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Moscow ready to cut time for nuclear strike on U.S. if necessary: Putin
Moscow will match any U.S. move to deploy new nuclear missiles closer to Russia by stationing its own missiles closer to the United States or by deploying faster missiles or both, President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday.

An 8th Labour MP has quit and joined the new Independent Group
An eighth Labour MP has resigned from the party and joined the newly formed Independent Group.Joan Ryan, the member of Parliament for Enfield North, quit Jeremy Corby's Labour on Tuesday evening, citing antisemitism within the party and Labour's stance on Brexit.

Anti-Brexit lawmakers quit Theresa May's Conservative Party
Three anti-Brexit lawmakers quit British Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservative Party on Wednesday to join eight former Labour MPs in a new independent political group.

Arrest Of Heavily Armed Former U.S. Military Members In Haiti Sparks Many Questions
We know their names, and where they were. But no one has given a public explanation for what several former elite U.S. service-members were doing in Haiti — and why they were driving without license plates, carrying an assortment of automatic rifles, drones, and other gear.

Pakistan: Judge Refuses to Hear the Case of Jailed Marxist
The ordeal of a Marxist student leader from Multan, Rawal Asad, seems to be unending. He is clearly being victimized through unlawful acts and a delaying of the court procedures. Today, once again it was made clear that no law exists in Pakistan, and the courts and lawyers are all part of a farcical facade, while the real power brokers rule unchallenged.

Belgian Nazi collaborators still receive pensions for ‘loyalty’ to Hitler – media
Almost 75 years after the end of World War II, a small number of Belgians who pledged allegiance to Hitler are still getting what the Nazi leader promised to them – loyalty bonuses that have never been taxed, local media reports.Twenty-seven Belgians continue to receive between €425 and €1,275 (US$482-$1,446) per month from the German government.

Brazil's Bolsonaro suffers first defeat in Congress
The house voted overwhelmingly to suspend an executive order by the Bolsonaro government that altered Brazil’s freedom of information law to broaden the number of officials allowed to designate data and documents as secret or ultra-secret.

China's former military chief of staff jailed for life for corruption
Fang Fenghui, who was appointed to the top post in People’s Liberation Army in 2012, was convicted of accepting and offering bribes, and having an unclear source of a huge amount of assets, the news agency Xinhua reported.

Kahanists in the Knesset? Talks Advance for Far-right Merger
Far-right party Otzma Yehudit, led by a followers of racist Rabbi Meir Kahane, announced Wednesday they agreed to a merger with Habayit Hayehudi and the National Union, a day before the Thursday deadline to formally register party rosters for the April 9 election.

Alleging “Russian influence,” Facebook bans left-wing pages
On February 15 Facebook suspended four pages run by Maffick Media, including In the Now, Soapbox, Back Then and Waste-Ed, which posted content critical of US foreign and social policy.Facebook removed the articles after CNN ran a report alleging that the pages had connections with Russia Today, a broadcaster partially funded by the Russian government.

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Well, that makes it official, these peoples' only unifying principle is "more bureaucratically imposed neolib austerity plz!". Why don't they just join the LibDems?

US steps up winter-warfare training as global threat shifts
The exercise is designed to train troops for the next war — one the U.S. believes will be against a more capable, high-tech enemy like Russia, North Korea or China. The weather conditions on the mountain mimic the kind of frigid fight that forces could face in one of those future hotspots.

Supreme Court Puts Limits on Police Power to Seize Private Property
Siding with a small time drug offender in Indiana whose $42,000 Land Rover was seized by law enforcement officials, the Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that the Constitution places limits on civil forfeiture laws that allow states and localities to take and keep private property used to commit crimes.

