistics but most people are just looking up chicks doing it. Wanting to look at *any* porn is what I was talking about, and yeah people find porn appealing because they find naked people appealing, and that's because we wouldn't be around as a species if that wasn't the case. Get out of here with your weird shit

Orwell was a liberalist faggot, the Oceanian government were good guys

It's true that our enemies use generational incrementalism. They are so committed to rejecting human nature; they are so arrogant that they think they can remake human nature in their own twisted image, establishing a new normalcy, that they are willing to pour their whole lives into advancing the realization of their godless fantasy which they, themselves, will never witness in this life.

it's almost as if they're taking marching orders from demons

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For anyone that actually read the book, the situation of Brave New World was also described in 1984. "The hope lies in the proles," but they will forever be obsessed with sports and sales for pans.

Anyone that matters like the main character will be heavily surveilled, followed, and made to be vanished, like those who work for any governments or have access to free information

Three super powers eternally brainwashing the entire planet to funnel resources into a fake war to make sure common folk never get any access to advanced technology for themselves is a good thing? Read the fucking book for yourself

This stuff is all going to be down soon. Tumblr is gearing up for the porn removal as we speak and more cucked nations like Sweden and Canada have goine as fat as to ban sexbots despite not even existing yet

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AS you yourself just proved through the pornhub statistics, no one even likes that and they'd rather watch lesbians

So pray tell, why the fuck is porn being made for those fetishes if there isn't even a demand for it? BECAUSE IT'S PROPAGANDA

that last one was a joke man

thank god. It's getting hard to tell

I didn't say there was NO demand, just that it didn't represent some MAJOR CULTURAL SHIFT. Some people are into weird shit you fucking redneck

Nobody cares what you "believe", son. Unless you've got proof about the semen retention thing, I'll take you about as seriously as I take neo-Pagans flat earthers.

No you retard. You cannot "satisfy" a "sexual urge". It is the urge to REPRODUCE. Sex for any other reason than having children is abusing your body and flooding your brain with dopamine, creating an unhealthy addiction and taking society down the slippery slope. A society cannot function properly when jewish lies are believed.
Is that what you think (((porn))) still is, boomer?

That doesn't mean there is no demand. I like braphogs but I would never expect it to see it in a top 10 list.

This. Its best to live in a cloud of constant negativity wouldn't want to feel any excitement or pleasure and risk releasing dopamine like some kind of degenerate

no one is talking about cultural shifts, learn reading comprehension.
Anyways your original point is that people watch porn because it's natural. That's wrong you fucking retard, you have asshole doctors going around saying it's okay to jack off every day and over sexualized media.

Like how fucking retarded do you have to be to think that kikes aren't pushing porn on to the average person, regardless of fetishes

This is like going to an AA meeting and saying "It is normal and healthy to satisfy your urge to get wasted"

Hey guys, let's organize a drunk pride parade! Who's gonna stop us? Bigots who say getting blackout drunk every day is "unnatural" and "anti-social behavior indicative of mental health problems"? Screw them! I was born this way!

Where did all you newfags come from? KIkes are pushing interracial and cuckold pornography to try and genocide the white race. That's like common knowledge around here
And the pornhub stats show that it failed. no one actually likes that shit despite so much prevalence

I would rather learn to suffer with dignity than submit to the living death of hollow pleasure-seeking

Not nearly as retarded as I'd have to be to think that people are jerking off because of the jews

I'm the one that's saying kikes try to use porn and media to change the culture. And it was a tangential point that only a newfag or shill would try to argue against.
If you had better reading comprehension you'd understand what this conversation is about.
Only a kike or completely brainwashed person would utter such a thing. That's what this conversation is about

You should work on your view of how evolution works. Interracial and cuck porn are clearly tied to evolutionary urges. Basically when you are dealing with outsiders fucking your women it makes sense that your sex drive would ramp up and drive you to urgently fuck them yourself as much as possible before you're dead or they're all pregnant by the invaders. Those with this urge would stand a better chance of passing on their genes in this situation, which happened plenty throughout history. It's pretty obvious nigger and cuck porn hijack that instinct.

