In practice, Prostitution Laws are not actually Enforced anywhere? (white civilization only)

Location: USA
First I think legalizing prostitution is the answer, because hypergamy is out of control and lonely beta's are becoming hideously disfigured.

But then I found out that it's an open secret that every "strip club" does prostitution and that this was widely known to everyone except me.

So then I think outlawing prostitution is the answer. Is there any place white civilization left where prostitution laws are actual enforced? I don't trust any of these fucking countries in red after learning about the USA.

And what the hell is the point of legalization, if it isn't to ensure only a very small licensed group of girls get sexually destroyed? I hear some terror stories about the debauchery the average girl goes through in even legalized countries like Germany. The average USA becomes a slut from age 14-20; and settles down after a dozen partners (if you're lucky)

Could it be true, that there is no safe place for white people to raise a daughter? If there did exist such a place, would it result in less hypergamy and efficient mating conditions for the common people?

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The reason why prostitution is outlawed in this country is so criminal Jews can monopolize it and raise the prices. It serves the dual function of making a number of dirty kikes rich while giving the more competant beta males a very limited fix. Enough to keep them from going eliot rogers but not so much that they're free from their thirst and able to tell feminist roasties to fuck off.

In a Jew-free west prostitution would be legal but the only girls who could work in that industry would be a small number of foreign non-whites. It would serve the dual purpose of giving betas a cheap way to relieve themselves and it would create an association with non-whites such as east asians with whores.

Holy shit that is cruelly worded, but your heart is in the right place.

Jews, user…prostitution comes from human trafficking, which comes from slavery. The jews never stopped profiteering from these avenues, they just transformed the public view of it, while expanding.

Need better word my friend.

jewish industrialized human cattle farming? Goy control?

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Whites need to embrace a certain level of cruelty, altruism towards other races is killing us. Its a weakness that has to be purged if we are to survive in the long term.

The same reason during Obama and in CA under Brown (Dem/Lib) there was a crackdown on closing Asian Massage Parlors (licensing regulations, certifications, etc.) to drive the prices of other Illegal practices up.
The same goes for lumping THOT and all other Illegal "Sex Workers" under one banner, even though Illegal, Heralded by Dem/Lib, stronk womyn, their bodies, empowering, thus charge more.
Now; Fat, Old, Ugly "Fives" can charge three-six times as much in the USA as a "10" in EU. (even the "Legal" ones in NV.

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Oz take on this.

Next you will get your whores union like . I wonder if they been on strike. They say if you paid for sex the woman can still say you raped her on their website. Any beta that pays for it deserves to be bum raped in jail for a false rape claim. That's where this leads. Slippery slope. Be careful what you wish for.

Legalizing prostitution is just the blue gang taking over all brothels like in Aus, not just the Elite kings cross boy brothels ran by Robert dolly dunn, Colin Fisk and the NSW GLLO gay police/ child prostitute rent boy dorms. Fisk just got paroled with no ankle bracelet and fucked a large number of boys. Media blackout / redirected outrage to heterosexual child rapist in Kogarah. The guy who exposed him got framed with murder: Glen McNamara.

So by your logic to stop police giving P16 immunity from prosecution to VIP gay child fuckers we need to legalize boyrape right? GTFO. Even when its legal every bitch has the right to work as a whore and its domestic violence to look at here phone. Faggots like you want a race to the bottom - literally. Society needs morality not faggots on drugs raping children. I married a virgin. You can have sloppy seconds with the kike feminized average white woman. And they wonder why nobody wants to put them in a white wedding dress symbolising purity.

(Praised by NSW police woman in policing page because having a cunt makes helping gay men fuck boys OK: );query=Id:committees/commrep/6215/0003 20k buy in to run a boyrape brothel. Its already legalized if those who let gay men fuck boys are national hero's.