West Virginia educators remain defiant in second day of statewide strike
A bill in the West Virginia legislature that pairs meager salary increases with new attacks on public education has been indefinitely tabled in the face of massive rank-and-file opposition from teachers and school service employees who are continuing their statewide strike today.The walkout by 33,000 teachers and school service personnel, which began Tuesday morning, forced the shutdown of schools in all 55 counties

U.S. Hate Groups Rose 30 Percent In Recent Years, Watchdog Group Reports
For the fourth year in a row, the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights organization that tracks hate groups, reports that hate and domestic extremism are rising in an unabated trend. The center found a 30 percent increase in U.S. hate groups over the past four years and a 7 percent increase in hate groups in 2018 alone, according to the center's annual "Year in Hate and Extremism" report.

Booker: We want Amazon's 'HQ2' in Newark
Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) this week offered up Newark as the new home for Amazon's second headquarters after the company pulled back from its plans to build offices in New York City.Booker's comments set him at odds with other 2020 presidential hopefuls, including progressive Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), both of whom celebrated the cancellation as a win by grass-roots activists and local lawmakers.

Wall Street trades lower after Fed minutes
U.S. stocks turned lower in volatile trade on Wednesday after the release of the Federal Reserve’s minutes from its January meeting, when the U.S. central bank said it would be “patient” with respect to further interest rate hikes.

Walmart greeter with cerebral palsy told he'll lose his job if he doesn't agree to new physical demands
A man with cerebral palsy who has worked as a Walmart greeter for 10 years was told recently that his job description has changed, and he’ll soon be required to agree to a new set of physical demands he’s not capable of. Now he fears he’ll lose his job.Adam Catlin adores his job at a Walmart in Middleburg, Pa., and it shows. “Walmart is his heart,” said his sister, Amber Piermattei, to ABC affiliate WNEP. “His job is his driving force in life.”

Deutsche Bank reportedly planned to extend the dates of $340 million in loans to Trump Organization to avoid the nightmare possibility of chasing a sitting president for cash
A new report says that Deutsche Bank, the biggest bank in Germany, once considered rewriting the terms of a $340 million package of loans to the Trump Organization, fearing the nightmare scenario of having to pursue a sitting US president for cash were his company to default on its obligations.

There are more people older than 65 than younger than 5 for the first time - here's how that's changing the world
The world's population isn't getting any younger. In fact, it's getting much, much older. And that has sweeping implications for global growth, economists contend. There are now more people on Earth older than 65 than younger than five for the first time, according to a Deutsche Bank analysis of United Nations data, Haver Analytics data, and the firm's global research.


When Saudi Arabia Gets the Bomb
On Tuesday, the House Oversight and Reform Committee revealed that, based on the testimony of “multiple” whistleblowers, the Trump Administration has been attempting to rush through a transfer of “highly sensitive U.S. nuclear technology” to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia without Congressional approval in violation of federal law.Before the Committee’s revelation on Tuesday, we knew that since 2017, the Trump Administration has been in negotiations with the kingdom over a “123 agreement” which would allow American corporations such as Westinghouse to transfer technology to the Saudis for the construction of two nuclear power plants.[1] These agreements are permitted under the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, subject to Congressional approval.“Saudi Arabia does not want to acquire any nuclear bomb, but without a doubt if Iran developed a nuclear bomb, we will follow suit as soon as possible.”—Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammad bin SalmanThis alarming remark from the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia came during an interviewwith the prince which aired on the March 18, 2018 “60 Minutes.”

How not to organise a split in a Party: Britain’s Macrons go Laurel and Hardy
Having laboured mightily for more than two years Labour’s Blairite wing brought forth a mouse – or a rat – depending on your point of view.Just seven MPs announced their departure from Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party and though there may be others to come this was their first rank. And there lies the first problem.Other than Chuka Umunna virtually nobody has ever heard of the new Independent Group of MPs who were quickly dubbed the ‘Seven Dwarfs’. One of the seven had to issue a humiliating public apology for a shocking racist blunder live on TV during an interview discussing…racism! And this was just the first hour. The rest of their first day didn’t go too much better.From a crowded field I’d say the next biggest blunder was registering their parliamentary factions as a private company in a transparent effort to avoid…transparency!It’s true that Chuka and co are the corporate suit types and most of them are more familiar with the boardroom than the boiler room but no parliamentary group in history has turned themselves into a business!