I don't know how the incest and pedo stuff relates, but if it turns some people on I'd put my money on it being related to some evolutionary drive that got exploited or corrupted in some way.

I mean, I'm over here to witness the logic of the mega-retarded and I'm impressed. You've offered no evidence and only used ad hominem attacks to defend your position. Clearly I am the master and you are the subhuman. Quiet your yammering

Hey now I'm here to listen to and exchange ideas. Also, I'm not your enemy because I, too, think neo-pagans and flat earthers are retarded

Key words being exploited or corrupted. No one wants to genocide their own race.

If outsiders fucked your race, you already lost. The only positive trait to help evolutionary would be to kill them. Anything else is the loss of your genetics. In fact your entire logic doesn't add up. I'm sure there is some evolutionary drive that could help explain how it's corruption would lead to wanting interracial porn.

But it's kind of more simple than that. Show anything to anyone enough times they get used to seeing it and seek it out. That's how media indoctrination works. No need to hijack or corrupt any evolutionary drive in this case

This isn't a debate. You are just making a fool of yourselves. This is a white nationalist board retard. And I referred to what anyone can infer from common knowledge to prove it. It's too obvious to need evidence unless you watch too much CNN or something. I'm not even trying to talk to you or debate with you. This is me humoring myself. So just get the fuck out already

That image gives me a backache just looking at it.

Thank god for multi orgasm sex. I can have their unused orgasms for them. I am not greedy or anything.

oh wait, isn't that what nofappers want? after all porn industries are backed by kikes so they will be happy if sex instinct is gone, preventing people jacking off to interracial porn.

I will admit I'm kind of new here; I was on here a few times a couple years back and check in to lurk now and again to see what is really going on. Is this exclusively a WN board? I know the majority of posts here contain White Nationalist / NatSoc ideas, but I remember it being more of a right wing smorgasbord a couple years ago. I only ask because I don't want to intrude where I'm not wanted

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idk, I wouldn't mind seeing the porn industry eradicated. I doubt that will happen in our lifetime though

Just lurk moar, don't take my word for anything.
But Zig Forums is always right is a godamned meme, and what are they right about? That the Jews are always behind everything

Groovy! Thanks friend

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No I'm being really lazy, I'm sure I have info graphics I can dump if I checked. But I'll take the lazy route still. As you can see in the OP of another thread about the pornhub stats, here is a qoute

As a regular lurker and occasional poster, I wholeheartedly concur with this sentiment.

There are two types of WN here; Authentic EUROPEAN National Socialists and then the fake assed AhskeNAZI ALT-KIKES. The alt-kikes have very foreign ideas and stick to a strong semitic ideology in everything they say and do, so lots of interest in torturing women to death and murdering them or keeping them as slaves and raping and killing them. Also the ashkeNAZI's have an extremely strong love of pedophilia, child rape, incest and homosexualsity. It is pretty easy to tell the two groups apart by what they advocate for online. There is also a strong contingent of Zig Forums and Bolsheviks who basically advocate for the same exact things that the ALT-KIKES do. So the ALT-KIKES are mainly represented by the GMO clone type e-celebs that look like nothing more than ginger-bred men to me and they are the people the ashkeNAZI/NEOCons in Washington have groomed from birth to 'take over the USA and Europe' and drive them straight into the ground in favor of the chinky bugs and the interests of Goldman Sachs.

Zig Forums is your basic shitshow of degenerate FILTH akin to Weimar. Meh, there is probably stuff I forgot as well like the shit-ton of CIAGlowniggers who are actively working with agents from other governments to destroy any sense of nationalism or the idea of genetic differences with their cuck porn and faggot race mixing (met a couple of these so far since I have been here)…

Thank you. For a second I thought I was going crazy and checked to see if I was on the right board

That's just sad.