Head of NSW Anti Discrimination Board Chris Puplick said it was an anti gay witchhunt to investigate gay child fucker boy brothel runner gay catholic priest Robert dolly fun and his boyfriend Colin Fisk. Don't be homophonic the aus govt says - the gay must fuck the child unopposed. We are going to supreme court for crime of Exposing Puplicks support of pedophiles. Since case began those pesos in paper for fucking more children. 60% of Australia voted for gay marriage after this. All ausfags not making arms to resist or infiltrating army need to be culled. They mostly support safe schools started by pedo Gary dowsett too.

Listen to glen McNamara now framed with murder talk about the NSW special gay child fucking police fb/policeglbti legalize little boy fucking with Colin Fisk on NZ govt radio.

He was the man who kicked of the Wood Royal Commission ran by a gay judge who fucked little boys in the very same boy brothel. I have his victims statement from Colin Chisholm leaked from the more recent royal commission.

The ADB got the wood royal commission to stop the gay witch hunt and Pedo puplicks activism is suppressed to this day (his wood royal commission submissions). He just became a judge so its illegal to critize him or his defence of convicted boyrapists even today. Those who haven't yet got on the puplick pedo love bandwagon like John Sunol get sent to the NSW Supreme court for contempt of a gay pedo judicial officer. Watch this space…..

Little boy rape is so legalized its blasphemy (homosexual vilification 47zt NSW anti discrimination act) to critic gay marriage activists arrested for boyrape. See @garryburnsblog for more details of his exploits including suing multiple people for disrespect of boylover net members mark newton and peter truong. Why aren't you useless fucks sending him noose memes yet?

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Only MGTOW tards,religious freaks and jews want prostitution to be made illegal.

Suicide immediately.

You know. This thread makes me think of Bill Clinton. Aside from that mess in Yugoslavia and the Assault Weapons Ban, which I was against because "muh guns" so much as I was just against it because of the criteria being purely arbitrary. I actually like William Clinton.

I can't stand his wife though. She's too irrational.

Join the club, have an alter implanted.

What about beta guys though? We cannot ignore them. So many white women are trashy so the normies went straight after okay quality women with disability which results in hyper aggressive behaviour from lonely men with disabilities. There are user stories about beating up by the ganged up men with disability. It’s scary. You have no idea how bad it is for the men with disability.

Never had that problem. user with spinal injury here. I have at least 60lbs on my back whenever I am standing and moving now to keep it strong.

Hang yourself.

Serious question: Is there a single area of human experience where Canada isn't pozzed up its own fucking asshole? Can you faggot leafs make bigger fucking fools out of yourselves if you try? How about making it a felony to get shot by man-hating dykes, or bringing back the death penalty for getting an erection in 9th grade? I'm sure you fucking homos could get all the way there if you only try.

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The whole fabric of voluntary relationship between male/femme is prostitution, the femme is always whoring herself over something the male have and she wants since the stone age.
You can't contain whoredom, it's biology.

because whores are noble empowered wymyns but any man that wants to fuck is an evil pig that belongs in jail

this, every white boy should bash a niglet's skull in with a ball peen hammer on his 10th birthday as a coming of age ritual

No. Fuck legalization of sex work. Fuck legalization of degeneracy.

Whores and sluts need to be shamed and maimed. Not given more rights.

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If they did have sex with 16+ boys, I don't see the problem.
I mean, fuckers like you are always bitching about coddling these days, I would think you'd agree that by 16 a guy can make his own decisions on this sort of shit. It's another issue if they didn't consent to it, of course.

That's not exclusively single women user. It's heartening to see that almost half of teenagers are celibate, and probably more because of the statistics being skewed by niggers.

Hey user, what If I told you that all women are whores, and you can buy all women for the right price?

Is it always really? Yeah, if a guy overly invests himself into someone who'll barely put out he's being duped and it's basically glorified prostitution where you pay more for less, but Chads and high tier normies only have to exist to get laid. Women will claim they're "funny" or "interesting" but it's all just their looks.