‘Identitarian,’ ‘Daily Stormer’ Leader, and Unite the Right Marcher Outed As UCLA PhD Student
In May of 2018, Montreal anti-fascists leaked the contents of a private neo-Nazi chat room called “Montreal Storm” (short for Montreal Stormer Book Club*), which was active from August 2016 to January 2018, and included 55 users.The leak made it possible to identify several members of the chat room, including Shawn Beauvais MacDonald, Vincent Bélanger Mercure and Gabriel Sohier Chaput, alias Zeiger. The latter was revealed by the Montreal Gazette to be a prolific propagandist for the most radical wing of the Alt-Right and a frequent contributor to The Daily Stormer, arguably the most influential Alt-Right/neo-Nazi website in the world in the 2016-2017 period, and to this day.

US media passes over in silence Trump’s fascistic diatribe in Miami
The US corporate media has passed over in near silence the fascistic content of a speech delivered to a chanting audience of right-wing Venezuelan and Cuban exiles along with right-wing Republican operatives at Florida International University in Miami Monday night.The speech was staged ostensibly to deliver a bellicose ultimatum to the military of Venezuela: either capitulate to the US-orchestrated regime change operation or die. He stressed that absent a “peaceful” coup, “all options are open,” meaning a direct US military intervention.Trump likewise spelled out Washington’s intention to follow up the overthrow of the Maduro government in Caracas with similar US campaigns to topple the governments of Cuba and Nicaragua and to assert undisputed US hegemony throughout the Western Hemisphere.

Ah yes, the outfit that decided Gamergate was also a "hate group". Could NewsAnon please refrain from posting outright propaganda?

US Constitution, Article I, Section 9, Clause 8:

I'm sorry user, but their ilk are literally the only resources we have. The EFF, ACLU, and FAIR, all swallowed propaganda about GG as well, but they still function legitimately as the only useful authorities for their subject matter.

This is her (1st pic), horrible woman.

It's a shame my own MP Liz Kendall (pic 2) won't go and join them too.

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After all these years you still are blind.

Where did GamerGate spring from? /v/ and Zig Forums on halfchan as it was undergoing the birth of the alt-right.

If their aim was to tackle ethics in games journalism and development why did they spend all their effort harassing feminist commentators like Anita Sarkeesian simply for stating her opinions, or attacking game developers like Chet Faliszek and Neil Druckmann for having leftist opinions and writing stories that didn't perfectly mesh with a eurocentric heterocentric conservative political agenda? Why did they spend all their time trying to take down liberal media outlets like Kotaku through DDoS attacks, doxxing, and advertiser pressure? Surely there are more unethical practices in the industry that require attention such as pay to play bribes for Youtubers, unregulated and excessive lootbox gambling, or EA and Activision's abuse and exploitation of workers through crunchtime, union busting, and massive layoffs after game releases.

The conspiracy theories on Zoe Quinn fucking Nathan Grayson for favorable reviews were disproven as Grayson never wrote a review. However that didn't stop many of the leaders into pushing other unsubstantiated conspiracy theories like Pizzagate, Seth Rich, and Uranium One.

Why are so many of the leaders of GG far right pundits? We've got the:

Why did so many of them form the vanguard of the alt-right and continue their methods on a grander scale?

Can you please fuck off to another site if you can't spend a modicum of time learning about the actual origins of this community? Gamergate is never going to stop being brought up here,and you're never going to be right.

Holy hell is Correct The Record starting up again in preparation for Queen Hillary's next run? $142 million to the Clinton Foundation and $500,000 directly to Bill Clinton. It was a blatant fucking bribe for services rendered.

Are you gonna go further? I was on Ground Zero on halfchan when Moot banned discussion on the "Quinnspiracy/5 Guys Burgers and Fries." I saw it for the Astroturf incel movement it was from day one. Just like how the raids on Jesse Slaughter were justified as "concerned citizens trying to prevent alleged abuse of a child" and not a massive harassment campaign against a bratty kid.