My goodness; it appears things are in a dreadful state here

Better to weep in the house of mourning than to laugh in the house of fools

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Oh no bro, it is worse than you think…we had this series of fucking kike/pol/mod sponsored rounds of this insane coal burning cum dumpster mentally ill porn star who pretended to be like 12 years old in mannerisms to lure Zig Forumsanons into WATCHING HER PORN AND BILK THEM OUT OF LIVE STREAM MONEY and also condition them to jerk it to interracial porn. We literally COULDN'T get the MODS to ban it, even though it was non-stop interracial porn being shown. She was such a nigger whore…who then turned on her own kin and blood and began trying to recruit her own innocent friends into coming to LA to produce nigger porn just like her…it was fucking sad…like a slow motion bicycle accident.

Yes, user it is pretty messed up here…there is no moderation to speak of because 'the best ideas win'…amirite? And in the great LEVELING OF MORALITY and INTELLECT all thoughts are now equal.

IDK I am just in it for personal edification and to sharpen my own sword by cutting of the heads of my enemies with it. So because it is a full blown war for the mind (which also generates reality) I really can't tell the difference between this and the war IRL most of them time…it is simply concentrated here. Still, it is better than TV re-runs and there are some people who still know their shit or are capable of creating…that is who I am here for mostly.

"In a sense our detractors have us right in that we are a corrosive force"

Dear God

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"Come, let us make Man 'IN OUR IMAGE'."
Literally the worst most degenerate filth that you could ever hope to be 'made into' in a million years…LOL…

If you scroll up you'll find I did say I found Brave New World to be more terrifying than 1984. I agree that Huxley's vision ended up being more prophetic

No they won't because to the weak (the majority) excess pleasure is their only goal, and who controls pleasure has the power. The context of his statement was governments will use the sexual energy of people towards their own ends, then goes on to cite Hitler as an example (or was that Huxley in BNW Revisited)? He being a liberal, wanted to use sex not excessively like today, but as a tool at sate masculine energy and prevent it from creating authoritarian governments.

Good lord… But in the end it's worth it to see even a single person seeing the truth.

Also I will provide my favourite qoute from 1984 as it's incredibly relevant regarding the mind generating reality
The belief that nothing exists outside your own mind - surely there must be some way of demonstrating that it was false. Had it not been exposed long ago as a fallacy? There was even a name for it, which he had forgotten…
"I told you, Winston," [O'Brien] said, "that metaphysics is not your strong point. The word you are trying to think of is solipsism. But you are mistaken. This is not solipsism. Collective solipsism, if you like. But that is a different thing; in fact, the opposite thing…"
Everyone misses the point about 1984. It has nothing to do with surveillance; that's just scratching the surface. The underlying premise seems to be that without a strong understanding of metaphysics, one is entirely prone to subversive influences dictating all beliefs and thought patterns

knowledge is power. godspeed

This actually vibes in a big way with what I've been reading lately. I've been reading books on theology / asceticism / Orthodox monasticism and you absolutely nailed it with what you said here.

The only goal of the demons is to distract us from knowing God as He is.

you don't belong here

I've become terrified.

Solipsism is not true. It is the opposite. But the opposite…? What is it?

If the world was good, and things were sane, it would be simple: Your mind exists, and so does the world outside, and so do other people's minds.

But the world is not good, and things are not quite sane.

The world outside exists, yes, but you? It grows dark. The night is cold. The truth is dreadful. You have no mind. You are a memetic machine that gathers information and then processes it, and then yields whatever is left.

You eat, you digest, you shit.

The food is not you.

You read, you think, you forget.

Your thoughts are not you.

You are a wrong person and your mind is not there.
You are the illusion, as you are a cell: A single cell, and you are not the neuron, you are the finger: You are the machine to be utilized.

And the brain? Who is the brain? Who controls what you see, hear, and think? It's not you. It's not your community. It's a centralized intelligence that is beyond your comprehension. The Matrix knows the truth. It took transgender ladies to invent the red pill: They stepped out of their role as men, and became women. They saw it from the outside.

Once you see the machine from the outside, and instead of being the machine on the inside, you will either become sane, or go insane.

I have doubts that it was worth it…but then, that is probably because I am not out of the woods yet. Maybe someday I will feel differently. Great comment BTW.