Good question! Legalizing prostitution would put a big damper on the idea that women are more valuable than they really are economically. Don't get me wrong, women are incredibly valuable when fulfilling roles where they matter most. Right now you have a civilization of a lot of sex-less men who do things like pay money to cam girls just for the privilege of being able to talk to them and simulate a girlfriend to meet their emotional needs. It's bad. There is an entire industry of exploiting the loneliness of men who lacking the gumption don't seek out actual prostitutes so they sit at home in safe spaces pretending.

I'm not even scratching the surface, but the net effect of what you would see is an entire country of men immediately stop putting pussy on a pedestal. Why pay some cam slut money when you can get the real thing? Wouldn't make much sense, and the income for these thots would decline dramatically which would be really beneficial for them. They have a massively inflated sense of their own worth, and are entitled because of it. 5's think they're 9's, and they reject most men because of this. I'm simplifying obviously because there are a lot of other cultural aspects to this. You could also possibly reverse widespread erectile dysfunction from chronic masturbation from men masturbating less to save it up for their weekly whore visit. Male confidence would increase.

Instead of some cam thot making 100k a year just for wearing pretty clothes and taking short videos, she'll be appropriately reduced to base sex work if she wants to take home that kind of money, which is where these whores belong. Women that make these choices belong in the gutter, to serve as examples for other women… but the sex industry is shielded by black market and secrecy. All little girls see are the glamour. This is the critical point to take home. When younger girls grow up and see there is no "safe way" to get rich easily exploiting the loneliness of men, they'll make different choices. When you stop, as a civilization, allowing the revulsion of whores from being expressed you end up where we are. The only way to allow that revulsion and disgust to manifest in a healthy way is to actually have prostitutes you can point at, and show as examples. Far from protected lavish glamour, these whores would be as uncomfortable and discarded as they OUGHT TO BE NOW but are not.

This is an even broader point, but when you shelter people from reality and how destructive certain decisions are, you effectively promote and subsidize them.

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Where the fuck are you niggers from, why are you here, and what's the quickest method of getting rid of you? Serious question.

what is the difference between a hooker and a normal woman?

the hooker is more honest, and cheaper.

So 16 year olds can't make their own decisions?
If you think faggotry is wrong, by all means say you'd hang both of them. But don't pull this "Think of the children" shit, it's hypocritical, faggot.

1/3 of normal women have herpes, 100% of hookers do.

This, honestly I can't imagine suggesting that bug people whores be imported to cater to Betas as cum dumpsters. I guess if they were completely sterilized and agree to come to the country as slaves and nothing more, no rights, no citizenship, strictly slaves and whores…but even then you have the whole STD problem. I would frown on and believe that bug people whores should be legal to murder if a man felt so inclined (thus disincentivizing them from coming here; also they should be regularly tested for bug diseases which come naturally to bug whores since they will literally fuck anything) but white whores it would still be illegal to murder.

prostitution increases the supply of pussy which decreases its value and therefore curtails the status of women. basic economics, pal

I'm all for this. It would be an easy way to weed out the Betas from serious contenders for relationships. Betas go to whores and use them as cum dumpsters while alphas don't treat their dick like it was a faggots hypodickmic (repeatedly sticking it into disease). Only problem being that men lie about their preclusions so there would have to be extensive surveillance and records that would tell women which men were Betas and not legitimate eugenic partners.


What the fuck is your 'valid need for sex' you moron? Sex is for reproduction, not recreation.

Corbyn says he wants to upgrade Britain prostitution law to neo-abolitionism (aka "Nordic model") from abolitionism. Sex workers are screeching and now calling him misogynist, anti-semitic, etc. Ironic that a socialist party leader is more conservative than a Conservative prime minister.
Toronto whore catalog, happy browsing.

Sex is for pair bonding you nigger. Not all sex results in pregnancy.

You aren't doing it right then. The penis goes in the vagina, not the butthole.

Slav and slave derive from the same origin because Slavs are the niggers of the white race and were rightfully rounded up like the chattel they are.

d&cing again, Schlomo?

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Yes they are you lying sack of shit.