Half of my friends bought into that and wouldn't shut up about it every day. The ones who never left and became fully indoctrinated are went on to rant hysterically about Jade Helm, Pizzagate, elsagate, and pedowood (despite liking loli anime) and how the elites are trying to form a coup against Trump.

And you know what? I was involved! I was in the middle of the movement hoping to steer it towards something good like how I was there when Anonymous turned from just the "Internet Hate Machine" into the moralfaggotry movement with OpChanology, OpPayback, OpRollRedRoll, OpBART, and OpJasmineSpring.

But you never went after the real bad guys like >Bobby Kotick who thinks that they should charge for cutscenes,

Why not talk about that?

Because those feminists are so annoying?

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Just because they didn't go after publishers in the the end does not make it a "harassment campaign". That's a total non-sequitur and was refuted by empirical evidence on multiple occasions.

jfc just let it die, man

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GG exploded from the Streisand effect. Moot's onenitis was blamed who was a Jewess and feminist. So Jews and feminists became a target from the beginning.

Right here shitface. We spent over a month working on this and people boosted it when we were finished (after we sent press releases to a crapload of media outlets). Not our fault the media we were critiquing decided they'd rather spin an angle about harassment. But it is certainly your fault for not having a clue about this while you claim to have been at "ground zero". That is, if your claim of personal involvement is even true.

What is a "hate group" anyway? Couldn't everyone who wants to overthrow the capitalist system be considered a hate group?

It's better than ever to talk about it because we can discuss it from a postmortem view where can finally step back and see what the movement and its followers have become. It's also more important than ever as the movement has splintered/merged into a larger movements that we discuss here daily.

Why discuss the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Gilded Age, Weimar Republic, Soviet Union, Imperial State of Iran, Ba'athist Iraq, and Al-Qaeda in 2019. The passage of time allows us to see the events more clearly and they are still relevant as the ripples continue to spread.

It's like in the middle of a school shooting conservatives always say "Now is not the time to talk about politics."

The difference is we actually get to talk about it.

Every other fucking discussion were focused on SJWs, LW 1, 2, and 3 with clever caricatures of Sarkeesian as The Crafty Merchant, "indoctrination", alt-right buzzwords and Kotaku. I had to leave months in but friends still won't shut up about it to this day.

And you failed miserably. Some publishers promised to stop bribing Youtubers and some of the news sites have mandatory disclosures now on how they are connected to a subject. What else?

What movements have your leaders and supporters flocked to since?

It's been done. We get it, a lot of the Gamergaters went on to join the alt-right (and then moved onto MAGA nationalism).

Because those had slightly more relevance to world history than the delusional fantasies of Twitter nerd liberals and shameless grifters like John Walker Flynt that there's a direct connection between Gamergate and Trump's presidency.

I'm right here, someone who was radicalized into a Marxist socialist thanks to gamergate.

You sound like you're debating a Christian on Reddit.

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jfc you deserve better friends

How the fuck did that happen?


Unless it is obvious that the funds and possessions are ill gained or illegal should the police even have any power to unilaterally confiscate property?

This friend of a friend was a martial arts instructor. Many years ago (before bodycams and the surveillance state) he had parked his car in front of his dojo and was retrieving the samurai sword he owned from his car.

Two pigs approached him and said that he was brandishing an illegal deadly weapon. (In a state that allowed open carry of firearms.) He clarified that he's a martial arts instructor taking the sword to the dojo in front of him where it would be legal. The cops told him that he can retrieve it from the station and gave them their badge numbers.

He later called about the sword there was no record of it. He went to the station to speak to the officers themselves. They denied ever taking his sword and intimidated him to leave.

TL;DR: Confiscation can be abused by corrupt officials to overtly steal property.

Those were still in their paulbot dudeweedlmao lolbert stage at the start of GG
The strawman rallying cry. It was about corruption.
Another classic strawman.
Most of them originated as centrist New Atheist fedoralords, and only turned into rightards later, as the nonstop SJW screeching against GG and chance to pander to other cynics for cash wore them down. Many, such as Thunderf00t and Amazing Atheist, remained center-left and simply faded from GG as it lurched rightward.
GG absolutely did tackle all of those things, but do you remember what happened when we attempted to, and what ACTUALLY CAUSED GG (hint: it wasn't exactly LWs themselves, nor SJWs in general, nor discussion of their antics)?