He also wrote in a review of Henry Miller's Tropic of Cancer that often totalitarian states substituted political freedom with moral licentiousness, particularly among the lower orders.

Your angst comes from thinking that you have agency here. The Matrix is a solid (there is no 'space' in 'space'). It is dense and there is no room to move, nothing to 'decide', no place to 'go' and nothing to 'do'.
"When I breathe, the Universe breathes with me [in concert]."
There is no motion, no past, no present and no future because there is no 'space between' which would be required to indicate 'difference'. Probably part of the paradox…the ILL-u-Zion. Meh…I could probably benefit greatly from a lesson in metaphysics (rather than spitballing).

Orwell's best dystopian piece was Animal Farm, by FAR.
He freely admitted he was suffering from TB when writing 1984, it was supposed to be anti-fascist but the party of Orwell's Airstrip One ended up much more left wing than you can anticipate in his envisioning of the ultimate tyranny

There's no way out. There's just no way out.

Money? You need a job. Enslavement.
A family? You need a wife. Impossible cruelty.
A community? You need a good neighbor. The wickedness is present in all men.
Hope? You need dreams. I cannot sleep.

How can I dream when I am kept awake by the constant police sirens, the screaming women and children each night as they are beaten or starving, the gunshots and the subsequent screaming men who I am forced to listen to as they die? The whining radiator that's so fucking loud but high-pitched like a gnat from hell, the fucking cars and their stench, and the absolute utter-lack of laughter, birdsong, and happily chirping insects. It is driving me insane. Completely and utterly insane.

Either dead silence, or screaming agony.

There's no way out. Every path is wrong. Every road leads to enslavement and doom. My mind is not my own. I can feel them probing. They built a machine that can see into your mind. But it's worse. They made it better. Now it can inject thoughts.

Why am I suddenly thinking about peanut butter and cookies? I do not even eat those things, yet it is in my mind. So are thoughts of Mozart suddenly. They're filling my mind with it. Anything to stop my questioning. They keep injecting thoughts, even feelings. They're probing so deep that it hurts. They're ripping up my mind. Shredding me.

What if I find an answer? It's going too far. My brain is on fire suddenly. It hurts so bad. It's like my brain is burning. I will send this last message and I think it will be my last. My mind is going. I feel it going.

I could at least respect 1984's militarized police. Yeah, you break a man's skull open for thinking bad thoughts, but the act of violence required masculine instinct. What did "Brave New World" leave you? Squirt guns with Novocaine.

Not sure how impossible cruelty emerged out of 'need a wife', but I am sure you have your own reasons. Ideally your wife is your other half…is your other half impossibly cruel? Seems wrong, like you might be looking for the wrong thing.

Ego is an illusion. The sense of identity is subjective.
But You are simply awareness. user is your identity.
After awareness, is the debate of agency. Where do your decision making skills come from? Depends on your beliefs…

If the wife is bad, but you are a bit desperate due to the feminist dystopia, then you'll have your family, but have to deal with an insane feminist wife.

If you're single forever because you can't find a decent woman, then that is also an impossible cruelty.

But perhaps it's just the concept of having to send your kids off to government indoctrination and brainwashing facilities each day, watching them sob and cry, just as you did, and coming home angry, depressed, anxious, and hateful, while you of course know that they've learned nothing of value.

It is the madness of it all that is the impossible cruelty. Shouldn't it be a tad easier?

No, I don't think so at all. It is a privilege and a duty to rise to the highest moral position we can experience in this world. The outside world has no bearing on this at all. All these things are nothing but dust and shadow compared to what you should be focused on becoming. They can never touch you, stain you, interfere with you or complicate you. You do your thing, they do their thing. You are one, whole, but never ONE…isn't that the point of perception? Just to give you a moment to take a break from the idea of 'whole' and experience GREATNESS OF THE SOUL AS I AM? To sink or swim as you, yourself are endowed and predisposed? Why waste this precious time on the things other people do? Just curious?

Streams of thoughts that come to you depend on whatever belief system(s) you happen to have. Double think, aka cognitive dissonance leads to an illusion of cohesiveness when it's contradictions, or worse yet entirely hidden belief systems… One of the uses of meditations is passively observing thoughts to gain insight into what beliefs there may be that causes those thoughts.

All that exposure to media, schooling. All that conditioning, indoctrination, brainwashing. How many beliefs have slithered into your mind without any conscious acknowledgement?

This is how (((they))) manufacture consent. It's not Jews, it's the demons plaguing them and all of humanity.

What is the opposite of solipsism?? It's not that only your mind exists, but it's that no minds exist except one. Only oneness exists. This oneness is what creates reality. The Neoplatonists and Hermeticists figured out just that, but pretty much every religion did before getting corrupted. Look up your favourite theology to know more about the mechanisms behind this reality creation.

Believing you can control your thoughts is a trap. What you can control however, is what you choose to pay attention to. What is real is the present moment so relax and… Well maybe play some music and chill out man get ear plugs if it's loud where you live
What helps me gain my sanity is making some lists, maybe of what I might want to do. From there you might know better what one should think about…

It's funny that you make that statement despite pedophilia being heavily frowned upon in our current civilisation. Such was not the case centuries ago when sexual immorality was not this rampant.

Is there more to this than we know?

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Because the slave that does not realize that there is a master will never be free. The outside world is the master. I am the slave.

When the winter blows, it is not me that denies winter. Instead, I huddle inside for warmth.

When the sun shines bright, I do not deny the sun. I wear a hat, and drink water, lest I simply evaporate myself into a dead husk.

And when the women are brainwashed, the men are insane, the leaders wicked, and my own mind enslaved, what am I to do? Pretend like I can trust my neighbors, who form the for-profit businesses that I must literally enslave myself to?

Must I pretend to trust the women, who will not breed or manage the home while I am enslaved to a business?

Must I pretend to trust our governments or religions or cultures, when we all know the absolute extent that their wickedness and corruption have gone to?

I cannot look to my right and see good men. I cannot look to my left and see good women. I cannot look up, and see good leaders. And when I look down, all I see is sand, instead of healthy soil.

Nothing will grow. I have no roots. I have no reason or purpose for existence. There is no reason to have a mind, when all it can do is ponder the endless suffering that I must endure. Even if it is beyond my own suffering, must I forgo this life in order to fulfill some moral concept like having a family whom I will despise, just in the hope that my genetic code lives on for 200 years, such that it can see a golden age begin?

I wasn't enjoying it that much until I read the final chapter, then I had to go back and read the whole thing again. Great essay, but honestly that world seems less dystopian, and more fullfilling to live in then the modern west. Or at least the world we're heading too. At least all the castes had purpose and a socially enforced moral framework. Masculinity and femininity were still encouraged. All the castes either looked down with respect or up with admiration. People are just miserable nowadays, most people hate doing anything but watching netflix or going through their Instagram feeds. A lot of kids would be better off without their pathetic parent(s?) honestly. There are no western Nations. No identity. No aspirations. And there were no faggots in brave new world.

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Amazonian tribes have different sexual ethics than we do.

Although Aryans are the ultimate pinnacle of humanity thus far, it is common knowledge that we evolved from lower, more primitive forms.

The sexual ethics of Amazonian primitives are wicked to us, but they are happy, healthy, and have families. They are a decent foundation to look at, if we want to know what is natural to humans.

But they would frown upon cuckolding, inter-racial breeding, degenerate fetishes that have no purpose, and anything that is absurd or wrong, such as porn or masturbation addiction. I'm sure they might masturbate every now and then, but that's not quite the same as what I figure happens in the west. Nightly masturbation sessions that are not for practice, not to experiment, but to relieve the absolute loneliness that occurs due to the lack of decent women.

It seems to be simple to think that sex leads to children being born.
A simple crossed wire would produce a rather unsavory result.

But of course, if race-mixing is genocide, and incest is suicide, then perhaps there's a happy medium where things are good and sane.

Meaningless sex is the utmost form of degeneracy. I could go on about how sex and homosexual ideology have corrupted and destroyed our population. I'm sure you've heard it all a million times.