It was censorship.

Bans, deletions, takedowns. Admins and mods in every social network, every forum, every host, every ISP, all in lockstep. Ludicrous copypasta sob stories being posted on every single outlet within hours of each other. All of this clumsy, hysterical behavior on the part of a clique almost immediately exposing the nuts and bolts of their conspiracy ranging from an illegal mailing list to payola schemes. All over a dumb gossip-of-the-week piece about on par with the Brad Wardell case that everyone had already forgotten about that month.

On top of that, while the things you're talking about are typical internal corporate corruption that happens inside any industry, the SJWs represented something strange and new. Something beyond """"leftist opinions"""", encompassing pseudoscientific claims against gaming itself, much more like the right-wing outrage mongering of the 1950s that imposed the Comics Code Authority, ultimately killing America's then-giant comic industry, for the sole benefit of a handful of self-promotional con-artists.

Except this time, it originated from inside the industry itself. Gone was the reliable dynamic of anti-censorship leftists protecting a new artistic medium from opportunistic rightists (as in the case of pop music, movies, TV, RPGs, kid lit, and videogames themselves through the 90s). Now it was just gamers versus every permutation of establishment and fringe politics, unified against us with their lies, and "leftists" leading the onslaught.

If some significant entities with formal standing in the left had pulled their head out of their ass and pushed back against the SJWs, things could have turned out differently. But they didn't.

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You demonstrated exactly why the vox populi nor I never took you seriously. In the Western world, free speech has always been defended by the left and censorship has always been pushed by the right.

You were equating Sarkeesian and the SJWsphere with Jack Thompson who argued that video games turned sane well adjusted children into rabid killers and abused his powers as an attorney to sue video game companies for publicity and pushed for legislation to ban and restrict games. Sarkeesian and the SJWs made absurd statements but they were merely sharing their opinions and never tried to push for laws censoring content. YOU were the ones censoring others through your campaigns.

Oh gee. Why would any administator take down barely relevant posts about a private matter involving a small time developer while a mob was forming and people were beginning to dox? That couldn't possibly have become a liability right?

And to defend the rights of game developers to have free expression you criticized and harassed them for their expression.

Suddenly it was all about how Neil Druckmann is injecting his liberal agenda into games like Uncharted because a mercenary with the build of a bodybuilder can fight two middle aged men who were winded and wounded. Or how he and WB were normalizing homosexuality in The Last of Us and Mortal Kombat. It went on to bitching about injected politics in Life is Strange and Horizon: Zero Dawn because developers pushed for a woman as a protagonist. Or portraying a World War as taking place around the world with people around the world. Or having customizable skins in the new Call of Duty's multiplayer which includes sci-fi guns and zombies as some sort of disrespect to history. (See included)

See in all this fear about censorship, you failed to see that at the time of your "grass roots crusade" we had games with the most extreme content that would have never flown by ten years ago.

I remember from the decade after 2005 America video games releases had no full frontal nudity for female characters due to the Hot Coffee Mod controversy for GTA: San Andreas causing an uproar and earning it an A Rating. I recall games like The Punisher (2004) and Manhunt turning the camera away or blinking during the gratuitous fatalities. I remember "Six Days in Fallujah" getting cancelled due to a disastrous Fox News interview where the developer and a combat veteran consultant were berated for making "fun" out of a real tragedy. Hell I remember during the 1990's when Nintendo pushed for video game censorship citing that Night Trap and Doom "simply has no place in our society" and medium which they deemed as family entertainment. (Nintendo also rejected a Zelda/Sheikh led game and a female Starfox game and their decision to market their consoles as toys in the boys aisle started the gender gap in video games whose filling seemed to have troubled much of your movement for some reason. They also have a litigious history against game historians who share ROMs they no longer even sell, and modders who alter their hardware. So I am no fan of their business practices.)