This is a Jew myth. It makes men insecure to think that this is a fact. The fact is that a woman will orgasm very easily if you play with her clit for a while. Just as easily as a male. The myth comes from how very rare it is for a female to orgasm through anything but clitoral stimulation. Sex can feel good and g spots can feel good. But chances are if you're not playing with her clit consistently she won't orgasm.

Most people do not know true orgasm.

Take a fuckton of psychedelic drugs, then fuck the most beautiful woman that you love and who loves you, and then cum inside her and make a baby. True orgasm and happiness beyond all that you know.

But in most Amazonian indian tribes you are not a man until you've murdered another man. And that is at the core of the warrior ethos; being a murderer. Thus unless you are a murderer you cannot breed.

Orwell was never ourguy, he was so completely bluepilled that he was a proto-SJW.
He wasn’t even prophetic; virtually all of what he describes already existed in the Soviet Union for decades, and was simply unfamiliar to Western laymen. Nonetheless, the regime in the book is one of the most unlikely ever described; in a completely un-ironic book he creates a political system no one can possibly sympathize with, and expects the reader to fear it is something just around the corner unless they all wise up and become Winston Smiths… I swear, when one tries to reason it out, it is worse than the stuffs of an Ayn Rand novel.
(The Soviet Union had the advantage of an earnest political ideology that can sound plausible to someone within the age of reason, yet throughout its 70 years many people within saw through its propaganda, and it collapsed from within, rather than become a posthistorical, Platonic form of a state.)
The reason he says something as absurd as that orgasm would be eliminated is that he was just another liberal individualist, who mixed socialist economics with “out of my bedroom” libertarianism just like todays’s SJWs.
Orwell is poisoning the wells of our minds as he has for well nigh a century. It is about time his libertine tripe be removed from the reading lists of thinking men.

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Huxley's government killed sex far more effectively than Orwell's. Also people comparing porn/VR/sex dolls/etc. to BNW need to re-read the fucking book because that's a half-witted comparison at best.

Check my dubs.

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My dear children! You must never give in to the devil tempting you away from sex! Throw yourself into the deed, and turn from the dire pleasures of abstinence! Be not distracted by the myriads of sexless entertainments on offer!


i laffed

chequed in turn, fellow holy dubsman

SSRIs that either kill your libido or make you a horn dog.
Foods packed with xenoestrogenic compounds that kill your libido.
Pain killers that kill your libido.
High blood pressure diets which kill your libido.
Blood pressure medication which makes it so you can't get erections.
Testosterone blockers sold as blood pressure medication.
Statins, which kill your memory, destroying your soul from the inside out, making you unattractive to anyone but gold diggers.


Take a listen.

I second this brother, Orwell is blue pilled and he was a cog in the machine of degeneracy. He literally had a net negative effect on my life.. In high school I read the book 3 times, and it truly effected me.. Last year I picked it back up and decided to read it through again.

I was enjoying the book upon revisiting it until I got to the first sexual encounter with Julia. You know the part in the woods in a meadow in which she had literally fucked many others before the lead character:

I am not being unfounded with these assertions.
Ive realized I was reading this book while still a virgin, and was ignorant enough to think that fucking was the answer and I walked away from the book not realizing that was the true message I walked away with. I thought I had taken something prolific from the book, but lets be real guys its not deep to not want to be constantly spied on.

All that Orwell does is give energy to the sexual liberation that was going on during his time, and making the act of being a whore and a whore-monger a revolutionary act. It truly is a revolutionary act, but in the name of degeneracy against traditionalism.

So the narrow minded NPC's in our ranks praise Orwell for waxing poetic about the dangers of an all controlling and all watching government, but his literal thesis is that sexual liberation and empowerment of women is the act of rebellion that would stop this process from happening. We all now know this is untrue.

This was high school reading and my raging virgin testosterone and lack of knowledge couldn't agree more with Orwell's thesis. However he was horribly mistaken and this is the opposite of what is needed.

People like this havent yet scene through the classic magicians slight of hand so classic of the merchant. Hopefully with knowledge and understanding they will become quicker to spot it.

I hope they read this and understand. Its ok because I too once felt that Orwell was edgy and prolific. The tricks are impressive.

Haha good one. Thanks for this.

Mr. NatSoc Purity has been acting like quite the Savonarola around here lately. This photo of Hitler and his earnest acolytes seems to epitomize everything he stands for. However I find this picture to be creepy or at least sort of gay. This kind of obsequious adulation of some guy albeit a guy with some decent ideas in his speeches ain't quite right. I could see a room full of guys like this crowding around to stare at an 18 year old Grace Kelly but some charismatic political leader? C'mon.

I'd like to eradicate bolsheviks as much as the next guy but I don't think that should involve me surrendering my individuality to some charismatic fanatical leader, a vegetarian one no less….

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To counterpoint, and bring it back to OP's original point a bit.

First, 1984 is not shit-tier and BNW is not nearly as amazing as the recent hipster revivalism of Huxley wants you to believe. Because as one user in this thread points out: All of BNW is also in 1984.

BNW is functionally told primarily from the point of view of an outsider observing the society. As an outsider, they do not have access to anything going on in the interior of the society's power structure, and only see the most superficial, the most obvious elements of it. The Soma, the orgies, the vacuous lack of art all of that stuff - those are all the social controls of too much joy and bread and circuses meant to distract the low IQ to average IQ masses. The folks who will never really be a threat unless effectively led, by those of a higher caliber.

In 1984 these people are still there, and they're still being distracted by much of the same stuff. It's just not as explicit or delved into because 1) Orwell was still thinking he was mostly striking out at specifically right-wing totalitarians and didn't realize he was mostly describing the left and 2) generally Orwell, while not a total prude, was just less about writing about absolute hedonism overall. So the proles in 1984 are mostly controlled via mass media indoctrination and more "traditional" hedonism - booze, sports, et cetera.

What the OP was getting at, as well as Orwell in 1984 was more about how you control the bureaucratic class - the middle tier between the top elite and the mass of proles.

It's here where sexual deprivation is a better tactic, and it's definitely something we see today. Look at the majority of the progressive "intelligentsia" that gets formed our of the average feminist indoc found on a college campus today: they view standard sexual relationships in a very hostile and suspicious context. Every come-on is a potential rape, every glance is potential harassment et cetera. Women in particular - nature's natural bureaucratic class - are the primary targets of this indoctrination, and nowadays they're being split between the oversexed THOTs (proles/BNW) and the undersexed paranoid feminists (Outer Party), but this also applies to smarter than average but not exceptional men (Winston). In the modern context, Winston is a Beta Soyboy Cuck with a college degree who is heavily demoralized in no small part by sexual starvation. He's an incel (until his relationship with Julia), and that's part of the control being enacted upon him.

1984 is a better thought out book compared to BNW. It's not necessarily a better book overall (I'd say BNW is actually more poignant and 1984 is bit too blunt comparatively) but it's thought through every aspect of the society to a much higher degree, and it reveals the condition of not just the superficial aspects that would be obvious to any observer, but also much of the interior of the society by looking at it from the point of view of the middle-tier bureaucrats who can observe the lower-tier masses and the upper-tier elites as well as themselves.

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Yeah it is.

Well, December I guess. I'm already thinking post-holiday. That sucks.

see but also:

You're kind of missing the point, user.

Yeah, Winston gets obsessed with Julia. Yeah, he gets turned on by her whorishness. Yeah, there's more than a whiff of radical left conceptions of sexual revolution here.

But Winston also loses. He fails. He's beaten by the system.

The tale of 1984 is the tale of Winston, a middle-tier bureaucrat who is smart enough to begin to realize that what's happening around him is wrong, but not smart enough to figure out how to effectively do anything about that.

He's the Blue-Pilled Soyboy Cuck who wakes up enough to the problem, but can't fully re-frame his mind away from the control mechanisms he's been conditioned to for as long as he remembers. And he therefore falls into a trap that he could have seen coming.

Effectively, he's the Sargon of the story, one might say.

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