But in the middle of GG we were in the middle of the most no holds barred era in gaming. Where ultraviolence, full nudity, and language were suddenly no longer taboo. I have seen that none of that has disappeared and are getting even more outrageous. I love it!

Different? On censorship? As in more?

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Until ~2007
Oh, yes, "merely sharing their opinion", while bombarding developers with harassment, backing politicians like Clinton with a history of censorship, and repeating (sometimes literally, citing the same "studies"!) the pseudoscience Jack Thompson and his ilk had used a bare few years before.
Like the Wizardchan framejob that had previously rocketed her to fame on a blanket of uncritical promotion by outlets? Or the confidence game played against a comic strip to let their clique coup PAX? The discussions being censored were never the main problem, the fact that such far-reaching censorship could be so precisely and arbitrarily deployed, with any dissent ruthlessly crushed in a torrent of hysterical misrepresentation, was the problem.
I'll just ignore the fact that every example of that you've given in this thread happened YEARS into GG, after the issue of whether or not to boycott, yet alone scold, developers over sleazy tactics (not even content, which was deemed beyond such critique, but straight up abuses like on-disc DLC, microtransactions, and foreign censorship) became the faultline that ripped Zig Forums's GG presence in two between GGHQ & GGR a board started by the BO of Zig Forums. Instead, aren't you forgetting about the real victim of the censorship that happened in studios that kissed the SJW ring, devs themselves? Take Naughty Dog for instance, where SJW pressure both inside and outside the company had the primary effect of ejecting a veteran female dev, pic related.
Wow, yeah, the no holds barred era when censorship we hadn't seen since the 90s slowly began creeping back in.
As in the before-unanimous position on the left that censorship is categorically unjustifiable.

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Holy shit. Hoooly shit. Is this a reference to the malformed 3rd-hand TV Tropes quote taken out of context by Sarkeesian, referring to the alternate protagonist option being removed in development from what was later hurriedly rebranded a Starfox game?

You didn't help your case by bringing up Amy Hennig.

I spoke to several devs who were close to her before her time in Naughty Dog (The ones I heard about her time at ND are second hand.). They all agree that she's one of the most brilliant and hard working developers out there. But she's also a diva who is a nightmare to work with.

Some of the stories I heard about her:

And Amy Hennig was never one of the best writers. I admit she writes slick dialogue, but her story structures and plots are all basic and formulaic.

This gamer gate shit needs to be moved somewhere else. This is beyond a conversation with the news in mind.

rofl stop getting all your information from Wikipedia

Pretty sure that was just a smear.

BO himself said it, with tripcode on in at least one occasion I remember. He may have been trolling, though.

I think it's pretty likely that was a troll.

This is wrong.
I won't read the rest. Unlike you I care about factual integrity.

Shit's getting scarier by the minute. Just try to win this war with spies please.

Repent Blairists. Your time has come.

Didn't May just lost her majority in the House of Commons?

Haiti and Uganda are the USA's playground. They will probably let them go for free, if Trump asks nicely

BTW there have been how many years of GG trying to edit the Wiki? And it still rightly calls them a harassment campaign, lol.

*tipping intensifies*

Sage for off-topic.

Since your first sentence is wrong, I have no guarantee that the rest is right.

It's amazing how aGGroes were such an exact, perfect fit for every one of Wikipedia's weaknesses.

Gamergate became a shitshow after right wing retards jumped on the bandwagon to promote their white nationalist horseshit, not because of gamergate itself. Gamergate is a valid anti-corporate, pro-gaming movement and only we can bring it to a succesful conclusion.

That's not even the entire problem with Wikipedia. There were and still are (according to Wikipedia's own standards) acceptable sources to make that article more neutral. What happens on the GG article was mass bannings of neutrality advocates and admin favoritism. Some of the corruption came to a head in subsequent artibration committee hearings over the years not involving GG but including many of the same dishonest actors. Wikipedia has a fundamentally broken power structure that allows cliques to game the rules and control the narrative on articles.